GST Bills in Restaurants by Dhruv Rathee | Goods and Services Tax

GST Bills in Restaurants by Dhruv Rathee | Goods and Services Tax

Namaskar Friends, My name is Dhruv Rathee and in this Video I would like to talk about the GST aka Good & Service tax. What are the problems with GST and the failures upon it by the Government. We shall talk about all these in some other video! In this video I will talk about much more important thing than this which will benefit you all and also increase your awareness. I would like to talk about, how can you recognise the GST fraud? Sometimes you go to a restaurant for your meal and the restaurant owner charges you for GST tax but he is not even registered with GST!! And in the name of the tax he is filling up his own pocket. How can you recognise such frauds? and how can you complain against it? I will make you aware of that in this video. First of all Friends, you need to recognise whether your dealer has been registered with GST or not? This can be identified very easily by glancing at your bill. On your bill, a GST number should be printed. Whenever you go to any restaurant for food or buy any item from any shop then you must see the bill. If the bill doesn’t include the printed GST number then your dealer is not registered by GST. I have an example of one such bill So, usually the GST number is of 15 digit. Either it is printed on top of the bill or at the bottom. If in your bill you can’t find this GST number anywhere, then… your dealer is not registered with GST. and if still you are been charged with GST tax then its a fraud with you. Secondly, some people print the GST number but it’s a fake number printed by them. Now, how can you recognise that the printed GST number is fake or or not? that can be done easily by visiting a website I will add this websites’ link in the description and also in the comment section. The website is So, here you can easily enter this number to see whether your GST is real or your GST number is fake. There is something unique about this GST number that it’s 6th digit can tell you whether the GST number has been registered by an individual person or a company. If it’s an individual person then the 6th digit will be “P” and if it’s a company then the 6th digit will be “C”. Third thing you need to notice is that how much GST is been charged to you. If you are at a non-alcoholic serving, Non-AC restaurant then it should be charged 12%. If you are eating at an AC restaurant or a hotel or any alcohol serving restaurant then it will be 18% GST charge. If you are taking food from any takeaway counter, even though it will be 18% charged. If alcohol is been served at the restaurant, then there is NO GST on alcohol. Alcohol will be levied with VAT, which is different for every state. Now, you have to be alert that these rates are applicable when I’m making this video Government is planning to bring this 18% GST to 11% so, till now this has not come into the effect but when it will be imposed, kindly keep that in mind. Fourth thing my friends is the service charge. Service charge is not any kind of tax to give this or no is your own wish. no one can force you for that. If your bill includes service charge and you don’t wish to give then you can even deny that to the restaurant But if the restaurant forces you to pay then you can even file a complain against them in the consumer court. So, through these 3-4 ways you will get to know that you have been targeted with the GST fraud Now, lets talk about how to complain against such GST frauds. Basically there are 5 different ways to complain against it. The first one is, that you can call at this number or else you can send a SMS to Second way is to lodge a complain at this website… Third way is to write an email to or else Fourth way is that you can complain at the GST portal or call at these helpdesk numbers Fifth way is that you can contact them through Twitter So, these are the twitter handles which you can contact with These are some of the ways you can complain about the GST fraud. If the GST fraud is caught Then, there is a fine of 100% of the tax amount. or upto 5 years of jail!! All the information I have given to you in this video, has been collected by Mr. Jagdish Lade I Thank him a lot. He is a chartered accountant and also the entrepreneur of this video. He is the founder of and Whenever you wish to establish a business or begin a start up that time you face a lot of technical problems that where to register what and how something works so to deal with such problems his website helps a lot. how to register a company? how to register GST for a company? Where to get the IT services from? or lawyers service? or to find the chartered accountants? for your company So for these things his website is very useful. You can have a look at this website and if you register there then you will get a free complimentary kit of upto 5 thousand rupees. in which you will get some starting information about all these subjects. This website is not only for business registrations, but also to establish the business network it’s an amazing platform. So, you can go to this website you can call Mr. Jagdish Lade. If you are also an upcoming entrepreneur and wish to be seen in my videos then you can contact me through this email ID If you want to support my work then you can go to this website and support me on Patreon So, subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch more such informative videos Friends. Hope that through this video you’ve got to know a lot. To spread this awareness, Kindly share this video. We will meet in the next video, Thank you.

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  1. Check GST Number here:

    Website for help in your business/ start up:

  2. about 6th letter being P or C that is not true. I have found with other letter as well and on checking it was registered with same name. please check your facts since a lot of people watch it.its better to be unaware than be misinformed

  3. Thanks … Today I liked your video. And I would like to say.. these all facilities and assistance are provided by current government and I have my own experience regarding complaint and it was resolved very quick..
    But as usual you'll criticize current government and willing a bhadwa pappu to be the prime minister after next LS election…Isn't it ??

  4. What does the sixth letter 'F' of GST code stand for at restaurants? I bet food. Because they neither have a 'C' nor a 'P'!

  5. Agr hum kisi jeweler se koi ornament kharidte hai for example silver ring.
    Agr bill mangte hai to wo kehte hai ki gst lg jayega isliye bill nhi diya. Bill chaiye to extra amount do.
    To please make a vedio ki silver aur gold pt kitna %gst hai aur kaise hum calculate kre .
    Please please please

  6. Bhai I used to pay 12% then 15% and then 18%… But Modiji was saying Saab Kuch sasta ho jayga… Bahut dard hua…

  7. I think you're sort of wrong on the service charge part, as any establishment is able to levy service charge on their final bill (not service tax) if they have mentioned the same on the menu card or so. By ordering food, you basically comply to the rules and regulations of the establishments. Also according to my knowledge, service charge is applicable from 4 to 10% of the total bill amount. Can someone confirm these things?

  8. The information given over the video is really very appreciable. You are doing a great job, most of the people don't even know what GST is and why is it there.

  9. Sir.we all support u from all kind of problems.and we hope u will be successess sir.because u are a truth youtuber while compare to anthore youtubers.Thank u soo much for ur teach.and educated a uneducated persons..

  10. पूरा दिन काम करो, महीनत करो government to कुछ nahi करती uper से इनकी मा ki choot yeh kaam bhi hami ko karna hai. Government ke officers sirf paisa खाने me busy hai. Agar yeh sab kaam hame hi karna hai to in bhaddwo ki kya zaroorat है desh bhi janta ko do chalane. Isse acha to भेंचोद british rule tha.

  11. This one is good. Please talk about same type of problems not politics.
    Give information about rights of consumer, comlplains and all.

  12. Wow !! I had no idea about that GST no.
    Next time I am surely gonna check whether they are registered or not.
    Thank you Dhruv and CA guy for spreading awareness.

  13. I m a Restaurateur… plz mention restourent rname when you using negative words.. I realy liked your all videos…. also understand everyone not a cheater's

  14. Sir GST laga hua bill hai mere pass or GST number check kiya sahi hai. Muche ye doubt hai ki GST jo laga hai woh govt khate me gaya ki nahi,

  15. sir or ye hai kit jo product main ne purchase kia hai use rate 120 lika hai including all taxes. jo firm bill diya hai woh 120 ke uper 28 % GST lagakar bill diya hai. much ye batatijiye ki is mai koi fraud tho nahi hai or jo GST laga hai woh kud firm ne apne pass rakliya ho.

  16. True said and in India this is the biggest road in India, and my uncle restaurant is going same I know his had suggested by government but when i visit his food and beverage restaurant teachers extra 14% GST an extra only 4%GST taxt's on government. you told me that most of the customer they don't know about this.

  17. Bhai tu Jhooth Aur Propaganda falane me mahir admi hai.
    GST se Hme koi bhi problem nhi hai .
    ha Jo luxury services pe tax bsda hai jo sahi bhi hai kyoki Goverment garib logo se nhi kamayegi

  18. ग्रेट राठी सर मैं भी आप से मिलना चाहता हूँ

  19. What if real GST number is provided however how would we determine if the bill is still real ? Anyone can print real GST number but what about the authenticity of bill ? GST returns were filed for that bill or not ?

  20. Sir Easyday Co. has charged me more than MRP for soap….how much compensation will i get if i file a complaint?

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