How to Get a Fast Food Job Interview + Tips for Getting a Job Interview

How to Get a Fast Food Job Interview + Tips for Getting a Job Interview

Hello everyone! My name is Christian Aguilar. Welcome back to my channel. Most of you are probably thinking OMG! Where have you been? I know, its been approximately three months since I published a new video, so I owe all of you an explanation. If you’ve been reading my blog posts on, you know that when school is in session, I unplug all of my social media accounts. Now that I’ve given you an explanation for my non-appearance, let’s get started. If you find this video helpful, don’t forget to give this video a thumb up and subscribe to my channel for upcoming tips and how to’s. I will provide tips for getting a fast-food job interview. I recently went through two fast-food job interviews, and I received the job right away, so I feel that I have the privilege to give you advice. First apply online. If you don’t apply online, you won’t get the job interview because how is the employer supposed to look up your information. Second, know how to introduce yourself or practice introducing yourself because first impressions are important. Shake their hand, smile, and use terms such a, “Hi, my name is”. For example, “Hi my name is Christian Aguilar. I’m a full-time student at Bakersfield College, and I saw on Snagajob that you are looking for a cashier. If you are still searching, here is my resume. For me, it’s taking control, getting to the point, and showing the employer that you’re serious about the job. Third, don’t waste your time calling. Just walk into the fast-food restaurant and ask for the hiring manager or the manager in charge. Usually so many people are calling asking for the job, and what they will usually tell you is, “Yes, we’re hiring, we’ll check out your application”. Then you are usually forgotten because so many people want that job. Fourth, resumes. Hardly anyone brings in resumes, so if you bring in a resume in person to the restaurant that you are applying for. You’re definitely ahead of the competition. The manager in charge that I gave my resume to, she pinned my resume to the hiring manager’s bulletin board. Then I received a phone call interview from the hiring manager the next day. Fifth, dress nicely. I’m not saying go all fancy, but how are they supposed to take you seriously you go in pajamas or in a dirty tank. Going in jeans and a nice flannel shows that you’re serious about job. So I hope that all these tips help you receive the job interview that you are applying for. This is the steps I took to receive the two fast-food job interviews that I applied for. Plus, when I walked into the store, I shook their hand, smiled, introduced myself, handed them the resume, while wearing casual clothing. Then I received a job interview right away.

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  1. Great tips. (For future reference, the leaf blower running in the background was a tad distracting.)

  2. (yard work intensifies) Great video none the less! I'm having trouble with employers not contacting me after applying :

  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. If you would like to see more videos related to employment, please subscribe. Then comment your suggestion. Help me reach 1,000 subscribers (:

  4. How come applying online is a shit show? You apply for the job and find out you actually registered to get emails for applications its a piece of fucking shit!!

  5. I got a tip for video making. Don't do it when your neighbor is doing yard work. If you cannot avoid your neighbor doing yard work, film inside.

  6. Nice tips! I got lucky I guess- I applied online right after the job position was posted. I got a phone call the next day or so but I never answered the phone because I was busy and really sick 🙁 a few days later I thought they would have already filled the position but they hadn’t so they called me one more time and i went in for an interview and got the job right away

  7. I’m only 16 and I never worked at a job. Summer vacation is about to end and school is about to start next week. Fuck damn it!
    But at least thanks for helping me a little. I might get a job one of these days when I’m about to be in my junior year in high school but probably.

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