I Bought a New Rice Cooker! 🍚 Aroma ARC-988SB Review + Demo | BARELY ASIAN | JEN TALKS FOREVER

I Bought a New Rice Cooker! 🍚 Aroma ARC-988SB Review + Demo | BARELY ASIAN | JEN TALKS FOREVER

hi I’m Jen and if you’ve ever been
looking for a video where an Asian person shows you how to use a rice
cooker well it’s your lucky day because that’s exactly what we’re gonna do so I
recently picked this up we had another rice cooker for about eight years and it
kind of bit the dust the bottom got kind of warped the little cooking bowl so I
thought I would buy a slightly better rice cooker so here it is this is the
aroma professional rice cooker I picked it up at Sam’s Club for about 30 bucks
you can get it on Amazon you can get it all sorts of places but this one’s a
slightly more souped-up version than the one we had the other one we had we spend
about fifteen twelve to fifteen dollars I think it’s CBS this one’s a lot
classier and I’m pretty damn excited about it according to the box it can do
all sorts of things so hopefully I will be bringing this to you in a series I’m
calling adventures and bearly Asian cooking because let’s be honest I am
fairly Asian so on the box it says it’s a multi cooker rice cooker slow cooker
and food steamer and it says it’s America’s number one rice cooker brand
so aroma awesome you can do white rice brown rice quick rice you can steam
sautee then simmer so apparently you can even cook meat in this bad boy slow cook
soup cake that’s the thing I’m most excited about and there’s a delay timer
so like for instance after this video is over I’m gonna be heading to Walmart to
pick up some stuff so I can actually set this on a delay timer and then it will
be ready like you know at midnight or whatever what time I get home it’s BPA
free that’s cool it’s got up to 16 cups cooked capacity a five-year warranty and
I’m pretty I think this can do a lot of really cool stuff and it’s got a cool
touch surface it’s got some dishwasher safe accessories like this rice
measuring cup and then this little steamer basket here so that’s pretty
cool and it has a steam vent on top so that the steam can be released this
thing does come out and you can this so that’s cool can even steam food
in this top steamer basket while rice cooks below so it’s really this one pot
wonder and I’m pretty excited so how this works I only move this aside is you
got this little lid here and you can pop it open it’s got a button on top and
then it’s got this little cooking it’s got the rice
I don’t know cooking pot how it works is that it has a heating element here so
when you put your cooking pot in there it will actually heat it up from the
bottom and then of course that’s how it cooks your rice and it does have some
measuring guides on the inside so you can kind of see what’s going on so yeah
I’ve been using it for a white rice it works great so let’s give it a shot so
and there’s only two ingredients it’s literally rice and water so if you can
operate a microwave hopefully you can you’ll be okay with this thing
sorry so let’s get some rice cups and this is not an actual cup measurement
wise this is the equivalent of like I think it’s like 3/4 of a cup all right
so let’s see if we can measure this out next I’m gonna use this little basket
here so let’s get I’m gonna cook like maybe four cups it looks okay here we go
that’ll be it’ll be okay all right so this is about one cup here having a
little trouble with the bowl here so let’s get this might be – hopefully this
is enough for four cups okay so this is about two and you don’t have to be super
exact with it it’s it’s kind of forgiving I’ve noticed all right this is
two cups all right okay so we’ve got three cups in here now so now all you
have to do is there is a measuring guide on the inside that’ll tell you how much
water to add when you have three cups of rice hold on a second add rice for water
lines okay here we go and all we have to do is add enough water in and we just
have to add enough water until it hits that three line inside so it’s really
easy all right literally if you can do a microwave
hopefully hopefully you could handle this
okay so now we’ve got the rice inside and I’m actually gonna do a delay timer
on this just because I know I’m not gonna be getting home for a while so all
you’ve to do is close the lid all right now let’s turn this thing on okay so
there’s this odd button here so now it’s on and all you have to do is hit menu
until you get to whatever you want to do so you can do that so you literally just
hit menu until you get to whatever you want to do so I’m doing white rice and
I’m actually gonna do the delay timer alright so I’ll hit the delay timer here
I’m going to delay this for five hours because it’s gonna take me a while to
like get to the store come home five hours from now we should have rice so whether you really like rice or
you’re just super cheap this might be a good option for you to pick up it’s only
about $30 and it can do quite a few different things my husband actually
even use the steamer basket to make pot stickers they came out fantastic and I
have to tell you I ordered some silicone baking cups because I am totally trying
out this cupcake feature so that’s definitely going to be a future video
for my adventures in Barely Asian cooking
I am Jen if you enjoyed this video feel free to give it a thumbs up and
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45 Replies to “I Bought a New Rice Cooker! 🍚 Aroma ARC-988SB Review + Demo | BARELY ASIAN | JEN TALKS FOREVER

  1. I just subscribed. I needed a giggle, and this video cheered me up no end. When you make your cupcake video, don't be precise, that's where the giggles came from.

  2. Advice from an Asian (lol) rinse the rice! Do it three times and then put in the water. It's one to one rice to water ratio. You can use your hand and pour water to your knuckles but just use a measuring cup if you want. But really, please rinse! Will clean your rice and also improve texture by getting rid of some extra starch

  3. New subscriber here. All I was doing was looking for a review of the Aroma rice cooker (ARC-150SB), now I'm interested in watching your other videos. 🙂

  4. Would've been great if you showed how to use it normally. Not everyone is gonna use a 5 hour delay.. I'm hungry now lmao

  5. how long can i keep the rice in there for a days or just take it all out have to refrigerate what i don't use ??? thx

  6. I love that bugger! I always get one!! Its big enough I put a whole chicken in, pour 1/2 a bottle of salad dressing on, close the lid, set the slow cooker button, and walk away! I use it to make chili. I use it on white rice setting to boil eggs! I can walk away and it works!! I LOVE mine!!

  7. So many people I know have a rice cooker and they swear by them. I make rice on the stove with my rice pot. I only make rice in this one particular pot because it's like me and this pot have a rice relationship. Ever since I got into a relationship with this pot, I make fab rice. Sounds crazy, but there it is.

     I am looking forward to your cupcake video because I didn't know rice cookers could be so versatile. Thank you for the informative video.

  8. I love cooking but rice has always been difficult on a stove top for me. Just ordered this for my own Christmas present from Amazon for $30 dollars. Can't wait to have some steamed broccoli and carrots! Great review!

  9. Just got it yesterday and love it! So far I've only made hard boiled eggs to make deviled eggs and they cook perfectly! So much potential for this brilliant machine!

  10. I am starting to get into steaming. We had a small one for a long time and it works great. Just recently we bought another real small one for eggs. I just ordered a medium and large steamer. That should do it. 🙂

    There are some model that are WiFi and cost $150 to $200. I am not so sure my phone needs to talk to my cooker. Do these models just have a bunch of extra settings so you don’t have to set different times for different food?

  11. Good review. I just ordered the same one from Groupon for $39.99 with free shipping. The sale ends tomorrow. Other online stores are selling this model for $45.00 to $55.00 today. Rice cooker prices are going wild lately.

    Aroma's 8-cup rice cooker only holds 6 cups and the 20-cup models are too large. This Goldilocks pot is just the right size for me. Hopefully, it will work as advertised.

    I have a 6-quart multifunction pressure cooker with a Rice feature and a 6-quart digital slow cooker. Great appliances, but that much food isn't needed on a daily basis.

  12. I have the same rice cooker and i love it. You can cook about anything in it. Enjoyed your video. Thank you.

  13. I have the smaller Aroma Professional 8 cup Rice Cooker from Amazon . com Model ARC-954SBD Im so happy I looked around first and found it.

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