Hanging Out in Dharamsala + Eating Street Food | India Vlog 3 | Tsamdha Sonam

Hanging Out in Dharamsala + Eating Street Food | India Vlog 3 | Tsamdha Sonam

Oh my god There’s a monkey My best friend.. You must be hungry Eat You will have to give me your pancake though The tea is also good We’re having breakfast in the middle of the street So Choekey, where are we going right now? Linka linka, we’re gonna go around the Tsuklakhang (Temple). Um breakfast was delish and very, Normal for me. Oh my god get-get-get shit I need to..we need to hide the banana cause that’s their favorite fruit Start of our walk You see all those Tibetan ladies walking..they do that on a daily basis So peaceful Love it Love every second of it So now we’re gonna go up Over to the top We are going to eat mangoes both days huh How much is it? 15 We got mangoes I love mangoes This girl is so generous You look like a nun with the shawl like that Hello ani la Hello..hello Where are you going? The view is also beautiful This is our future..I want to grow old here.. My plan is to be in India and Do these things on a daily basis with my other momo las (grandmas) What happened to you? who is it? who is it? I will beat him.. Is it her? I think he doesn’t want us to disturb…sorry… Wow..what a figure They have a free medical camp right here Pulmonary, Surgery, GI all kinds of stuff We have one of the best views from the temple a Lot of people take this spot to take their pictures, right? Momo la..do you need help? Not with this but we might need help to stitch up the prayer flags..if you have time. to stich? Okay okay.. Right now at this moment he’sin Ladakh..I think he went to Nubra Valley He goes there every year, right What a beautiful day in Dharamsala…now we are going to go in our room change eat something and we’ll go to Ri-Nyi-GYab Ri-Nyi-Gyab means ” Behind Two Mountains”…1..2.. This Tsuklakhang trip wouldn’t be complete if you don’t eat momo We will eat here.. 6 potatoes..3 vegetable momos.. Do you have the famous chilli? Yes, it is very famous…no sodium glutamate.. Steamy It’s very in front of Tsuklakhang It’s really good momo..pure Tibetan momo But we want to eat are loving this peacefully Let’s proceed with our Laphing..somebody already started eating This lady has the best laphing The Texture is so soft I’m having diwali in my mouth This is Dolma Chowk and she’s right there It’s it’s right opposite of Dolma Hospital..Clinic..what So many tourists

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  2. ❤️ ur vlog…I have so many memories @ dasa n u made them refreshed again..!!Thanks ..keep uploading new videos

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