How to Make French Fries (Perfect and Crispy – Restaurant Quality)

How to Make French Fries (Perfect and Crispy – Restaurant Quality)

Hello and welcome to In the Kitchen with Matt,
I am your Host Matt Taylor. Today I am going to teach you how to make the Perfect French
fries. First of all, I LOVE potatoes. Po-ta-toes, Po-ta-toes, Po-ta-toes, Boil em, mash em,
stick em in a stew. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. We need ingredients. Potatoes,
Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes, and more potatoes, and peanut oil. Make sure to
use peanut oil, it definitely makes a difference. First what we are going to do, is we are going
to wash the potatoes. Now we want to cut the potatoes, I am going to use this fry cutter
right here. Ok, once the potatoes are cut, we are going to soak them in freezing cold
water for about 20 minutes. What this will do is take out some of the starchy taste to
the potatoes. As the potatoes are soaking we need to heat up our oil. I am going to
use my deep fryer. You can use a pot if you like, the key here is to keep the temperature
at a constant. What we are going to do first is keep the temperate fairly low, at around
320 degrees. Ok once the potatoes have soaked for 20 minutes, we take them out and you want
to dry them really well. Once the potatoes are dry we are going to put them in the oil.
And we are going to cook them for 6 minutes or until they are blond in color. Ok, we want
to cook them until they look just about like this, they are not done yet, what we are going
to do is take them and dry them. One thing you need to do after a couple of batches you
want the oil to sit and come back up to temperature. I have an indicator light here that says that
it is ready. If you are using a pot then you want to just check it with a thermometer.
Ok so once you have your fries fried for about 4 to 6 minutes at about 320 degrees, a lower
heat, what we are going to is we are going to freeze them. Ok I just took these fries
out of the freezer and they are ready to go for the next step, which is the high heat
fry. This is the classic two fry method. So what you want to do is set the oil temperature
to about 400 to 425 degrees, so really really hot. Then you are going to put your fries
in there, and they will be there between 1 and a half to 2 minutes until they are done.
One thing that is cool about freezing these is that you can do a whole bunch of up front.
That’s what I like to do is whole bunch up front and then they are in the freezer
and they are stored. And then what I want to do, is when I want some fries, I will just
take the portion that I want I will fry them up and eat them and just store the rest in
the freezer. It’s a good way to go, it saves time and money. French fries, French fries,
I love me some French fries. French fries, French fries, I love me some French fries.
Ok you cook them until they look about like this. Now you get a plate with some paper
towel, and you put the fries right on it, and that will take out some of the extra grease.
Shake it up a little bit; put some salt on there. Now for the breakdown. The approximate
time is 30 minutes that includes prep and cooking, that does not include freezing time.
The approximate cost, I bought a 10lb bag of potatoes for $1.99, I used about $0.40
worth. I bought the oil for $16.00 I used about half of it for $8.00. Now you can re-use
this at the very least 6 times. So that gives me a cost for the oil of $1.33. Total cost
$1.73. I made enough for about 4 large fries, which would cost somewhere between 5 and 6
dollars. Now these can be way cheaper then even what I did, if you do them in bulk. I
could have cooked a lot more and used the same amount of oil. And that’s a wrap up
for the breakdown. Well there you have it the perfect French fries. These are restaurant
quality fries, they are fun, easy to make, and if you make them in bulk they are super
duper cheap. Put these with my ultimate BLT and you have the perfect lunch or dinner.
I’m Matt Taylor; this has been another episode of In the Kitchen with Matt. Thank you for
tuning in and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. French fries, French-fries,
I love me some French fries. Woo, woo, woo.

77 Replies to “How to Make French Fries (Perfect and Crispy – Restaurant Quality)

  1. Nice technique, but many unnecessary steps. I do Belgian Fries at festivals, and no need to 'dry off' before the finish fry, and the freezing is only needed for storage…

  2. Dude your awesome, I am allergic to peanuts so I used vegetable oil, and these fries are awesome, my mum uses these videos and we have had some fantastic meals because of your creative videos, I do hope to get some more recipes from you so I can enjoy a fantastic meal!

  3. Hi Matt. Nice channel. The first cooking of the fries (according to McDonald's Hamburger) is referred to as blanching.They use to blanch their fries in the restaurant but now they get their fries in pre blanched.

    Personally I think their fries were far tastier when the blanched them in store and used a solid lard that had some beef tallow. Just gave them a better taste.

    I have subscribed to your channel and have hi hopes for your success.


  4. Freezing a potato changes the texture…..can even get "grainy or mealy". I will have to try this to see what it is that keeps the potato from that change. 

  5. You make it really to complicated. you dont need to freeze them. just wait until them aren't smoking hot anymore and you can cook them on a higher heat, like 180°C until golden and crisp

  6. I usually go with vegetable oil. I would use peanut oil because it has an amazing flavor, but it's just super expensive to buy a gallon like that. The only thing is that I haven't tried your recipe yet because it took me a long time for me to find my thick julienne blade for one of my mandoline slicers, but I found it now and I will sometime pick a perfect time to try that recipe out. Nice tutorial, Matt

  7. Geeze dude. Stop acting like an ass. It's not cute. It's bad enough that you watched Heaton Blumenthal and are making fries essentially his way as if it's your own special recipe. Just stop acting like an ass repeating pointless stuff and singing. Fully one third of your comments or thumbs down.

  8. just a friendly tip would be to try adding 10g of salt to every 1L of water when the potatoes were soaking, adds to flavour

  9. Well, Matt Taylor, you are the first to offer cooking temperatures in your two-part process, and I think that it's important to know this. Your prices are obsolete, of course, since that much peanut oil will cost you about double that amount in 2015, and a 10 pound sack of potatoes costs about triple what it did 8 years ago. I have one of those puny little deep friers as you have featured, too, but you should do yourself a favor and get one of those portable induction cooktops. They can heat all the way to 575º for a good sear of your steak, and you can do your fries at 400º for even crispier fries. Thanks for the video.

  10. 'How to make … for Cheap!' and right away he advises peanut oil… peanut oil is one of the most expensive oils in the store! I love peanut oil, and its high smoke point is fantastic (especially for me, my stove is old and the burners put out a lot more heat than most stovetops now do, I can get a wok up to 700F!) but really, if you're aiming to give people CHEAP advice, you should suggest canola or maybe even a peanut oil blend… for the quantity used, the difference would be several dollars…

  11. thank god cause even to reply I had to pause the po-ta-to was getting annoying do you have a little more serious vid in fries?

  12. you deserve a kick matt for teaching people the wrong way of baking french fries, i know i own a french fry business so .

  13. Great video, Matt! Your french fries look delicious. May I ask if you can show us how to make creamy mashed potatoes?

  14. I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge question. If you cook the french fries twice for that super crunchy texture, how long do they last before they become soggy?

  15. can we freeze the potato after starch are gone and dried up? so we can cook anytime want just like they do in fastfoods?

  16. That potatoes cutter really work I might invest in one hey have you tried your friend with ketchup and maya mix I can't spell good mayonnaise and ketchup mix man I tried it and it like man where have you been it's good and my family love french fries too we eat 20lb a moth

  17. thanks, great way to do home fries, I get better results using Crisco or lard, lard has made a come-back, and make the taste great. Now I have started using an air fryer, so for the second part of cooking those fries air fryer would be quicker and crunchier.

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