hey guys so today I have dinner with a couple of my friends and I figured I wanted to put together like a get ready with me kind of thing slash vlog so yeah if you guys want to know how I did this makeup please keep watching if you guys want to see my vlog please keep watching ok let’s start putting on the foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Stan please makeup in ivory nude I have like strange eyes I don’t have the double eyelids but then it’s not like the supermodel itted I either I have like a very slight bold and I don’t know if you guys came to you but it’s like a very very tiny bold so yeah it’s it’s an interesting eye and I’m gonna take this concealer best time mineralizing creamy concealer and then I’m just gonna go under my eyes and around my nose a little bit and just cover up any imperfections [Music] now I’m just gonna prime my eyebrows and eyelid first I want to prime my eyebrows with the NYX prophit waterproof I use the Urban Decay primer potion so I’m gonna start filling in my brows now and I’m gonna start off with and I kind of fill in my brows first with the brow powder duo by anastasiya and then a chocolate this is the shade that I’m using I go in later with the NYX precision brow pencil and I’m using the shade espresso brows are the hardest but you know what they say eyebrows are sisters they’re not twins so alright so now I’m gonna officially start alright so I’m gonna go ahead and start doing my eye makeup I’m gonna first put on a layer of pink eye shadow it’s like this light pinky color it’s the shade everyday by Eddie Thawne mono I gonna put this all over my eyelid [Music] then I put a little beneath it under my eyes as well and then I’m gonna go ahead and use this open it I’m gonna use this like sparkly pinky color by update house it’s the shade PK zero zero two coal Becca – ah jewel and I’m just gonna put this in the middle of my eye it’s okay if it comes on messy you’re gonna blend it up later so and now I’m going to use this darker pink shade and the that did house play color eyes palette well not the shadows broke so I can’t really like show you very well but it’s how long’s hasn’t talked would be it’s like a very dark pink and I’m gonna use this in the outer corner of my eyes [Music] right now I look like I walked hunched in the eye but trust me it’ll get better it’ll get better and I’m going to use laughs dad it’s like a shimmery pinky color and I’m gonna put that and just wear my pupils are that’s what it looks like and then in the same palette I’m going to use the dark brown color for the outer corner of my eye and as I mentioned before I have this like very very tiny like crease so I’m just gonna put it like where that crease is maybe a little like above in and so it gives it a little more less harsh pink effect [Music] okay now that all of my eyeshadow is done I’m going to call my lashes and put on line I put on gel liner and then I put on liquid liner last because me being kind of model it’ld I end up going in with more eye shadow later to make it show so that’s what I’m gonna do right now I’m gonna go back in with the dark brown color on this palette and then just kind of put it on the outer corners of my eyes to make it show a little more [Music] so now I’m going to go in with my liquid liner I’m using NYX that’s the point holla fine [Music] then I’m going to go in with my mascara I’m using the benefit they’re real mascara I’m going to be putting on false lashes anyway so I don’t really care too much about it for my lower lash line I’m going to use a brown mascara this is the ink color caught up by Perry Parra now I’m going to put on a sparkly liquid glitter on my lower inner corner I area and I’m using sugar twinkle by Perry Peres and this shade is number one pink melody okay so now I’m going to shade and put on blush and highlighter so for my blush I’m gonna use two different colors I’m using Innisfree number three helpful tire mignon pink it’s like a very very light cool tone pink and then I’m going to also use NARS gay Gaiety it’s like a very very dark pink so I’m gonna use these two together [Music] I put on my false lashes so now I’m going to put on lipstick Oh what color should I use today what’s up what’s a good spring color should I use I’m gonna use Perry para Eric Felten and number for me moly auditors and I’m going to use the Vaseline lip therapy and rosy lips to kind of moisturize my lips isn’t it crazy how lipstick makes such a big difference to your whole face okay so this is my final look this is my very pink spring makeup I kind of do this like all throughout the year at times when I want to be more colorful because I mean living in LA the weather’s always like pretty warm so for this winter it was actually pretty dang cold but yeah it’s just a good fun stringy sparkly pinky makeup oh yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial it’s slash get ready with me and I will see you guys later [Music] all right so I just got here we decided to eat Thai food instead of Mexican food but you know my friends I’m still waiting for them to come they’re coming together but I’m just waiting in the color I’m hungry I didn’t eat anything all day and it’s 308 right now so I feel like I’m gonna eat a lot I mean I guess hi Patsy you Google pineapple fried rice master it comes with chicken interest not okay okay what just thought it was about one of the fried rice should we get pork patty you okay okay oh what about like oh you want soup Tom Yum stuck in the tongue NE Georgia my long time we’re not getting a part I doubt it don’t copy me alright anyways or should we just at that time do you want to go up a pipette see you and sign up on Friday okay yeah sounds good come on can you take a sip of this Thai lemonade and tell me if it tastes tight ish Tyler Mennonites lemonade can y’all ebony can wear sugar I can yeah lemme take you that up oh honey pieces curious so hygiene Wow her tongue side right action javascript up in the Univision worker no it’s because we’re so critical [Music] [Applause] but you didn’t get that on camera she’s just wipe the freaking and cucumber all over okay calm down [Music] thank you sir rice is really know it’s really good if you want hot sauce on your cutting onions [Music] I got a lavender latte and you got the lavender milk teeth yeah mommy so fun ha try it all of the questions are [Music] you don’t work in that okay should I did this one oh dude that’s the one wait can you put one more so I could be on here oh good questions yogi what L don’t wake you up doll doesn’t you go ahead you got our coffee where are we going now creepin creepin creepin creepin is like famous further strawberry cream bong all right later move to my head got you your money back all right that’s cool we came here to buy bread this is like the prettiest sunflower it’s ridiculous looks so good serega I mean I tried this one I haven’t tried [Music] okay we came here to the park to eat our bread and have some coffee and watch the sunset do you see the Sun setting over there that is so pretty let’s go let’s go find a spot alright um with our coffee so cute I’ll catch it on those not all go cutest thing ever oh my god so cute but I think it knows that it’s getting reached this music it’s a sad day it’s so good I want another one [Music] I was like cream inside [Music] so bye [Music] I like moms everywhere all right so do this so dark oh there you go all right so we finished eating our King bun and we were gonna take a stroll at the park but we ended up just like looking at our photos so I guess our vlog is to here for now gonna go home oh you guys always always look ahead of you and you’re walking be careful man he almost lost a tooth you


  1. 예뻐요 혹시 절 기억하실지 모르겠지만 영상 잘봤어요. 역시 예쁘네요.😇😇😇

  2. 누군가의 브이로그를 본 적이 별로 없는데 은주님 브이로그는 쭉 봤어요~ 왠지 모르겠지만 힐링되네요^^

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