Grail Series at Urban Necessities : Air Max 90 Homegrown

Grail Series at Urban Necessities : Air Max 90 Homegrown

what's going on guys Curtis coming at you from the Las Vegas location got another review video for you this time it's another classic airmax so for all your Air Max lovers I know you're locked in right now so I don't know a lot of you may immediately recognize these but if you don't know these are the pata homegrown air max 90s now these released in 2005 if I'm not mistaken let me check the size tag 2006 I'm glad I checked so these are in collaboration with the Dutch retailer pata now from what I understand the green all-over texture is in a no Maj to their home their homeland the green texture so as I understand it the the green the tonal green covering it is in is to pay respects to the beautiful countryside of Amsterdam and also their marijuana culture it's no secret we all know so if you look closely along the mudguard here you can see some really nice texture in there some cracking where some lighter green shows through I think it really breaks up the toe and the mudguard the lower mud guard here of course this one sits upon a dumb sole now this one's a solid gum as opposed to the traditional gum which I think H is really well – another nice feature this shoe I think is the leather liner so completely leather lined so you can even wear this baby without socks in the middle of the summer just make sure you spray some of that crap in there maybe put some prep tools as well so to contrast the all-over green and the gum you see pops up orange and the air bag as well as the collar and if I take out this year you can see that the insole is actually a cork and that's pretty cool super lightweight now this actually isn't the first time I've seen this shoe back in the day my best friend shout out in high school had a pair of these and I remember googling over them so to see him again is is really cool this is a must to see in person the quality is just insane on these a true testament to nike cool well thanks for tuning in guys if you like what you see make sure to leave a comment like and subscribe to to Jays channel appreciate you guys and we'll be back with another review video later

23 Replies to “Grail Series at Urban Necessities : Air Max 90 Homegrown

  1. Look homie I like Jay but everyone deserves a chance so please could y'all work on better quality vids like literally do what Seth folower makes but y'all have a supply of way more limited interesting shoes, I'm sorry I was toxic about not seeing but maybe this guy really wants this so just please make the vids better. Just some constructive criticism

  2. More air max 90 footage required
    My choice of treads and very popular in the UK
    Just purchased 3 pairs in the last 3 months including the amazing and colourful #BETRUE edition…

  3. With all the shoes in the store, it's damn near impossible to be low on content for this series. Keep up the good work.

  4. Feed back: It's cool to know the history of a shoe and understand it's culture but… Be more energetic, it looks like they held a gun to his head and made him say what he said. Overall I like this type of stuff but just put more energy into it.
    Grade B

  5. I’m gonna keep saying this till Jay responds , I’m not liking these videos without Jay in it , no one really does , look at the views

  6. A very appealing sneaker they need to take the blueprint from these creations and bring it back into our current market that shows no originality

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