How To Make Jim Jaew – Spicy Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce | Condiment & Sauce Guide #3

How To Make Jim Jaew – Spicy Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce | Condiment & Sauce Guide #3

Sawadee Ka. I’m Amy and this is World of Thai Food. Today I’d like to show you how to make Nam Jim Jaew, or, Thai spicy BBQ Sauce. It is not complicated at all to make it so let’s take a look at the ingredients. Fish sauce Lime Juice Tamarind purée Palm sugar Chili flakes Roasted ground rice Shallots Coriander and spring onion. And next I’m going to mix all the sauce. Two tablespoons of tamarind purée Two tablespoons of lime juice Four tablespoons of the fish sauce and one and a half tablespoon of the palm sugar. And we’re gonna mix it until the sugar melts. OK, so now the sugar has melted so I’m gonna put the rest of the ingredients. One tablespoon, or one and a half tablespoon
of the chili flakes. One and a half tablespoon of the roasted ground
rice. And all the vegetables [Spring onion, Shallot & Coriander] go in. So that’s it. That’s how to make Nam jim Jaew, or,
Thai spicy BBQ sauce. This one you can eat with grilled dishes. I’m gonna show the links to the recipes after
this video. Try it. And the ingredients are below. Or you can find it on our website. Please subscribe and share some of the comments. For today have a spicy day. Bye!

30 Replies to “How To Make Jim Jaew – Spicy Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce | Condiment & Sauce Guide #3

  1. A wonderful recipe and YOU My Dear are a lovely presenter as well. I am looking forward to trying your recipe with some home made Gai Yang as soon as it warms up a bit outside. Thank you for sharing! I am also your newest subscriber. I am now on my newest culinary adventure! Cheers!

  2. Does the rice powder go soft or soggy if I make this sauce a day or two in advance? Would I need to add the rice powder just before I serve it? Thankyou

  3. Hi. Can you upload a video to introduce us to Thai dining sauce variety and on how to make them. Thank you so much.

  4. now I know what one street vendor served me with some Moo Ping In BANGKOK.. I loved this dipping sauce thanks for the recipe…

  5. love this sauce, it should be eaten with sticky rice,
    but i found out by necessity that it also actually goes very well with french fries
    (the other options being ketchup or chili sauce which sux horribly)

  6. Woohoo! There's a Thai barbecue restaurant nearby that has grilled pork. They serve this dipping sauce with it and it's incredible together. I'm glad you put this video up because I love this sauce so much.

  7. This is wonderful thank you. It looks so easy and you present the video so nicely with that lovely typically-Thai smile.

  8. Thank you. Going to use this sauce to try to make 'Steak Lao'. Something that I don't see very often now on menus in Thailand. BBQ Plaza used to do a great Steak Lao but it has even disappeared off their menu now. It was a whole steak, not like Crying Tiger. If I search the internet just plain steaks (made in Lao) come up lol. It was like a spicy steak covered in Laab seasoning with lime juice, marinated before hand overnight I'd guess?

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