Haciendo Tlayudas Comida Mexicana

Haciendo Tlayudas Comida Mexicana

That looks super appetizing. But I have not seen any Oaxacan restaurant around here. But let’s do it ourselves. So join me!!!! Hello my dear friends Welcome to Kathy from Honduras. It is always a pleasure to be here with you. As you can see we are going to make a Mexican dish It’s like a quesadilla It does not matter that you are not Mexican. But we can learn to cook typical food from other countries. So we have more variety on the menu. So let’s get to work These are the ingredients that we need. The amount depends on how many you are going to do. Let’s begin by making a really big corn tortilla Let’s start by kneading the corn flour. We need a big round plastic. I take a ball of masa (corn doh) I squeeze and squeeze into shape Now, very careful not to break it, I put it on El comal. My comal was not that big. While the tortilla is cooking we can cook the meat. Ready. The type of meat is optional. You can use beef, chicken, pork, chorizo your choice. Let’s start by adding refried beans all over the tortilla. Medium heat so it doesn’t get burn. We add cabbage. Mozzarella cheese lots of cheese!!!!!! Fold it. We let it cook so that the tortilla becomes crispy and the cheese melts. We cut the meat into small pieces. When it is already cooked and all the cheese has melted. Let’s add the meat. So lets open it wow Lots of cheese. Close it again. Ready we have Tlayuda I not only stayed with the desire to eat the food I saw. In Mark Wins video. Now I will eat it too. my version of the tlayudas of Oaxaca Mexico Smells good. The best part of this vide,, The time to eat it!!! So let’s break it in half. A bit of hot sauce. And Bon Appetit!!!! Its very good. my dear friends I recommend that you try it. It’s always good to try something different from what we are used to. And really these ingredients we always have at home. So I invite to try it,, You will like it. Thanks for staying until the end. I am Kathy From Honduras. Remember you can find me on all social media. And if you have not yet subscribed to my channel I invite you to subscribe Big kiss😘See you next time.

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  1. Q padre video y q padre q mandes saludos a tus seguidores…. y lo mejor q hoy si provaste y se ve facil de hacer… saludos kathy

  2. Katy gracias me suscribi se ve rico como se hase el frijol refrito gracias tu forma de ser es bonita

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