Oh, no, it’s ready. Oh my god. It literally comes out. This is so weird They’ve got these vending machines everywhere in Japan which basically They serve cold drinks, but they also serve hot drinks, so you can get hot coffee. You can get hot tea, it’s Incredible, but if you think this is impressive. I’m about to blow your mind I’ve traveled two hours outside of Tokyo and I came to this sound I’m not entirely sure if there’s much going on But there’s one reason why I’m here and that is a vending machine restaurant a restaurant or nobody works there. The only way to get food is to go to a vending machine, you put your money in and the food comes out. And I think they have a good variety of foods, some of them are Japanese foods and others, I think are like Western foods Maybe like I don’t know American Italian let’s let’s find out I’m excited for these. I hope you guys are excited Let’s go to a vending machine restaurant, and hopefully I can find my way because I don’t think anything’s in English here they clearly love their vending machines in this town that’s all I’m gonna say. I came upstairs And they’ve got another vending machine wow I’m not even joking there’s three more vending machines there I walked for 10 more seconds, and I found two more vending machines. This one is an ice cream machine Is this like vending machine number 10 in the space of like 20 seconds of video? I am in vending machine town guys There’s vending machines everywhere. It’s kind of scary It’s raining so heavy right now, but I think we are arriving. It should be somewhere around this neighborhood I know I just got here because they’re actually delivering Some vending machines right now like from a truck and this is what the outside looks like it’s raining so much right now It says automat diner on it, and then there’s some drinks on the outside This is just a vending machine for drinks, and I think there’s one on the other side of the road as well Which is really random? I haven’t really been inside yet, but this is kind of what looks like so let’s go in I guess Wow I’m not sure what anything is because it doesn’t really have translation But this is all the machines. It’s got a place to eat there. There’s more machines on this side, and there’s no staff Nobody works here because food is served from vending machines I’m kind of trying to figure out how things work, so I’m just gonna have to watch someone else ’cause I can’t really understand I’ve got the money here so I think you might have to put the equivalent of like ten dollars in here So now we use the coins to pay for everything I think this is like the equivalent of three dollars, so if it doesn’t work. It’s not too bad Now we press this button Cuz I mean, it’s ready oh, no it says 50. Oooh there’s like a little countdown This is very exciting, so I’m just waiting for the countdown to finish and then hopefully some food is gonna come out because so far there’s nothing in it I *ding* I love that. Wait, it comes in a box? That’s hot, that’s very very hard it smells kind of nice I’m gonna put this on the table and just get a few more And then we’re gonna have like a whole like table of vending machine foods It’s gonna be exciting when we open the boxes because I don’t know what anything is Alright, so we have to wait again, and then the box is gonna come out Once again, no idea what this is as well. I like the mystery of not knowing What we’re gonna get so I’m gonna put on the table as well And this is the last one from this machine. Pretty sure this one is not working So we’re gonna skip this one and give this one a try is that going to be noodles? Maybe? I mean the picture kind of looks like noodles. I’m gonna go for this one first Is it ready? Wait I can see some liquid. I think it spilled something oh No, it’s ready. Oh Oh my god. It literally comes out, this is so weird I don’t want to burn myself This is so frickin weird guys Wow So I’m gonna put this one next to everything else let’s try this one now I’ll never get tired of this guys. I’m sorry, but this is very weird. I think this is just plain noodles. Oh Yeah, it’s it’s just plain noodles without any toppings. I’ve got so much stuff already But there’s still some more machines to try so I’m gonna go for those ones now So I think this one might be like toast or something like that. This one’s only 250, which is around $2 50 so let’s put the money and Let’s go for this one first Wait is it still coming? Oh. There’s nothing. Oh My god. Did you guys see the smoke coming out of this I bet this is gonna be hot so I’m gonna use the spatulas because I do not want to burn myself I Wonder if there’s just someone cooking these in the back There’s just a hole on the wall, and they just drop it when it’s ready I just touched you guys and this is so incredibly hot so do not grab this with your hands If you ever come here not that anyone’s ever gonna come here, so I’m gonna go for the other one our Gonna grab these So I think you’re supposed to get the cup noodles from this machine, so you just press the buttons And then you pick the flavor, but then I think you’re supposed to put it in here And then the water comes out and it basically prepares your noodles, so this is just a giant glorified hot water machine This doesn’t actually work. There’s no way to put money. It’s just I don’t think this works This one is not working as well This one is just drinks So I’m gonna say let’s go ahead and try the foods that we got because basically I got food from every vending machine in here. I’m so excited for this, but also well aware that this is one of the most bizarre videos I’ve ever filmed like I’ve traveled two hours outside of Tokyo to come to this place to eat vending machines I think I say this way too often be safe to say that I am the trashiest person to ever live. Let’s unbox all these foods and find out what they are this is a fun part of the video this is like Christmas morning Should I show you a close-up of the foods? Ah you’ll just have to stick with watching my face or a little bit longer. Please be something good. I’ve been on the train for way too long. I’m so hungry right now It smells so good. It smells really good and this It looks like and it’s a burger it smells like peppers because this is a burger with peppers and Mayor or burger sauce not sure what sauce this is when sells really really good He actually like it looks good the bread is soft. I feel like this could actually be delicious This is actually fine equivalent of a Christmas morning because it gets so excited about weird like fast food Products that I have never seen before this one is so wet and there’s so much sauce in it I think that’s another burger, but there’s so much sauce in it, and it smells so good It smells so much better than the other one. It’s a lot, Messier, but it’s a burger as well I think this one might be beef and the other one may be pork How good does that look am I crazy for thinking that this looks delicious, but this is the third mystery box that we caught? Please do not disappoint. I Think it’s another burger surprise surprise. It’s another burger, but I mean how creative can you get with a vending machine? This one’s got bacon in it so this one is a bacon cheeseburger So every single one of them is more like something Therefore either a different sauce this one’s got bacon the other one and cheese in it. I love that I’m the only person in here so I can be weird and like take a long time and boxing everything So this is the first sandwich that we got and not entirely sure what’s in it. Oh This is so disappointing guys, it’s got the tiniest like thinnest slice of ham I hope that this one is a step up from the other one This is what my momma said when my sister was born I think they might have made this one wrong because they haven’t came won’t be outside on the bread And then on the inside it’s just cheese I’m not sure if this was intended to come like that But that is an interesting choice to eat the outside of the bread so this is a final look before we start eating everything We’ve caught the burgers with three different sauces some of them with cheese some of them with bacon Then we’ve got the bread this one is definitely an interesting choice Then we’ve got the noodles this one’s our plains and then I’m not sure if these have got cabbage in it or some shrimp. Maybe I’m not entirely sure what it is Can you guys believe that all of these foods came out of vending machines? That’s incredible, so let’s go ahead and start eating. I am more than ready to give this squids a try I’m gonna start with the plain noodles because I think these are like the most boring out of all of them Mmm It came from a vending machine, it does not taste like it came from the vending machine. I mean it I mean, it’s not the best noodles. I’ve ever had, but it does not taste like pot noodles It tastes a lot better than that so I actually really like it so these are the noodles with the toppings I think these are the thick noodles. I’m not sure if they’re calling Noodles or something like that. I honestly am NOT cultured enough to make a statement about noodles here Then go these like crispy onions on top Oh my god guys these are actually delicious it tastes so much like onion is crispy onion on top even though It’s a little bit soggy now But I think that makes it even better than the onions are all soggy like mixed together with the noodles Objectively ignoring that this came from the vending machine. These are very very good Mmm Some of the best thick noodles I’ve ever had came from a vending machine, just let the same games I actually really like this. I would have hundred-person have this again. It’s a very very flavorful Let’s try some burgers now like three different types of burgers This is the most plain one which is just with white sauce and bell peppers on it, so it smells very peppery It’s probably the best smelling one out of all of them Oh my god, why is it so good mmm? This is so much better than most fast food places burgers I’m not really sure if the actual burger is beef or pork or boat It’s very flavorful, so I’m gonna try a different one now this one’s got cheese in this which like barbecue like sauce a very sticky sauce I Love that I Mean I’m not entirely sure how they store the foods or how they even prepare them, but it tastes incredibly fresh It doesn’t taste like it’s been sitting there for like a long time. It’s just secured its I mean it like I don’t have to say this, but it’s absolutely delicious this burger Sauce is better than most fast food chains burger sauces versus very very good this was go bacon in it, and it’s got this Like white sauce it’s probably similar to the first one the sauce that is delicious as well Mmm. I Wasn’t entirely sure if this is gonna be the case but to me this was so worth the trip from Tokyo all the way here Cuz I actually really liked the burgers the burgers made it worth it. I’m gonna try the first sandwich that we opened Hmm, that’s a lot of bread It’s like a very disappointing toast. Just because there’s not too much filling in it I wish he has a more sauce or butter or whatever it is It’s still a better toasty than I’d make it home But it’s more bread than filling which is like the only like not so good aspect of it But if you love bread definitely by any means try it cuz the flavor is actually very good And this is the very last one I can talk to a pretty messed up by putting the ham on top of it Mmm This is a lot better than the other one this one’s got a lot of cheese. It’s so good mmm Very good cheese. I am officially lost for words. I practically loved everything I don’t think these foods taste like they came from a vending machine I know if you look at it And if you see them coming from vending machines you think that they might not taste amazing But these taste as fresh as if you made them at home like honestly tastes fresher Then it was fast food places So I am definitely gonna recommend this to you guys if you’re ever Tokoyo make the trip for two hours to this place It’s a hundred percent worth it. It’s random, but worth it. I’m gonna do my best at finishing these foods I might bring the burgers We’ve mean my backpack and the sandwich as well, and I’ll check with you guys in just a second I’m running in the rain to go and get a tea from the tea machine outside This is what it looks like it’s getting dark already. I was pretty sure they had tea. Oh well I don’t drink coffee, so I can’t get coffee Let’s see what else they maybe get I might get a lemon tea because they don’t have my favorites so one of these That was very quick Yeah, that’s very hot. That’s really really hot so I’ve got my hot tea. This is a hard lemon tea We’re just gonna be so good after all that food and after the cold weather oh my god that is so good In this video more than ever Thank you so much for watching my weird concert because this is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done, and I really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it I’d obviously really appreciate if you guys could click the like button to show the support for my channel and also don’t forget to subscribe and switch my Notifications on it means the world to me, so you guys so miss out on future videos I hope you guys have been having a good time with my Japan videos. I’m trying different things. I’m having a good time That’s about it for this video guys I need to find a way to get back to Tokyo it’s getting really light and there’s absolutely no taxis or anything around here So I’ve got no idea. I’m gonna get out of this. I hope this video goes live I love you, and I will see you on my next video bye bye

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