How to Meal Prep – Ep. 10 – STEAK

How to Meal Prep - Ep. 10 - STEAK

hey guys today we're helping you switch up your meal prep with some steak that's right since when is low fat high protein so let's get started the first thing you're going to do is peel your sweet potatoes now if you've cleared the scraps off of your board we're going to roughly dice the sweet potatoes so first make a cut right down the middle put each on its flat side and make long strips now cut the other way into a dice as you guys put them directly into your pot if you haven't seen potato that's a little too big for you to get your knife all the way through all you're gonna do is cut it in half first and then follow the same step as before ah much easier cover the sweet potatoes with cold water then place on your stove cover with a lid and bring to a boil now it's time to put the me you can using any kind of meat you like but today we have two different kinds for you so here we have a sirloin steak and we have a tenderloin steak and a sirloin steak it may be a little bit cheaper in the tenderloin and today we've got this one special so always check your butcher and ask in what some special markets of great bargains when it comes to calculating the macros the protein will remain the same in the raw meat as it will in the cooked meat when it cooks yes the weight goes down but that's just because you're losing water weight and fat once the potatoes have been cooking for about 15 minutes we're going to use it for to check if they're ready so very carefully open the lid see if your fork goes right through them and if they do they're ready so you can turn off the heat drain the potatoes and then place them back in your pot season with salt and pepper and we're going to add some ground cumin but you can add whatever spice you'd like now just mash away once it's mashed just set aside for later now to cook – babe we're going to port your pan on a high hey there's no need that any oil to the pan as it is enough fat in the beef as the pan is heating up season your beef with salt and pepper once the pan is hot we're going to add in the B sounds cooking times will vary depending on how steep economy is cut to me about this stick which is about an inch thick will take about two three minutes on each side and cut the beef that about this sticks will take about four to five minutes on each side tad some flavor to the beef we're going to add some garlic some rosemary and some black peppercorns these ones here be cooking for three minutes we're gonna turn them over beautiful now maybe folks the other three minutes taking them out to rest on a play these ones we're going to roll into that side now we got that beat up I'm going to let them sit to rest to click the broccolini we're just going to fill up a pot with a little bit of water so that we can use a steamer and stick put on heat and add in the broccolini and if you don't know propylene ëadd one sets in cover with a lid if it can fit close enough close enough so while the broccoli is hooking in gonna make the sauce we're going to use the same pan we have before we're going to take out the garlic and the rosemary let's pull it to the side make sure we get rid of all these black peppercorns any one is the same Pam because well the flavor on the bottom now while these beef have been resting there's a lot of pin juices in here we want to get going to put the pan juices straight into into here throw it back to the side and then you can turn the heat back on we're gonna add some tomato paste we're going to add some apple cider vinegar and we're going to give this a stir so the apple cider vinegar helps to lift all the sediment from the bottom of the pan now let's up the boil we're going to add in a cup about stock that's this beef stock stir that all in together and I'm going to let that sit to bring it to the boil and while that's coming to the boil then I come over here and here we have some arrowroot and just some cold water now this is a thickening agent that we're going to put into the sauce to make it thicker this is also gluten-free as well so we're going to pop this into the cold water and then whisk it up this is called a slurry sounds funny word for today for you now I made a little slurry now you don't want to add our straight in to the sauce a little bit lumpy this avoids it being lumpy socialized lumps are out of there now we're going to come back to the sauce by now it's started to boil we're going to add in our root beer gonna give it a stir it's going to start to thicken up make sure it's all dissolved in there perfect will they come back to the boil and it'll get nice and thick if you get there the sauce is starting to thicken up once it's the consistency that you like you can turn it off and then we'll get back to the broccolini once the sauce is done the broccolini is ready so we are ready to plate everything up and that is how you make meal prep exciting be sure to check the description box below for ingredients and macros luckily you guys have been sending us pictures on Instagram and Twitter keeps that up here are some good ones that we got this week also the sugar falls on the snapchat don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already and check the related videos over there see you next week bye guys almost

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  2. Thank you for making a steak meal prep recipe that has a decent blend of macros that is palatable enough to eat for 1 meal every day of my work week.

  3. Hi. I really love your videos. Can you please leave the comment of the week up for a few more seconds. It always cuts off before I can read it. Thanks.

  4. Can you microwave these food prep over here in the UK I don't know how to warm up any other way apart from the oven thanks guys great video's

  5. literally so glad I found you Guys and this meal prep series. makes it easier for a college student on a budget whos used to eating Wendy's. y'all are great.

  6. What is the adviced maximum of days u should mealprep in advance? I really want to get in to meal prepping, cuz it saves much time and is so much healthier 🙂

  7. have your pad thai and chicken nuggets and fries cooked up for the week. next week i will try this and the vegan recipe. thanks again.

  8. I am making this but, I really do not like sweet potatoes. Can I use another type of potato? Maybe red potatoes?

  9. What do I love more than the namaste?…the giggle that comes right after it! I love these videos! Simple and unintimidating but look deelishus!

  10. I like that their info is right on time with my questions. "What the hell is broccolini?" "If you don't know what broccolini is……"

  11. really like the idea and will use the recipe in the future. However, quick question. The cuts beef did not produce enough melted fat to to really "infuse" the garlic, rosemary & peppercorn you added in, so that is just roasted garlic, rosemary and peppercorn in your pan not reall adding any flavor, hence why others use Oil/Butter. If it were added into the Pan juices/sauce ok, but it just seems like a waste of the herbs/spices to me :/

  12. Could I do this with ribeye steak thin? Sorry for the dumb question but I'm just going to start meal prepping

  13. Do you think it's better to use any oil/butter in the pan when cooking the streak normally? Or did you just do that in this video for the sake of being low-fat? (I'm in the midwest so I only get to use my grill a few months out of the year)

  14. I made my first prep meal today. I was unsure exactly what amount of each item to put into the container. I added approx. 150 gr. chicken, 1/2 cup of brown basmati rice, one red pepper and added broccoli to fill the container. It looks like a lot. Should I have left out the pepper?

  15. love this channel!I am currently 4"11 and 144lbs 😧😧😦😦 I'm trying to get to 120lb and also to clean up my eating and lose some of this stomach I have going on lol. Also trying to get away from processed foods .Also I have a problem with bread 🙁 I'm starting my diet on Monday and I think I will alternate between the chicken and steak for lunch and dinner. and eat fruit for breakfast .I hope that is a good start! i dont mind eating the same thing every day because I like the routine of it. Thanks again! Hoping to slim down some before august. So i have 2 and a half months to do so.! Dont really have much support for eating healthier but I'm gonna try to stick to it!

  16. can u please write for me how to make the steak sauce from this video, i can't catch up the sauce. thank u 😃

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