How to Make Sai Krok Isan with Kim Wejendorp

How to Make Sai Krok Isan with Kim Wejendorp

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  1. My mother and I make these in batches and store them in the freezer. Although, since we're Khmer, we add lemongrass amongst other things.

  2. Here in Serbia, we call them Cevapi. Same ingredients minus the casing. We just roll the meat into sausages like those and grill them. Put them in a bun like that, very good 🙂

  3. It's actually called Sigh Grock E-saan(ไส้กรอกอีสาน), its a "G" sound not "K". Also, in Thailand they don't put nearly as much meat. It's a lot of rice with little specks of fermented pork meat. Those look like little turds on a piece of bread with some fancy garnish, just saying.

  4. This is Bkk style sai krok isan not original. The original old time sai krok isan is not fermented and the size is larger about 10 cm per piece

  5. – sour grilled sausage; so badass. I'd throw that shit in a jungle curry with huge prawns and eat it like some sort of fat Thai gumbo-fusion over Jasmine rice.

  6. The Sai Krok is good and the ingredients in the sandwich is decent. But omg he is lazy. Why doesn't he chop up the spring onion at least be4 putting it in the sandwich? If he is doing it because of the visual effect, then the producer should be fired.

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