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  1. Great video & instruction! Rice was a bit on the sweet side, but the consistency and sticky-factor was awesome for rolling. Thanks!

  2. Well I am definitely not part of the average because I don't like hamburgers. I eat more foreign foods than I do American food actually.

  3. The vinegar reacts with the metals and makes the rice taste bad. It happens when we cook other stuff too but you don't normally notice. Sushi's very delicately flavoured so it stands out a lot more.

  4. 400 pounds a year that is over a pound a day. is that really the true figure or did they just add up the number of produced or sold rice???

    Dont get me wrong i love rice and i love asia, but seriously a pound of rice still seems pretty much. Even if you eat rice to breakfast and to dinner.

    and do they mean 400 pounds of dry rice or 400 pounds of cooked rice???

  5. Just a few comments that I believe will improve you sushi rice.  First, the rice should be cooked under pressure, not just under a lid, which is why a lot of people use a rice cooker, though you can accomplish the same thing by weighing down the lid.  Secondly, it is better to use a paddle rather than a spoon for mixing the vinegar mixture.  The paddle is thinner than a wooden spoon and so can more easily separate and distribute the vinegar throughout the rice.  

  6. Obviously it doesn't take years to perfect the making of sushi rice.

    Great video.

    Thanks for posting this video.

  7. I highly suggest reducing the vinegar and sugar content of this recipe. It makes for a very overpowering sushi rice.

  8. Do you need to add sugar and salt with the rice vinegar or can you just use the vinegar
    trying to cut down sugar out of my diet

  9. When I make it it comes out sticky like its supposed to, but it comes out way too moist to mold and shape (for onigiri). Anybody have suggestions?

  10. i actually tried this method and the result was awesome. I am trying to make rice with the pressure cooker and I just lessen the water.

  11. I'd love to see the gram and litre version. I get that one cup equals 0,236588l or something but it would be nice to have a recipe with even litre and gram. I'm not mad, it's just that everyone in the world can watch videos on YouTube and most of them use the metrical system, so this would be a nice gesture to your fans 😉 just sayin!

  12. Used this recipe a few times and it works great. You need all the ingredients: rice wine vinegar, konbu especially or you'll get sub-standard rice.

  13. This video doesn't include rest time for rice to cool down and for flavors to absorb. Minimum time is when rice reaches room temp but I've been told by a sushi chef that it needs at lest a few hours. He makes his the night before.

  14. How much vinegar , salt and sugar do we use for mixture? You didn't say In the video nor in the description

  15. Everybody does this differently, and some videos say not to do it like other videos say. I can see why this might take me a few years to learn.

  16. I swear, without YouTube I would never know how to cook anything! My rice came out perfect!! 👌🏾🍚

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