How to Make Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) | Hilah Cooking

How to Make Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) | Hilah Cooking

\cocoascreenfonts1{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;}
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\pard\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\pardirnatural \f0\fs24 \cf0>>HILAH: Hey dudes, I’m Hilah,
and today on Hilah Cooking I’m gonna show y’all how to make some carnitas tacos, which
is a specialty from the state of Michoacan in Mexico. It’s basically just pork cooked
for a really long time in its own fat, so it gets really tender and juicy with lotsa
little crispy bits. This is how I make crispy bits. So, let’s get started! \
\ [Music]\
\ [How To Make Carnitas]\
\ HILAH: So I start here. I’ve got about a four
pound, bone-in, Boston, pork butt? Ha, half-butt. You could use boneless or bone-in, whatever
they have. We’re just gonna cut this up into about two-inch chunks, just cut around the
bone. \ Pull the meat away from the bone as you slide
your knife down.\ \
[cutting]\ \
HILAH: Don’t cut yourself. We’re going to go ahead and hold on to this. We’ll put it
in the pot and shred the rest of the meat off of it once it’s cooked. For our spices,
I’ve got some cumin seed and some coriander seed that I ground up together, and I’m going
to dump that in. I don’t know, I don’t think the coriander is traditional, but I really
like the citrus flavor that it adds to the pork. And then, I’m going to zest an orange
into this pot as well. \ And again, not traditional, but it tastes
real, real good you guys!\ \
But you can totally leave it out. If you just wanted to make this a simple as anything you
could just do garlic and salt, and that would still turn out really, really good. \
\ Okay, so, about a half of a teaspoon of that,
and then, I want the juice in there too, and this adds a little bit of sweetness.\
\ [Hilah makes a dramatic crushing sound]\
\>>HILAH: Okay, and then, some lemon, which,
I don’t want the seeds in there.\ So, I’ll do it this way. C’mon muscles! Do
your thing!\ A whole bunch of garlic, just rough chop it,
by the time this is cooked you’re not going to be able to distinguish any garlic chunks.
Okay, and then, our pork. I’m going to turn the heat on. If you have a bone, just put
it on the bottom. And also, just kind of face the fattier pieces towards the bottom of the
pan. Traditionally, this is actually pork that’s been boiled for a long time in lard.
So, I’ve kind of got a little short cut? Not short cut but, “lard-cut” method here, where
we’re just gonna use the fat that’s on the pork. But mostly, we’re actually going to
cook the pork in water, so, I’m actually going to add just enough water to cook the pork.
It could be four to six cups, depending on how much pork you’re using, and the size of
your pot.\ But, that’s just about perfect, and I’m going
to add some salt just as soon as I wash my porky hands. And we’re just gonna let this
come to a boil and then we’ll turn it down to a simmer. \
\ Okay, it take about ten minutes for it to
come to a low boil, like this, on high heat. I’m going to turn it down to kind of like
a medium low. I’m just going to let it simmer, uncovered, for three hours or until the water
has pretty much evaporated and the pork is very, very tender. So, synchronize watches!
\ \
Okay, so just as three hours later, because I am a real wiz when it comes to clocks! Our
meat is totally cooked, and tender. I’m taking that bone out. Most of that meat is probably
already kind of falling apart by now. You can shred it up a little bit more but, uhm,
the water has cooked off and I’m going to turn the heat up a little bit now and just
kind of let that continue to cook to get the bottom a little bit crispy. Sometimes you’ll
get carnitas that are cut up into tiny cubes, but I like it shredded, so, I don’t know,
you see it both ways. I don’t really know which way is “official”.\
So, a little corn tortilla there- look how tender and it’s just like, beautifully, just
falling apart there.\ Just some onion and cilantro.\
\ [pause]\
\>>HILAH: Look, it’s like one of those street
tacos at Taco Cabana! That was a joke. And a little bit of lime. Lime is really great
with these, to kind of cut through the heaviness of the pork. And I’ve got some super-hot salsa
I made with some chiles de arbol and water, and garlic \
\ [pleasurable eating sounds]\
\>>HILAH: Just like meat gravy in a taco, it’s
so moist and tender. Man, that is awesome. This is a delicious taco. Like I was saying,
you could just put this on a salad, make a little carnitas salad or something. But, anyway,
it’s amazing. It’s so easy. You saw how easy it was, you just have to wait around for a
little bit. \ \
But, I hope you try this recipe. If you have any questions about anything just leave them
in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Again, thanks so much for watching
and have a great day. Happy cooking! Bye!\ \
[MUSIC]\ }

100 Replies to “How to Make Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) | Hilah Cooking

  1. I love how observant these people are. She only states that it isn't traditional 2 times? 3 times? I'm born and raised in Arizona, I love my Mexican food. But you have to realize, nothing is essentially traditional. You need innovation to make new traditions. All those things you consider "tradition" had to be created them selves too did they not? It's not like some god of food dropped a cook book on different areas of the world and said it shall be this way!

  2. PS Real "traditional" Mexican food and I mean inland / northern sucks hard core and you can put w.e you want in it to make it seem fancier or tastier but man it still… well it's Mexican food. Again… born and raised in Arizona, spent a lot of time in Mexico growing up, specifically Rocky Point with friends in the family that own the hotels etc. The food is just bad. Coastal Mexican food? Oh yeah, now we're talking.

  3. What? Stop watching the news and listening to your psychotic friends. And go discuss your nonsense some place else where it is wanted or meant to be. Kay? Thanks bye.

  4. Great point. Though try telling that to the Italians and the French! God help you if you suggest pineapple on a ham pizza! They're very strict. I add whatever I like. :o)

  5. Just spent the afternoon making this, I am eating an amazing carnitas taco right now! thank Hilah!!! first time making carnitas

    I did add some cayenne and some chilli powder for some spice and heat…awesome.

  6. Carnitas cooked in water makes me sad, though. I've never had carnitas cooked in water that didn't come out tough or chewy. Cooked in the oven packed in a casserole dish with about 1/3 cup veg oil at low heat, it turns out super tender and crisps up nicely. (Probably I'm spoiled because I used to go to Mexico on a regular basis. I found the oven method on Serious Eats and have never looked back.)

  7. I looks pretty good! Have you tried to bake the pork butt instead of boiling it? I bake it and it comes out crispy and delish.

  8. When i make carnitas i use the "Lard-cut" method too! After i add the water i pour in a half a cup of Coke(they always do in Mexico) and add one cube of chicken boullion. Give it the bomb flavors!!!

  9. I just made this, and I cannot stop picking at it! A little bit too sour for my taste, but it could be that I just had a giant lemon. Thanks Hilah!

  10. se podran ver como limpiecitos ahi pero nada supera a los taqueros de las calles mexicanas, y ya se me antojaron unos 🙂 pero muy muy buen video

  11. gracias Hilah you save me from a mess , and decrease my fay intake , I live in a condo and I can't fried all that fat from the traditional recipe , AMAZING , thank you Martin

  12. I love watching you on YouTube with all your different outfits and how fresh you look every time I see you on your cooking show

  13. The recipe is very nice, the only thing lacking is the traditional Coke method of cooking the meat. I saw some people said it was too sour, if you use the Coke to cook it in it will cut the acidity and add a very nice sweet quality to the meat. I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood and Coke is the trick. You did a lovely job other wise. I like your channel great job! 🙂

  14. Trying my hand at making meat gravy tomorrow. In the sweltering California heat I hope it's worth sacrificing my air-con and sanity…let you know how it comes out. Happy 4th of July!!

  15. dont use water use lard a lot to cpver the meat. salt garlic bay leaf coke orange juice all for abt 3 hrs

  16. Interesting to use water. And no garlic or bay leaves? I suppose the bone probably helps in keeping everything fairly yummy. I don't use lard to cook mine. Instead, I sear it off and then throw it into my slow-cooker with Coke, OJ and lots of cumin, bay leaves and garlic.

    You should really try using Mexican Coke, as well; the sugar caramelizes and creates even more "crispy bits." I cube mine and fry it in pork fat and Coke at the end. 😀

  17. So true, it may be semantics and that some feel: " "carnitas" only come from the so-and-so region, and are only prepared this way with this ingredient; anything else is not carnitas, it's just cooked pork".
    Those folk need to lighten-up.
    How about "braised and browned pork shoulder tacos" ? and let the purists bark all they want.

  18. Hilah,
    You are my favorite cook and chef.
    Your recipes are easy to make.
    I tried your recipe for pulled pork carnitas and it was on the mark.
    And you are so beautiful too.

  19. Drool……. that looks amazing yet very simple! I have a quick question for you Hilah, What is your favorite method of heating up corn tortilla's? I use to warm mine up in a little bit of oil in a fry pan, but want to get away from using anymore oil than I need too, I hate crumbly tortillas!

  20. Thanks for sharing I love watching your videos for what to cook next. We have many similarities. Your videos look so much more jazzier than mine!! Great job!!!

  21. Just got it of the stove and it's really good! Didn't have an orange so I used mostly applejuice instead of water, made the chunks of garlic like bits of candy!

  22. So when you wash your porky hands, do they become un porky hands? I like my hands porky, they smell soo…..porky! I love the orange in this recipe, it really does make it taste great! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Hi Hilah. Love your videos. I just wanted to ask if you thought this recipes would work for beef? We gave up pork but my husband loves carnitas and i think that he probably misses that more than bacon. lol anyways i wanted to try it with some beef but wasnt sure if it would work. any thoughts?

  24. Nice job on the Carnitas and yes its Traditional to shred you have a recipe for the salsa you made wit the carnitas ? Thank you, Cris

  25. this looks awesome def gonna try it ….. so it peppers water an garlic gonna play with that for a while …..can ya give a little more please 

  26. when you're having it boil for 3-4 hours, could you do that in a slow cooker? would it be the same or would it have a different effect?

  27. you dont need the orange juice just the skin and you're right it is cooked in its lard is the the best way cooking it with water does not have the same taste

  28. love your videos. glad to know you are a texas gal. im a coonass guy from Louisiana keep up the good work earl

  29. love your videos Hilah …..and thanks for teaching me how to make the carnitas and homemade tortillas they turned out great!

  30. Love this recipe! I made this last week but used my 6 qt. pressure cooker with just a cup of water, pork shoulder, black peppercorns and garlic cloves. After the pork was tender, I then browned it til crisp on the outer edges. The whole thing took less than 1 hour. So glad I got over my fear of pressure cookers! Lol! 🙂

  31. After it’s cooked, I always spread it on a baking sheet and
    crisp it under the broiler, makes a better taco. Roll it into enchilada and
    bake with fav. Sauce plus roll it into burritos.

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