Huge BULGARIAN BBQ Meat Feast in Sofia, Bulgaria

Huge BULGARIAN BBQ Meat Feast in Sofia, Bulgaria

People before World War one would have
been using this lift (screams!!!) We are in Sofia, Bulgaria! In case you didn’t know and I’m
Ross and I’m Bek! And we’re going to be absolutely chock-a-block full tonight
but before we go we wanted to show you this lift! It’s a hundred and twenty
years we’ve been told and let’s see how it goes! Wow! I mean this is before the war
this thing get in here Bek! Let’s do it Alright oh my gosh… hope you guys can see this it’s it’s
quite manual let’s press ground! Just kind of see
see what happens there maybe that fixed it People before World War one
would have been using this lift (wow) that felt like we were right about some
lose our dinner date all right let’s go and have a massive feast I forgot to mention it’s actually like a
cellar so this place is kind of underground and there’s normally a lot
of Bulgarians in there feasting anyway we’re almost there so let’s go eat let’s
go eat I’m starving as we get ourselves settled in with a
drink many more guests arrive followed by a live music so today there’s not a
lot of talking out of us just eating just the half a liter for you tonight Bek?
Well to get started we’re starting off with a trio of local cheese based dips whoa whoa whoa whoa Did someone say meat platter? We
definitely said meat platter this mountain of meat includes chicken veal and pork and it comes with three dipping sauces plus loads of hand-cut chips and
of course the token decorative salad the meat has been marinated and barbecued
it’s tender and delicious I’m almost done with my side
unfortunately the person behind the camera is is letting us down so I hope
you understand better send help I need help! Ross’s side and Bek’s side! tonight we are filming a huge Bulgarian
feast video how big is it? Huge! Wait until you see it. It will knock your socks off! oh it’s big it’s really big that’s what she said! oh just even had any wine yet! I haven’t even had any!

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  1. Haha I don't know how you guys got in that lift, I would've been so scared 😂 Man, that platter looked SO good, although I don't think we'll get the chance to experience it because Malika is vegetarian!

  2. Now this is what we call a meat platter! Have you ever had a platter like this before?
    And make sure you're following us on Instagram for real time updates and behind the scenes clips of our travels!

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    Do I need a bachelor degree?
    How do you do it?

  4. Another great one guys. Enjoyed this different style video😄 Did you seriously finish all that meat? Or takeaway?😉

  5. "Just the half a liter for you tonight then?" 😂 Wow! Whenever there's a meat platter involved, sign me up! Yummm

  6. Hi both…wow that lift was cosy and a little bit scary! 😬
    What an awesome place to eat and that platter of food? Wooow, if I’d been there, I would have assisted with that other half! Great vlog both, regards, Simon😎👍💕

  7. What the heck that platter looked incredible! Would totally smash that dish hahaha. Marinated & bbq sounds like a tasty as treat. Great dish guys 👍😂 really big 😂

  8. The beer you had was from my town of birth, Shumen.
    The town's anthem is "Bulgaria begins from here" 🙂
    Great video!

  9. Who edited Bek to be a screamer here for the intro haha 😛 – lol ross of course as an aussie you need your beer 😀 cheerios!! – fantastic feast here, though the meat look a bit overcooked hmm

  10. At time when elevator was build it was luxury thing , especialy for 4-5 floor buildings i seen the same in Sofia old center buildings but even older ,they look like bird cage and you can see through when you travel between floors.

  11. Wow that old elevator! You guys may not have been able to fit after that meat feast though 🤣

  12. That feast thou!! The platter is insane, I've never been to Sofia but this video has mad me want to go even more now

  13. omg freaky lift!!!hi new friend, just stumbled across your channel. sub'd. hope u check out our channel in hong kong 🙂

  14. Oh man, that just looks delicious 🤤but come Bek's get in to it 😂. Maybe a few more rides in the 100 year old lift will scare you hungry 🤣How much does a feast like that cost?

  15. The place is really cool
    The interior and exterior design really attractive
    The food presentation is awesome
    And they look very delicious 🤤🤤🤤🤤
    Ross well done finishing the food 👍👍
    The wine looks great Bek 👍👍👍
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great day

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  17. That long glass looks super ,,,,,kindly spare a plate of the meat especially,,,,,you can all entertain he he

  18. Congratulations, for the beautiful video. I am a friend and subscriber, lonely on your channel. Have a beautiful Wednesday.
    I like 46

  19. Sorry, but this video is useless.
    What's the address and name of the restaurant?
    How much did it cost?
    How did you order it? Was there an English menu?
    What's the name of that platter?
    And so on ..

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