Hardees Original Roast Beef Sandwich – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

Hardees Original Roast Beef Sandwich – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

radish sauce I really wanted the
horseradish sauce I’ve never temporarily out said this is
the Hardee’s original roast beef sandwich see I understand that his first
came out of the the early 1990s had they’re bringing it back again its
slow-cooked supposed to be smoked cooked beef that’s a good package smell to it it’s
dipped in our shoe or our shoes however you want to pronounce this you
know that is just the juice is given off by the lead as it’s being cooked and it
has kind of this everyth savory flavor which I I like as I’m to see two times
here and it’s definitely uh nice and toasted so I tried to makes a couple of
improvements for my channel here as you can see I’m using better silverware thank this is the good silverware step I
just just want to step down from the good China and how do you like my plate
so much better plates I think I really liked it
defconn Betty napkin just pennies you can’t have too many
buddies so yeah I got my half and half – Leslie it says sweetener so I’d like to
know do you think it’s overkill to the eating just fast food like this a china
plate of good china with good silverware and a good napkin in a nicely fixed
table am i exaggerating too much to me it’s just it just adds something to it I
mean if you’re a poor tooth your head if you’re dining at home and you have fast
food it’s just so much nicer to me like I said they were out of their the sauce
did I say whatever sauce I said as you get older the memory I guess horseradish
I had the barbecue sauce I don’t know if I didn’t want to put any of that on
there or not and they just started this isn’t new like I said this was in the
early nineteen nineties I think and they just brought it back okay I think they brought it back about April
29th I think they had a deal where it’s two
for $5 and there was also a special with that french fries and maybe a bigger
drink I don’t that he was about seven dollars nineteen cents or something I’ve got something more than this usually when I get a drink like this I
mean oh I poured the drink into Lika into a glass just because it makes it
taste better to me to be drinking something out of a nice glass instead of
that yeah paper cutter or is this overkill for a
fast food you can tell me not gonna add some barbeque sauce to this too I really
wanted the horseradish sauce yes ahem I remember they had kid horseradish
sauce I’m not bidding a lot I don’t like a lot of sauces on anything if that just
kills the taste of whatever you’re trying to enjoy it kills the natural
flavor it just makes it all mushy okay I sure that it’s a pickles to this
for some relish I felt not Hardee’s and I read or or
heard maybe like somewhere just a couple days ago where they are maybe going to
make this a permanent item this roast beef a permanent addition to the menu well I hope so and they still not getting more than
just a little sandwich that’s a visual penny reminds me about little Benny that lives
here at my house there that made a couple of videos about him I love this I really really do there’s also a commercial and TV thing
endearing recently it’s called save the veggies it’s it’s a promoting this roast
beef it Hardee’s is also partnering with them with a nonprofit community guard
Association and this association supports the planning of local gardens
all across the country so this sounds like something good but I think that
they’re doing of course people may criticize me say
well you know we should be eating more vegetables and here we are two parties
advertising this our roast beef there’s nothing wrong with that you know I have
no problem with it but tea is good sometimes it’s not so
great when you give it a fast-food places my head I’ve had poor to get
Hardee’s also this is so this was pretty good and like I said I I was I had
mostly unsweetened tea and add a little sweet tea at the very top but it’s not
good at so much sugar and Americans and people from the
Western so-called Western nations definitely have too much sugar bread was good the bread is fresh this is your cute napkins that was really quite good I should have
gotten more I’m not going to gain weight eating like
this this is trip and this is my channel and I have you’ve enjoyed it
we’re heading Hardy’s roast beef and a half and a half tea please subscribe
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11 Replies to “Hardees Original Roast Beef Sandwich – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

  1. In my opinion it is not overkill to pour the drink into a glass! I also think it makes a huge difference whether you drink from a can, a cup, a bottle or a glass. Some things simply taste best in their own way. For example, I like iced tea very much from tetrapaks. Nice vid again Trippe!

  2. I love horseradish cream with roast beef, simply delicious. That colour shirt suits you. Always enjoy your vids, Trippe. Best wishes from south west, Western Australia. 😊🇦🇺

  3. Now I really want to go to Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s but they are closed and I’m too tired to drive 😂 Great video as always Trippe! ❤️

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