Humf – 36 Uncle Hairy’s Restaurant (full episode)

Humf – 36 Uncle Hairy’s Restaurant (full episode)

Hey, you it’s a brand new day. Everybody’s
here to laugh and play. Everybody sing Humf. Everybody Sing Humf. Wallace and Loon, Uncle Hairy too. My Mum and my Dad are all there with me, and you. Everybody sing Humf. Uncle Hairy’s Restaurant. One night, Humf’s mum and dad were getting
ready to go out and Uncle Hairy was coming to babysit. Hello! Hi Hello Uncle Hairy Hello Humf Mum and dad were ready to go out. Goodnight Humf Uncle Hairy will give you your supper and
put you to bed, ok? Goodnight Humf. Look after Uncle Hairy! Ok, good night! What are you going to make for supper Uncle
Hairy? I’m not going to cook, we’re going to go out
too! To a restaurant. Humf was very excited, he had never been to
a restaurant before. Here we are! Yay! The restaurant was very big, Humf had never
seen so many tables before! Uncle Hairy followed a woman to a table and
the woman brought Humf a special chair to sit in. Then, Uncle Hairy looked at a little book.
Humf had a little book too. See anything you like? Humf looked at the little book and all he
could see was lots of writing and a picture of a man in a big white hat. They have sausages and chicken and spaghetti… Mmm… Spaghetti. Spaghetti is my favourite. Ok Humf, spaghetti it is. Are you ready to order? Yes we are. So Uncle Hairy told the woman that Humf would
like spaghetti. I’m hungry. Sorry Humf, but we have to wait for the man
in the big white hat to cook it. Humf waited and waited. It took a very, very,
very long time. But Uncle Hairy was always funny to be with
and at last the woman came back with a big plate of spaghetti for Humf and a plate of
something different for Uncle Hairy. Humf looked at the spaghetti but it didn’t
look like the spaghetti he had at home and it didn’t smell like the spaghetti he had
at home. It didn’t even feel like the spaghetti he
had at home. I don’t like this spaghetti. But you haven’t even tasted it yet Humf, mmm
it’s really good! You should take a taste I don’t like it Just try a little bit Humf, a tiny little
taste? Humf took a very very very VERY tiny taste
with the tip of his tongue but… No. What about garlic bread? Garlic bread is yummy! Humf took a very very very tiny taste with
the tip of his tongue but… No, I don’t like it. Oh well, why don’t we swap? You can have my dinner and I’ll eat your spaghetti. Humf looked at Uncle Hairy’s dinner and he
had never seen a dinner that looked like that before. He didn’t even know what it was! I don’t like it. Hm, what about apple sauce? I know you like
apples. Humf looked at the apple sauce, it didn’t
look like apples. It didn’t really smell like apples but he
took a very very very tiny taste with the tip of his tongue. Mm, I like apple sauce! See? I knew you would! So Uncle Hairy swapped
plates with Humf and Humf had apple sauce and peas and potatoes and chicken stuffed
with mushrooms. And Uncle Hairy had spaghetti and garlic bread
and peas and potatoes and chicken stuffed with mushrooms but no apple sauce. Because Humf had eaten every last bite. Oops pardon! It was very late when they got home again
and Humf was asleep on Uncle Hairy’s shoulders. Uncle Hairy put him to bed and he didn’t even
wake up. He didn’t hear mum and dad coming home either
but he did feel mum kissing him. Mum, I like apple sauce. You do? But before Humf could say any more,
he was fast asleep. Goodnight Humf.

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  1. Me, a 26 year old male, watching this is even more surprising than a weeaboo caressing his Yu-Gi-Oh cards

  2. child memories. I was looking through my history when I saw my younger sister was whatching this. But srsly I still LOVE humf anyone else (I'm 12)also at 2:47 why did they say blablabblaallah

  3. I've been etching Humf since I was 5 and now I'm 10 and I'm still watching it I'll never stop watching Humf he is so cute xx

  4. I used to watch this when I was little, but years later I was like saying all the words hahaaa (I'm 12 now)

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