How to animate food like a PRO, stopmotion tips

How to animate food like a PRO, stopmotion tips

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the challenge of animating Reelfoot is that anything is a stable all changes its shape another thought its hipper delicate distance second animation clip took actually eight hours to be made a long process involving the kitchen to delivery constantly fresh ingredients to replace the ones that were damaged during the shooting and me setting the things back and forth till everything looks nice and tasty what drives animation is the burger jumping rotating and transforming itself to show the three different burgers of the commercial the worst thing I had to play during the shooting was double kado all the wet things are terrible but this one breaks for nothing do you wanna be animating your character from behind touching as much as possible but behind the character so if you leave a mark here it will be completely hidden from the beaver if there’s something that is wet or that leaves moisture like the meat you can use any kind of plastic film to protect by contact other parts you can do it the same underneath with food the main problem is that the shape will never remain exactly the same so because of the lights and the heat everything will shrink or will change it will be getting worst every second so you wanna be fast you wanna be toting as minimum as possible all the parts my main advice would be to use the animation technique in your favor so when something is moving super slow on camera you want to be touching as minimum as possible and use the fast movements to change things to replace all lettuce for anyone another key element it’s rigging and I normally prepare everything in the wars up before I get to the shooting depending on the animatic I make special rigs for special products so the main issue with food is that you cannot stick on most of the parts any kind of Blu TAC glue or tape or anything so how many wonders I need how many rigs I need I always bring more wigs than the ones that I expect to knit something by important is to keep in mind to always protect any surface that can damage your set with tape that way paper with paper will be clean hold a second this is a special attachment that I made to hold the bread owner the reason to pick a winder for this particular animation it’s because the movement was completely aligned so it’s a linear movement that’s first second as its food I have to be super fast animating so with this device I can move in a linear axis really fast and controlling really smooth the point that I need to stop the bread for example a normal recruit work also fine but the main issue with arm breaks with Balan Saket is that if you rotate from this axis what you draw here it’s an arc it’s not aligned if you want to avoid this movement in gnarrk you always have to correct the rotation like so so you have to readjust the position every single frame so this works it’s perfect for almost holed out in the situation because it’s more flexible but this one it’s faster for a commercial kind of work switching to my point of view okay so now i do i go iraq and i can use this also to change something in here like for example remove this and then put back together to animate and hold the onions i just a normal rig with this tip that was a stainless steel wire so what i simply did is that I pinched the onion like so if you find the middle on the onion it will stay on place finally I also used some alligator clamps to hold things like the lettuce in place that way I can animate this easily with that many rigs on set something that you have to keep on mind always it’s the shadows and try to keep always in the shadows away from the action you don’t wanna be using your hands to move things inside the table or access behind rigs or something I hope you liked this video let me know if there’s something that you didn’t expect or something that you liked also if you have been animating food share with us your experience that would be amazing to know other tricks techniques that other people uses till next one thanks for watching bye [Music]

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  1. We must all seek God Jesus and repent of our sins and live for Jesus Christ if we want eternal life in happiness.

  2. Anyone else start laughing uncontrollably? This made me laugh the same way as watching mice trained to play ball or babbies watching paper ripping. Ty!!!

  3. Is something faster than light?

    Record a light emerging from a torch on a camera…
    Then make it 2x

    Hence faster than light

  4. So nice video and so nice channel. But, I'm wondering that how you get rid of the riggs and it's shadows in every photos?

  5. Greet video. Loved all of your tips. I recently made a LEGO stop motion using real food (hamburger and corn) and it was a fun challenge but it was difficult working with food and how much you don’t realize it changes over a short amount of time. Especially corn kernels. You have to shoot fast. Love your work by the way and we look forward to your next video.

  6. Estaba escuchando la narración y digo: "coño, qué español suena", y leí el nombre y empecé a entender muchas cosas X"""""D

  7. Amazing, thanks a lot. I've been wanting to try out food in stop motion. Just one question, what is the rig you use in 6:20? I love the part where it goes up and down. Do you have a name or link so I could search for it? Thanks in advance.

  8. hello Edu, I'm a big fan from Nigeria. I make stop motion videos too but I do not have these rigs, would have really made my work easier.

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