GUDETAMA LAZY EGG CAFE TOUR! Taipei Themed Restaurant

GUDETAMA LAZY EGG CAFE TOUR! Taipei Themed Restaurant

Good morning you guys! Coming to you from Taipei, Taiwan. Now today, I don’t know if you notice or any but there’s a giant lazy egg behind me! So this character is actually called Gudetama. It is a Sanrio character. It is now one of the most popular Japanese characters around. I mean there’s a whole restaurant for it. I know it’s pretty insane. Today we’re going to go in and try some dishes from this Gudetama themed cafe. It’s gonna be good. I hope it’s at least going to be really really cute. So hope you guys are ready, my friend Maggie is here Let’s go! Look at these place mats And these plates! And those tissues! Everything’s so cute! Best thing about these themed cafes are the details So when you’re sitting here where you wait for your foods start looking around sort of notice things around the restaurant that just makes you go like “Yas worth it!” They have this sea salt caramel latte Oh, it’s a little marshmallow! We got the pancake for lunch It is three or four layers of pancakes and just whipped cream stacked in the middle It looks so sweet! How is your pancake? I think I’m about to get a sugar rush Is it just whipped cream in the middle right here? I think so Oh, yeah it’s sweet! Yeah, it’s hella sweet The pancakes are really battery It’s like moist, soft It’s nice it’s warm! Good nutritious lunch! They gave me the wrong order I feel so bad but I wanted the Katsu, man But I still got to film that though! Okay guys, so this is the… Is it chicken or pork? So this is the crispy chicken with a green Thai curry sauce We’re gonna pour some of this on my Gutetama It’s like giving him a bath I’m gonna try one Oh, this is pretty good! I wasn’t expecting that It is so crispy there’s like flaky skin And the chicken inside is actually really tender In terms of taste though I think you need to dip it into the curry for more flavor I’m gonna eat your butt crack This rice actually tastes really good it’s got a bit of a sticky rice texture My thing is actually flavored, it’s seasoned well So the green curry is surprisingly good It’s really creamy and it’s actually quite spicy But it’s just it enough smoothness to go down well Pair with the crispy chicken, this is I would have to say a 4 out of 5 Wasn’t really expecting that because at themed cafes, sometimes the food is not that good but this is pretty good right here This little guy This is the bathroom. Look how cute the wallpaper are Those little egg babies Oh my gosh! This sink though is shape of an egg, And if you’re asking, No, the toilet is not the shape of an egg We are just about done with the whole cafe experience Maggie has bought some merchandise There’s a little store over there that you can get We’re gonna take some photos and that about wraps up our Gudetama cafe experience Would you recommend it to them? Yes She loves it Honestly, if you’d like stuff like this Japanese characters, cutesy cafe experiences You’re going to really like this cafe There is a gift shop is there anything you like? So cute! What is that? Just like a plu– Oh, it’s a wallet! How cute! There’s also pillows So cute Remember there’s a ton of other themed cafes here in Taipei. This is only one of them so when you guys come, have your fun Go to all of them! And we are done with the cafe That came out to 900 NT Which is gonna be around like $27 US dollars for two people, that’s not bad! Not bad at all! So, you guys now it’s your turn to rate on a scale of Meh to YAS How great is this experience? Would you guys come here? Comment below. I’ll see you next time!

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  1. I never spend 27.00 for 2 people at that type of restaurant… I just can't see that much money for what I seen that you had… I know that them type of places are known tto be over priced for what you get… Did you have to gave the waiter/waitress a tip on top of the bill??? That's for another fun video… Be blessed… BBE….

  2. Hi TJ! First of all, I love the new graphic 😊 so smooth and cute. I love that melting egg yolk character as well. It was surpring when u said it's pretty good! I wasn't a fan of themed cafes, but now I would like to visit that one in Taipei 👌 thank you for the video ❤


  3. Hi TJ!!! Thanks for sharing… we are planning to go Taiwan this March.. this vlig will help us to discover Taiwan.. any paces to visit?

  4. YAS! I haven't been to any countries with theme cafes yet, but I can't wait. I especially want to visit a Hello Kitty Cafe.

  5. hope you can make a series feat themed cafes in taiwan. just saw you in a fung bros video 🙂 good luck on your channel @CupofTJ

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  7. Omg this place is so kawaii but how do you order do you have to know some Japanese in order or do some of the staff know English

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