Hongbin X N ‘s first time eating “Mango sticky rice” XD [Battle Trip/2018.06.10]

Hongbin X N ‘s first time eating  “Mango sticky rice” XD  [Battle Trip/2018.06.10]

(Tuhi Trip enjoying Songkran) (1st step, revenge battle) (The center of Songkran) They’re so pretty. – What’s that? / – I sprayed him. I accidentally shot him. I had my finger on the trigger and I shot him. I’m pretty sure he did that on purpose. I didn’t know. – Hongbin. / – I don’t know. I see some targets. Should we try it? Should we attack the people on the car? (They carefully start their first attack) (Such a commotion) (These guys are relaxed) – They look too strong. / – Let’s go. Hongbin, let’s go. Let’s go. You can tell he knows what he’s doing. He’s not talking anymore. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? Oh, no. Why are they only shooting us? Just us… N was shooting everyone around us. You really get soaked. We can’t lose. We can’t lose. No one can attack me. No one can attack me. I think everyone is attacking him. Everyone attacked us. No one can attack me. No one can attack me. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Where are we? Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. I feel like a kid again. – Isn’t it fun? / – Yeah, it’s fun. Thing is… – You’re already soaked. / – We’re just walking… It’s a New Year Festival, right? So normally, at home… I want to get revenge. At home… He can’t speak. Weren’t you saying something? – What? / – Weren’t you saying something? People would originally clean their house… And then enjoy the water festival. Everyone is saying Happy New Year as they splash water. They wish you good fortune with a water gun. And since everyone is having fun without getting angry… (Splash) I’m so happy. (Happy New Year) Hongbin is smiling but N isn’t smiling. (N is the focus target) There… Oh, no. We were shooting each other then someone ran over with a box. So I pretended I wasn’t with him. I was surrounded like that. The water… (He’s run out of water) (Takes Hongbin’s gun) That’s mine. Look at him. N. Learn to enjoy it. Why are you so angry? I may look angry but I wasn’t. All those people only attacked me. Retreat. It’s because you attacked first. That’s why we retreated. Let’s go there one more time. I can’t let this happen. It’s like some video game. It was really fun. Can you get water from anywhere? You have to pay for some places. But a lot of stores give you water during the festival. – Let’s go get revenge. / – Okay. In the spirit of Songkran. That’s the main corner. Come with me, Hongbin. Come with me, Hongbin. He chases after them. Chase her. This is no joke. She wished you luck with a bowl. Wait… He said he’d go hard on the strong and easy on the weak… But he went after everyone. Hey, I’m out of water. I’m out of water. Me too. Did you return there by yourself? He looks determined. He just attacks everyone. Those guys were scary. (There are too many to take down on his own) For real? This is so funny. That really looks fun. Did you help him? Still… He’s helping from behind. Where are you? This is no joke. N, please smile. This is a festival. He lost his shoes. (His fish were abandoned on the battlefield) He’s shooting the fish. I’m saving them. I’m saving the fish. What is this? He just sprayed the fish. I need to save them. You can tell Hongbin is having fun. So funny. We… Here… You went too hard, right? I feel totally depleted. We need to recharge. Let’s get some food. Yes, let’s eat and then fight again. Let’s recharge. Recharge. Okay, let’s go. It’s dangerous over there. It’s dangerous over there. (Tuhi Trip, how to enjoy Songkran) (Snack time) This place. It’s called Tha Pae Gate. This is the new town. If we enter this, it’s the old town. – They divided it with a wall. / – That’s right. From this point on, it’s all food and drinks. – Let’s go. / – Go, go, go. Let’s recharge our energy. During the festival, big places like department stores are all closed. There are street vendors though. Places to eat in each alley. You can rest and eat there. You have to eat this during Songkran. We planned it out. – The must-have dish. / – You know it, right? Mango sticky rice. Are you eating mango sticky rice? Mango sticky rice is traditional food for Songkran. We looked so normal there. You have to enjoy a country’s culture and come back to be able to say that the trip was a successful one. Right. So, we must eat mango sticky rice to enjoy their culture. Hey, it’s mango sticky rice here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – They were kind and greeted us well. Mango sticky rice? But she understood, right? Yes, she did. Mango sticky rice? Two please. They pour condensed milk on top. What is that? That’s it. It’s not with actual rice? – There’s rice underneath. / – The rice is on the bottom? – Underneath. / – Let’s eat rice for Songkran. You mix it with the rice. Really? It’s really sweet. Mango sticky rice is more like a snack than a meal. It’s like a snack you eat during the festival. Let’s try it. (This is their first meal of the day) (Hongbin also takes a big bite) They put mangos, condensed milk. – And pine nuts on top. / – So sweet. – Look at the flakes. / – That’s really… – It’s really sweet. / – What an unusual combination. I thought it wouldn’t go well but it goes well together. It’s perfect to eat when you’re tired. It’s kind of like ice cream as well. Ice cream flavor. The rice is sticky. – The pine nuts are really crunchy. / – Yes. I thought fruit and rice wouldn’t go well with together. How is it for you? I thought that the rice would taste bad because the mango is so sweet. But the condensed milk helps… Yes. The fruit go well with the rice. – It’s delicious. / – It doesn’t look like a lot… But you get a surge of energy after you eat it. – That’s right. / – Yes. You get tired after you play in the water, right? You can go revenge after you replenish your sugar. Isn’t your revenge over yet? There were 5 or so people that I needed to get back. I heard you’re going back this year to get revenge. – I’ll go back next year. / – After your promotions. Let’s eat and go. To another area. You’re hooked on it. It was really fun. I got rid of all my stress. I’ve never had the chance to run around like that. Now that we have a new weapon, let’s go have our second round. – We improved our weapon. / – You put it on your back? We can’t beat them with this. We can’t beat 12 people with this water gun. Something like that… You want an upgrade. Revenge… It’s you, kid! – It’s you, kid! / – It’s a little kid. (Splash) But those stores… You can’t beat them. They have unlimited water. Little kids. (Cute) Kids, be careful. They won’t go easy on you. – Not the kids. / – Don’t shoot their faces. So cute. Their guns won’t work. So pretty. (I’ll help you get mean N) It was even better because the kids enjoyed it too. How fun would it be for the kids. (It was fun playing with you) Let’s go this way. It’s a massage shop. Relieve fatigue. You go get massages like that? Yes. But a lot of people went in. You’re right. It’s open. We’re wet though. Can we still get a massage? Should I ask? Massage? Massage? Massage? Yes. Is it just a foot massage? – They do full body as well. / – They do? But we just got our feet done. Thailand massage is the best. Their massages are the best. During the festival, they welcome customers even though they’re drenched. I love that. – Have lots of fun then get a foot massage. / – Right. Then go back for round 3? We recharge our feet then go back for revenge. More revenge? When will this revenge end? The foot massage was really cheap. It’s 140 baht for a 1 hour foot massage. – That’s $4.80. / – $4.80. – Seriously. / – They’re so wrinkly. They’re completely swollen. They turned into fish. We came to Chiang Mai from Pai without taking a rest. We got off and bought outfits. – Why is your skin so smooth? / – Had fun. – Your feet. / – We ate. And now we’re relaxing. Let’s relax our muscles here, restore our energy and enjoy the Songkran Festival a bit more. That’s so great. I love those fish shoes. You can massages 2, 3 times in a row. You’re right. That’s still under $20. It’s cheap. 4 massages are less than $20. I actually fell asleep like that. – We were so tired. / – It’s really tiring, right? You two are like kids. Having fun then dozing off. That’s right. – We just got foot massages. / – Yes. Since we’re well-rested, we must enjoy the last round. The festival is almost over. I can see that a lot of people here are feeling tired now. The same goes for us, right? Let’s upgrade our weapons one more time. Again? You can get a further upgrade? We can. Just like the locals, let’s ride a taxi… (It’s a tuk-tuk) It’s an ambush now. They carry around water like that. We can’t beat those people. Because it’s a drive by. During the primitive times, people on horseback always won. That’s right. If you stayed for 2 more days, you would’ve hired a truck. Of course. I hear you’re taking a fire truck next year. (Argh) (Argh) The disadvantage is that you can’t get revenge. Because you drive away. You know those safari tours? Instead of watching things on safari, you get soaked. We can’t let our guard down. What is this? What do we do? Seriously. I’m getting mad. I’m getting mad. Hey, they’re right there. On the left! They try their best but it’s not enough I’m so annoyed. This is no upgrade. – This is… / – It’s a downgrade. We just have to let go. This is the downside of the taxi. We can’t get revenge. You get hit and you have to keep going. Since we only have one chance, we must focus. That’s true. As you drive along, you reach these streets and the cars get backed up. – Like this. / – If the car stops there… Now you’re in trouble. This must be like some club. Hey, I’m out of water! I’m out of water. – Oh, no. / – You should’ve used it sparingly. Don’t do that. You should’ve used it sparingly. Don’t do that. Don’t. Can you stop the car? So that’s how I looked. We’re enjoying the Songkran Festival to the fullest. We had so much fun. Too much fun. We just did everything you can at Songkran in one day. Let’s go for some beer. We’re going for some beer. I looked up this pub. Don’t you think I came up with a great itinerary? I do want to go to the Songkran Festival once. – It’s so much fun. / – It looks really fun. Right at the end… You’re going to impress us. A pub with a view. We finally get to enjoy a glass of beer now. It was so packed. What a great atmosphere. This is so nice. He’s exhausted. You really aged. It was exhausting. This dish is really famous here. This one. We must try this. This is Thai fried pork hocks. We must try this. Is it similar to the German dish? Yes, a bit. It’s like the meat in cartoons. We have to drink beer. To wrap up the day. The German dish is baked and here it’s fried. That’s right. This place is really famous. It’s the Ping River. – It’s so pretty. / – There are many… Restaurants around the river. The view is amazing. – That’s beautiful. / – So pretty. Maybe because it was evening but it was really cool there. Thank you. – Let’s drink. Cheers. / – Yes. You have to drink that bottoms up. If you’re that exhausted in that weather. This is good. Your mouth got so big. Now, I feel like I’m on a trip. Beer tastes the best beside a mountain or river. (At last!) Is this it? This must be the pork hocks. That was the best. – Fried. / – That looks tasty. That looks so good. I want to eat it again. Amazing. (I want to eat it) – Was it really good? / – It was really good. – It was amazing. / – It looks like it. If it tastes bad, we’d say so. It was really good. The skin is fried. Korean pork hocks have that jelly-like texture. But here, it’s more… Crispy. It’s tender just like boiled pork slices. Right. It tastes like boiled pork slices but the skin is battered and fried like chicken. (Mouth watering) When we were filming, they scolded us for not showcasing any of the food. We were supposed to shoot while we ate. But we were so hungry. I think it’s better since we were playing with water. There must be a reason. I think this sauce is this restaurant’s special sauce. I think it depends on how you make your sauce. Now, I can admire the view. Earlier, because I was so hungry, I didn’t think much of the river or the pub. (Time to feast) He starts the conversation then just eats. He wanted you to talk a lot. He’d say, “I booked this place. How is it?” Then as I answer him, he’d just eat. I heard everything you said. Nice. I came up with the itinerary this time. I’m curious what you thought about the trip. First of all, your itinerary was so different from mine. I usually let the nature take its course. I hate it when things don’t go to plan or when you miss the time so I normally just didn’t make plans. I got to relax from my tiring schedule and unburden my problems. We took our time to look around then here, we got all energetic. We burned it up. I think we enjoyed it to the fullest. The trip is over. Let’s focus on our album now. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip! (The end of the Tuhi Trip in Thailand)

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