Healthy Food for Steve and Maggie | Magic English Stories for Kids | Cartoon Story Wow English TV

Healthy Food for Steve and Maggie | Magic English Stories for Kids | Cartoon Story Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV The sun’s coming up. Oh. Good morning boys and girls. It’s time for breakfast. Yeah. It’s Saturday today. No school. I can have my breakfast slowly. Hey. Say with me and pat your tummy. Say. I can have breakfast. I can have breakfast. I can have breakfast. Yeah. I love breakfast. Steve. Oh. You can’t have breakfast. I can have breakfast. You can’t have breakfast. Your bedroom’s messy. There are socks on the carpet and pants on
the bed. Tidy your room. Okay mum. Maggie. I’ll go and tidy my bedroom. Finished. Okay. I’ll just have a little rest. Oh dear. Oh. I fell asleep. I am hungry. Hey. I can have breakfast. Oh no. Look. The sun’s up and it’s not breakfast time anymore. No. But I can have a snack. Yeah. It’s snack time. Oh. Look at all these delicious snacks. Oh. I can have a snack. Yeah. No. You can’t have a snack. Yes, I can have a snack. No, you can’t have a snack. Yes, I can have a snack. You can’t. The living room is messy. There’s a toy train under the table and boot
by the TV and toy cars on the sofa. Okay Maggie. I’ll go and tidy the living room then I can
have a snack. Here we go. Oh. Hey. I really like this. Oh great. That was great. Oh and hey I forgot to have a snack. Oh look. It’s too late for a snack now. It’s lunchtime. Oh great. I can have lunch. Yeah. You can’t have lunch. I can have lunch. No. Why? There’s a problem in the basement. Oh no. What’s the problem in the basement? Oh. Oh no. This is a big problem. Bigger than I thought. Oh. This will take a long time. Pfu. Finished. Wow. I’m really hungry now. Oh. But look. The sun is going down. It’s not lunch time. No. It’s dinner time. But hey dinner is bigger than lunch. So hey. I can have dinner. Yeah. Dinner time. Dinner time. Dinner time. Hey. I’m so hungry and it’s dinner time. Great. I can have dinner. Steve stop. Oh Maggie. I can have dinner. You can’t have dinner. I need help. There’s a cat in my tree. Oh Maggie. Okay. I can’t have dinner. I can’t have dinner. I have to go and help Maggie. It’s a cat. Come on. Bow-wow. Woof woof. Shoo shoo. Go away. Oh. I’m hungry. Ah. Blbl. Shoo and stay out of the garden. Oh no. Look. The sun’s gone down. It’s too late for dinner. I can’t have dinner now. Oh. But I can have supper. Oh. I’m so hungry. I could eat anything. Steve. Supper’s ready. Whoa. Chicken for supper. Hmm. Chicken for supper. No. Hey. Come here. Lovely juicy chicken. My supper. It’s me. My supper. It’s Maggie. My supper. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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  6. Once upon a time, Steve woke up and it was breakfast time. "Steve you can't have breakfast." Said Maggie the Magpie. "Your bedroom is messy." "Okay mum, eh, Maggie." Said Steve. So Steve tidied his room. By the time he was done he decided to have a rest. But he had fallen asleep and when he woke up, he was hungry. But it wasn't breakfast time anymore. But it was snack time. "You can't have a snack." Said Maggie. The living room was messy. So Steve tidied the living room. By the time he had finished, his favorite TV show was on. By the time he had finished it was too late for snack. But it was lunchtime. "You can't have lunch." Squawked Maggie. A water pipe had burst in the basement. It took a long time. Steve was really hungry now. And it was too late for lunch. It was now dinnertime. And once again Steve couldn't have dinner. Maggie needed help. There was a cat in her tree. It took a long time to send the cat away. But when it away, Steve called "And stay out!" It was too late for dinner. But it was suppertime. Steve was SO hungry. He hadn't eaten all day. Maggie came out to say supper was ready. But Steve hallucinated her as a chicken. "Come here you lovely juicy chicken." Moaned Steve. And that was Maggie's fate and punishment for making Steve work all day.

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