Grilled Seafood Platter

Grilled Seafood Platter

There’s a table for you anytime, anywhere. Oh my gosh. Our next guest is a celebrity chef. You know her. She’s a veteran judge on the Food Network show, Chopped. Hello. She’s got a lovely restaurant here in New York City called Butter and today we’re grilling with our friend Alex Guarnaschelli! (crowd cheering) Hello! How are you? I’m coming in the next five weeks. I need to have you. There’s a table for you anytime. And every time you come, I always say I’m gonna do it but now I have time. And I turned on the TV the other night. It must have been a repeat or something. Right. I saw you and I said, “She’s coming on the show this week.” What are we making? We are gonna make some, so that’s a little sauce. This is for grilled seafood. Excellently seasoned. You like that? Expertly done. I’m gonna be a chef when I grow up. What do you think? (laughing) Yeah, I think you got what it takes, kid. I’m gonna be a star! Okay. Very good. So I like to grill for the summer but I like to do fun things with it so I popped these clams on the grill to open them up. So the outside of the shell has that grilled taste. I wanna taste one with no sauce just to see how grillish it is. Please. I love, these are lime littleneck clams. They’re the best. Then we just mix,oh, yeah, I know. And then, look it, juicy! Oh, come on! Don’t you love that? It tastes like the ocean. Come on, we love it. There’s no sexier food to eat. Okay, so then I make a little butter sauce, right? With cream and a little white wine. Put a little bit of that in the shell first. That’s my clever little trick. And then put the butter and the bread crumbs on top. What’s the difference between this and clams casino? Because I like clams casino, too. It’s very similar. There’s no bacon or anything in this. So it’s a little less smoky but it’s really got like that nice kinda lemon and herbs. This is really good. She’s my toughest crowd, so when she likes something, we go out and we crush it. (crowd cheering) This is well seasoned. I taste the citrus. Yeah, I think that’s really important with something grilled and we left the hot sauce out for you in case. Don’t need it! Don’t need it? Oh my God. Still my friend, but– No hot sauce. I’m killing it over here. This is much simpler. Scallops on the grill, mark them up. And then I put a cast iron on the grill next to it. And I just sear them a little bit so you get that kind of mix. Perfect. Oh my God. Tender, lemony, perfectly seasoned. No hot, this is very good. You would make the best Chopped judge. I swear to God. I have to tell you, we have to have you judging. And then something that’s like the simplest of all is really important. Just grilled vegetables. Here I have eggplant, zucchini, peppers. Uh oh. We make a little, no good? Oh no. Oh no! We hit a snag! Well, listen, I have a beautiful tahini dressing here that goes over here with a little bit of fresh lime if you want it. Sop, sop, sop, sop, sop it up! (crowd laughing) Okay, little olive oil and a little bit of honey. That was being Bobby Brown Whitney Houston by the way. Remember? Sop, sop, sop, sop, sop it up! Then a little bit of lemon juice and lemon zest. I’m going deep in this citrus because I love it. You wanna know what? With the char from the grill. The citrus is better than salt. I learned that a long, long time ago by a locked up man named Bill Cosby. Okay. That’s definitely an interesting place to learn about citrus. He said that, though, one time in an interview and ever since then, lemon has become like the new salt. So I made a really, I made a mixed green salad for a very, a celebrity customer one time and they sent it back. Who is it? Whisper it to me. It was– Tell me. It was a– Come on, I promise I won’t say a word. I promise. It was actually Heath Ledger. Oh! I know, well– He’s not here to defend himself. No, no, nothing to defend. He sent it back, said it was too salty. Salty? We tasted the salad and what it really was the salad had too much vinegar on it. The palate really sometimes doesn’t distinguish between salt and acid so much. So if you don’t want to eat a lot of salt, have a lot of vinegar. These are really good. And if you don’t want to have a lot of vinegar, have a lot of salt. What’s this with watermelon? So this is a limeaid with watermelon ice cubes. You just puree– I’m not gonna eat watermelon. I’m gonna drink watermelon. There’s a difference. Well, that’s the fun thing about this drink is you drink it and then. (laughing) I can’t on account I’m black. (crowd laughing) Watermelon and fried chicken. I’m not doing that, Alex. (crowd cheering) You understand. Come on, cheers. So funny. It has, it’s just watermelon and honey. That’s it? Yeah and this is lime juice and a little bit of water. And it’s beautiful, like– It’s very blush like a some– Like lemonade. Yeah, it’s like sunset. As usual, everything is terrific. Listen, the restaurant is called Butter. This is my friend Alex Guarnaschelli. And be sure to check her out on Chopped Tuesday nights at nine on the Food Network. Check it out. For more information on these delicious recipes, go to (upbeat music)

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  2. i hope wendy will have more black female chefs on and give them publicity

    you now have black privilege my sister, use it wisely

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  4. Wendy, the whole world is eating Watermelon and Chicken! You do not know what you are missing! I've actually been to $2,500.00 plate dinners for Charity! Guess what they served? The most delicious chicken that I have ever tasted! 👍🍗👍

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  7. WHAT?!! You are going to torture yourself into not eating one of the best fruit of the world just because you're black? It's 2019, Wendy!!!!

  8. I am so damn pleasantly happy about how calm and sweet Alex is. She isn’t all crazy and whacked out like most guests.

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  10. Alex is insanely underrated. If you get Wendy not to use her hot sauce, you know you’ve made it in life. 🙌👏❤️😂

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