How to make rice flour at home? – rice rava recipe

How to make rice flour at home? – rice rava recipe

Welcome to Today, we will make Rice flour. Rice flour is useful to make rice roti’s, anarse, dosa, chila or when we make pakoda’s you can add 2 tbsp of rice flour, the pakode’s become very crispy. It’s is very useful for various purposes. Ingredients- Rice (small/broken rice) Clean the rice and keep in the water overnight or for 7-8 hours. This rice is already washed and cleaned. We will put the soaked rice upon a piece of cloth to dry it. We will use cotton cloth, so that it absorbs the water. We will spread it like that and dry it under the fan for 1 hour. It won’t be very dry but water residues shouldn’t stick in your hands. The rice is a bit wet but it has dried pretty much. Put them in the mixer jar. Grind them finely. We have grinded them finely. And grind the rest of the rice which was left. The flour is ready. Sieve it now. Keep the thick flour which is left. Put it in the jar and grind it and sieve it. Keep it in a plate spread it, so that the moisture In it dries. Then you can store the flour in a container. If you don’t want to leave the flour open in air. Then heat it in a pan for a while and stir continuously. Don’t roast it just heat so that the moisture in it dries up. You can cool it and store it in a air tight container. Use it till 2 months. You can make rice flour, use it. And share you experiences with us at We shall meet again with a new recipe. Please do not forget to subscribe to my channel.

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  1. Anti kya mai ise pisne se phle dhup me sukha skti hun pls reply aur ye frige se bahar kharab to nhi hoga na

  2. Mam i live in rented house so i dnt have much tools in my kitchen. I have one glass gas stove and one glass induction… Can you pls suggest my best bati maker for me which can support glass gas stove nd induction… Bcoz mjhe lgta h kahi glass break na ho jaye… To pls kon sa bati maker thik rahega plsss help me.. I m waiting for your reply

  3. Mam thanks allot.. Mujhe chawal ka atta mil nahi raha tha.. Lekin ab me jab chahu tab chawal ka atta ghar par bana sakti hu

  4. Waah! Kitna aasan tarika bataya aapne. Thank u vry much. Aapka bataya hua Nibu pudina sharbat to mere bachhon ka all time favourite drink ban gaya h. Thank u vry much

  5. Oh my god I did not knew the method of making rice flower. U r gorgeous. Thank u soooo much for teaching such an important thing.

  6. Thank you for the explanation .

    That way I can make protein shakes and much more.

    All those ready-made products are far too expensive.

    My question is how long can you keep that powder in a jar or bag?

  7. thank you thank you so much Nisha ji for this lovely link .
    it's really a wonderful use of social media thanks again.
    namaste ji🙏

  8. I think you could save time, by not wetting the rice in the first place, and just grinding it. What is the point of making the rice wet, and then drying it again?

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