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  1. Hi Chef Surf. I was wondering what are the proportions of vinnegar to sugar to salt in your sushi vinnegar?

  2. Excellent…until 2:08 when she poured the whole solution all at once! NEVER EVER  do that! You have to slowly drizzle it in as you FOLD it. Never "cut and turn", you FOLD. She is correct though – never "mush" the rice. The folding technique while simultaneously drizzling is the most important and difficult.

  3. u have good english =) i like the accent you have,thank you i just made some sushi and my rice wasnt right. so this can help me

  4. Thanks for sharin! Can you please give the measurement of rice vinegar, sugar and salt? And is it ok if i am using white vinegar instead of rice vinegar? Thanks so much!

  5. Okay, but how much sushi vinegar do you need per cup of rice?
    How much salt, sugar, and vinegar is in that sushi vinegar?

  6. Like when some folks try to criticize their accent. You might wanna try speaking Japanese and see how your dang tongue gets fvcked up!

  7. Could someone please explain to me why she is not using' Mirin'? I have a Sushi book and it says to use mirin, rice vinegar, salt, and sugar to make the Rice Vinegar. Please someone help me. Why aren't ANY Sushi Chefs on YouTube using Mirin for their mixtures?? Please help me. Nobody will explain this to me. Please.

  8. why does this sound so easy but my sushi rice did not come out well last time.. i could literally eat sushi rice and seaweed everyday for breakfast.. with maybe some natto or smoked tempeh… im gonna try again to make it i even invested in a high wulaity rice cooker.. however if i can get it right its getting retunred becuase its expensive.. i love rice..

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