How to cook Pad Thai. Cooking with the Movavi Vlog🥗🥧🍽

How to cook Pad Thai. Cooking with the Movavi Vlog🥗🥧🍽

Hey there! I’m Daria from Movavi! And we’re gonna cook today! I’m pretty sure there are some Thai food
lovers among our subscribers. I’m a huge fan of this cuisine. That’s why today we’re gonna cook chicken
pad thai. I’m sure you’ve had it before… I haven’t
What?! How come?! First of all, pad thai is incredibly tasty. Secondly, it just looks so exquisite. Thirdly, it’s really easy to make. I’ll show the results of my cooking and
then I’ll show you how you can recreate this wonderful Thai dish yourself. So what ingredients do you need? Boneless chicken breast
Firm tofu Eggs, rice noodles (the Thai ones are perfect)
Soy sprouts Peanuts, lime,
garlic, carrot and green onions You can find many types of pad thai sauce
in most grocery stores. But the most important is to find the perfect
one for you. A good sauce, I think, is 50% of the success. Well, I prefer to get ready-made sauces and
not bother making my own. Let’s cook the vegetables first. All we need to do is grate the carrots with
a big-hole grater, chop the green onions, cut up the tofu, mince the garlic, and wash
the soy sprouts. I remember how I was careful with Thai cuisine
when I went to Thailand for the first time. In 2013 I moved there to live there for a
while and, of course, I started to get familiar with the local food back then. I realized I had gone to Food Heaven. In the last few years, it’s become quite
common to have a new Thai restaurant opening up around the corner. So it’s great that Thai and Vietnamese cuisines
have become so accessible… and there are so many recipes on the internet. But, to be frank, it’s not easy to recreate
the authentic taste of original Thai cuisine ‘cause the taste of food in different countries
differs. Just accept that you’ll develop your own
spin on the dish. Let’s chop up the chicken. I love it cut into small pieces. Like this. Here we go! I’ve cut it and got out some dishes to take
pictures. All that remains is to fry everything and
feel my toes sinking into the white sand on a Thai beach. Let’s grab a wok. If you have one, of course. I don’t have one but I don’t lose heart. Warm the oil over medium heat. As soon as it nearly starts to boil, add the
tofu. It’s done when the pieces are light brown
on all sides. Okay, let’s take it off the heat. Now, let’s fry the chicken pieces. Don’t forget to stir. After we’ve fried them a little, crack the
egg into the pan and add the garlic. Wait for 10 seconds and then start stirring. Now toss all the beautiful vegetables into
the pan, except for the green onions. To keep its color and taste evident, I’ll
add it at the end. Meanwhile, let’s add the sauce to this mixture. And now, in the last few seconds, it’s time
for onions. How the dish is served is extremely important… To serve your pad thai, put the contents of
the pan onto a plate. In the middle or around the edge, sprinkle
the crushed peanuts. You can also put a piece of lime to squeeze
it afterwards. – if you do so, it’ll be aroi mak-mak Enjoy your meal! Keep watching us and stay tuned See ya How up I turned out to be a food vlogger? Stay tuned and keep up with our updates on the channel to check out how we filmed this video The link will show up here

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  1. Cool apron. Nice tutorial. I thought I was going to learn more about animation along the way. Maybe next time.

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