Gordon Ramsay’s MOST BRUTAL Restaurant Critiques! | Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Gordon Ramsay’s MOST BRUTAL Restaurant Critiques! | Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Gordon: Why has he let himself go? Woman: I don’t know. Gordon: I have three daughters and a son. And we check them every week. We open up with them. Woman: I do! He always tells me, “I know what I’m doing, I know mom.” Gordon: But you’re enabling him. It’s almost like you’re his oxygen. You’re supporting the downward spiral. Woman: He’s my son. What am I gonna do? Gordon: How much money does he owe you? Woman: I don’t write it down. I really don’t know. Gordon: I got told it’s a quarter million dollars. Does he owe you a quarter of a million dollars? Woman’s son: Somewhere around that. Woman: Just about. Gordon: Aren’t you ashamed? Woman’s son: No, I’m not. Gordon: You’re not ashamed? Woman’s son: No. Ashamed of what? Gordon: You’re half a million dollars in debt. You’re losing at minimum ten grand a month on average. Woman’s son: We’re beating a dead horse you’re saying the same fucking shit over. Gordon: That’s right. Cause it’s not getting through to your fucking thick head. Son: It is getting through my head. You’re saying the same shit over. We owe so much money– Gordon: Band-aid, band-aid, band-aid. Mommy, mommy, mommy. Son: It’s not mommy, mommy, mommy. She doesn’t give me money every fucking day. Gordon: Oh, what, like a quarter of a million fucking dollars? She hasn’t been paid back yet, no. Do you want to fucking fix it or what? Or are you gonna keep on talking about it? Gordon: I don’t wanna “fix” your fucking mess. No, I don’t. The business spiraled out of control. Now you want me to come in here, wave a magic wand, and kiss your ass? Which I’m never going to fucking do! Son: I don’t want you to kiss anybody’s ass. Gordon: That’s what you want! You can sit there… and say that you don’t feel bad… Son: It’s not like I’m sucking her dry. Gordon: One man’s delusion… taking everybody down and totally oblivious to the issue. [Next clip] Gordon: Chicken bones, eggshells. When was this cleaned? Dan: Months ago. Gordon: Dan! Are you fucking kidding me? That was not months ago! That’s been years! When’s the last time this was cleaned? Dan: The six burner itself? I detailed a week ago. Gordon: A week ago? Dan: Yeah, uh, the whole six burner! Gordon: That’s bullshit! This was cleaned a week ago? Dan: That was detail cleaned a week ago by myself. Gordon: That has not been cleaned in years! Gordon: Oh, boy. Shameful. Come on! That just falls into people’s food as it gets fucking hot! Look at that under there! Cut the bullshit, Dan. That was not clean a week ago. It’s like a war zone! Oh my God, look at that! What’s wrong with you? You serve mold to me out there. We ate this today! Will, Get Darren, Bregma, and Aaron each a spoon. Have a taste! Do you have any idea how long these have to fester in a fridge before it gets fucking mold? Employee: Very long. Gordon: How many fucking scoops you need to take before you realize its shit? What, you want to go down as the most famous restaurant in New Orleans for fucking killing people? You’re charging fucking money for that! [Next clip] Gordon: Nick Sr., who shows you how to make a fucking tamale like that? Nick: We don’t make tamales because our kitchens too small. Gordon: They’re store-bought? Nick: Yeah. Gordon: You’ve never made a fresh tamale? Nick: Never. Gordon: Did you taste that màle sauce? Nick: Yes. I don’t have a problem with it. Gordon: It tastes shit. Nick: I mean, you might not like it, but I do. Gordon: You see how dry that chicken is? Nick: It wasn’t dry! Gordon: What? The only reason that it’s not dry is because you cover it with sauce that is inedible! Nick: That’s bullshit, man. And the way you’re saying that every single person that comes into our restaurant gets sick? That’s bullshit. Gordon: A whole table falling ill? Nick: You’re not gonna get sick. Gordon: So they’re lying? Nick: Maybe! Gordon: Are you fucking blind? Nick: No! You’re blind! [Next scene] Gordon: That’s split! That is gone. What does that say? Nick: January 28th 2019. Gordon: That’s 2018! Nick: Is it? I can’t read it Gordon: You can’t see 18 on there? Nick: I can now, I thought it was a 19. Gordon: We’re still serving it! A year old! And what’s this one? Nick: That we use for the cocktails. Gordon: It says a king shrimp. Nick: It’s a black tiger [shrimp]. Gordon: Just smell that. Gordon: They’re gone. Nick: Not yet. Gordon: No! Really? Nick: Yeah, they’re still fresh. Gordon: That’s fresh to you? Oh, come on. Nick: They don’t stink, they don’t stink. Gordon: Really? Nick: Yeah, they don’t stink! We just did these today. Gordon: That’s not from today. [Next scene] Gordon: What’s in this one? Nick: Maybe chicken. Yep. This was done today. Gordon: I don’t know why you keep giving me these lies Nick: I’m not lying to you. This is what I saw them to do today. Gordon: Chicken doesn’t go that dark in 12 hours. That is not a day old, my friend. Nowhere near it… Oh my god! Cut the bullshit now on this one. That is green. How old is that? Nick: That’s probably today. Gordon: So there’s the problem, you’re just saying probably. You don’t know. [Next clip] Gordon: Rosie, when was the last time this was cleaned? Rose: I don’t know! What do you want me to say? I don’t know. Gordon: I just want you to tell me the truth. Rosie: I’m telling you the truth! I don’t know! Gordon: You don’t know. You don’t have to get pissy with me! Rosie: I’m not getting pissy. You’re just telling me something that I should know And I’m telling you I don’t know and you’re constantly asking me. Gordon: So have you ever cleaned it? Rosie: No, I have not. Gordon: It’s a swimming pool of grease! Do you have any idea what would happen… if that ignited? Employee: Yeah. Gordon: What would that mean to you? Employee: We’d be out of a job, yes. Gordon: Out of a job? People would die! The restaurant’s full of customers. This thing will go up in a heartbeat! [Next scene] Gordon: Look at the cockroaches! It’s like a cockroach duvet. Employee #2: Can’t argue with that. Gordon: When was this cleaned last? Employee: This is build up of three years. Gordon: This is three years? Employee: Yes. Gordon: That’s decades! [Next clip] Gordon: When I walk in the front door the smell inside– just the aroma. It stinks. And in your mind, there’s nothing off in here. Chef: I don’t I don’t smell it when I come in. Gordon: Where’s the walk in? Take me to the walk in. Look in here. You open the door, you can’t smell that? Gordon: That smells… off. Look at these! They’re dead! They’re gone! What does that mean when they open like that? Gordon: Fuck you’re right you can kill them! They are lethal. Smell that. We can’t use these, guys. Amy, we’re getting people sick. They should be watertight. Beds trimmed, running water, and refreshed every day. What is this? Employee: Marinated chicken breasts Gordon: For whom? Employee: For the line. Gordon: Jesus Christ. Smell that. Shit! Smell that! Come on, talk to me! Chef: I think maybe there was some older that got dumped on top. Gordon: They put the old ones, not the fresh ones? Chef: I’m guessing that’s what happened, yes. Gordon: They’re all gone! Tara, come over here. Just smell them. Tara: What do you want me to say? Gordon: They’re green! Tara: I can’t get beat up anymore! Gordon: I’m not beating you up. We’re serving this shit. What is that? Tara: That’s disgusting. Gordon: Shrimp? Is that the ones we cooked for lunch time? What is that? Amy, where you going? Gordon: You have a weak stomach? Gordon: My guests are eating it. Smell that. Oh, really? Smell that. Oh, come on! Look it, it’s fucking gone! [Next scene] I’m here to help you but clearly you can’t help your fucking self! Inspector should’ve shut this place down months ago! Chef: It’s disgraceful, it is. Gordon: How can you tell me that you care? You do not care! What do you need to do? Wait for a death? Before you you shit together? No savings, two fucking mortgages, [huge amount of] debt, and a fucking walking full of shit! There’s at least 2 grand here! Chef: You’re right, I– Gordon: Disgrace! [Next clip] Gordon: Cat, are you respected in the kitchen? Cat: No. Gordon: This review is from Robin. “I seriously wish I could give this place zero stars, the male staff makes inappropriate comments to women. I tried speaking to the owner, but he completely has no control over his staff. [Next scene] Chef: I’m gonna start dropping carrots out my butt crack to see how far it gets. Steve: You guys have no business being in the culinary field. Chef: What are you talking about? We’re super mature. You’ve been saying retarded crap all night. Oh shit, I’m not allowed to say retard. Steve: [Unintelligible] Fuck you, faggot. Chef: I don’t think that’s TV friendly. Female employee: You guys look like a biker gang from the 80s. Chef: Anybody got any underage girls we can rape? Gordon: How disgusting. Steve? Steve: Yes? Gordon: Are you gonna tolerate that kind of behavior? Steve: Nol, I’m not gonna tolerate it. Gordon: So what are you gonna do about it? Steve: We’re gonna fix the problem. Gordon: Fix it. Steve: The restaurant is closed– Gordon: Stand up. Steve: Yes, sir. Gordon: You’ve seen everybody in this business over the last two years fall… Based on that kind of behavior. You need to protect every female customer, every female member of staff, that’s the responsibility of an owner. [Points to Chef] That man is a liability. Steve: You’re fired. Chef: Okay. Steve: We can’t tolerate that here. Chef: I’m definitely not the only person in the kitchen who jokes like that. We all do. But I was just the one that was cut, and that was very embarrassing. [Next clip] Gordon: What’s the relationship going on here? Cause, Dad (Joe sr.), you seem to work in here, right? Joe: Yeah. Gordon: If that was my dad… Spitting in the food… you’d be gone, man. Joe: I don’t spit in the food. Gordon: You put food in your mouth, so that it fell back into the food. Joe: No Gordon: Kelly, there seems to be a lot of bullshit in the air. Kelly: There’s a lot of bullshit, but it all trinkles from Joe, sr. Joe: That’s not true. Kelly: You talk shit to me all the time. Joe: You’re a glorified prep cook. Kelly: What’d you say? Joe: You’re a glorified prep cook! Kelly: I’m a glorified– Joe: That’s all you do is prep! Kelly: Oh my god! No, stop. Joe: I don’t think you have been working that hard. Kelly: Are you fucking crazy? There’s me and one other person back there and I’ve been trying to dig this place out of the fucking grave! Joe: Run the kitchen, aren’t you supposed to hire people? Kelly: You know I can’t hire people! Joe: Why not? Kelly: Don’t sit here and act stupid! He doesn’t have the money to hire people! And let me tell you something… This staff knows he sits here and talks shit about everyone– the food, the fucking employees. Joe: How do you know what I’m talking about? Kelly: Because people tell us! Customers tell us! How do you think we fucking know? Gordon: [Pointing at Joe] Why do you do this? Joe: I’m not doin’ nothin’. Gordon: Joe Jr., this is terrible. Joe Jr: That’s my father, I love him. I’ve talked to him before… Gordon: I can’t think of a more negative individual inside this restaurant than you right now. playing those mind games behind the staff, humiliating them, talking shit at the bar behind their back! Joe Jr., I need to hear from you. Joe Jr.: I don’t know what to do. Gordon: Joe, I know what you do. You fire him! Joe, does your father stay or does he go? Right now, make a decision. Joe Jr: I guess he’s got to go. Gordon: Right now! You, out! Come up and get out of here. Joe: Wow, what an ambush. Gordon: I’m not ambushing you. I’m cutting straight to the chase. I’m fed up with his negativity. Goodnight. Let’s go. [Next clip] Gordon: We can’t even start to fix that restaurant until we’re a little bit more honest with ourselves. It was some of the worst Creole we’ve ever eaten. Employee: Doesn’t matter of your opinion Gordon: My opinion? Employee: Yeah, it’s a matter of the palate. Gordon: It’s a matter of my palate now? Employee: Yes. Gordon: You have the nerve to say that to me when you haven’t even trained to be where you are? Employee: I’ve definitely trained to be where I am. Gordon: No, you went to culinary school. Employee: Okay? Gordon: That’s the basic. You graduate culinary school, then you go into the big bad world, and then you learn how to cook. [Next scene] Gordon: Who is the manager of the front of the house? Right. Give me an insight over the last five years the restaurants you worked in before you opened– Shayna: I’ve never worked in a restaurant, Gordon: Stop it. Shayna: i’ve never managed a restaurant. Gordon: Hold on, hold on. You’ve n– Shayna: Never. Gordon: But you’re the manager and you’ve never worked as one. Shayna: I’ve been a manager, but I’ve never managed a restaurant. Gordon: Yeah, okay, it’s a big deal, but where have you managed? Shayna: I’m gonna be respectful to you, you gonna be respectful to me. Gordon: A quarter million dollars in debt… and you want me to kiss your ass? Shayna: No I don’t! I just want to be respected. Gordon: Shame on you. Shayna: I know you’re known for being an asshole. Gordon: If you want to see my asshole, darling, you can watch me walk out the door because I’m not gonna sit here and take this from you. Shayna: But we should be disrespected though? Gordon: Hold on a minute. I’m just getting tired dealing with stuck-up precious little princesses. Employee: What! Gordon: But go back to the beginning when daddy bought you a restaurant. Shayna: Stop saying your mommy and daddy gave you a restaurant. This is all of our restaurant equally. Gordon: Who put the money? Shayna: They did! [Next scene] Gordon: What does it mean to you then? Shayna: What do you think it means to me? I come here and do my best every single day. Gordon: You’re taking them down! Shayna: I am? Gordon: Yes! And little sis! Shayna: Are you out of your mind? Gordon: No, I’m not out of my mind. I’m telling you the truth! Shayna: Are you kidding me? Gordon: Your parents are on the verge of separating. Shayna: Why would you say we’re ruining our parent’s marriage? Are you crazy? Staff member(?): Calm down. Gordon: I know that you’re not helping the situation. Shayna: You ain’t either right now. You don’t know us! You don’t know what goes on here! Gordon: You’re in denial. Shayna: Fuck you! Gordon: Oh! Fuck me? Shayna: Fuck you. Gordon: No thank you.

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  1. Ramsay: When was the last time you clean this place?

    Owner: Probably 30 years ago.

    Ramsay: 30 years ago? More like 40 years ago, you donkey.

  2. Joe Sr. Getting canned was the best. When that Butch laid into his ass it was pure catharses. I was so happy she got to have her say.

  3. Why do people stress Gordon Ramsey out?, Instead of listening to him and take his advice. It's for their own good. He's trying to help them out and instead, they all get pissed at him, and get mouthy with him. I feel for him. He's a very strong man, I would blow my fuse by now.

  4. what gordon said at the last scene of the video was very disrespectful, help them with the restaurant dont go into their personal lives and mention about their parents getting a divorce.

  5. the fact that ppl dgaf about customers is insane. Idc how much work Gordon did on these ppl. He’s nice for teaching them but they don’t have an eye for customer service and they literally don’t care. You got into this business KNOWING what you should and shouldn’t do. I’m glad some of them listen but the ones that laugh or talk back + deny. RUBBISH!

  6. i hate when people dont respect him, he‘s a good guy he‘s concerned for peoples health and he called out the guys making rape jokes.

  7. Fair enough he’s giving some solid points correcting things that most definitely need dealing with but being an absolute cunt in the process , he takes it way too far with the majority

  8. WOW. I borrowed 3,000 from my parents to try my hand at amazon selling business. Made half of that back, so I lost 1500. And i'm ashamed as fuck. This dude's 250,000 deep in the shit and he's like "ashamed of what?"

    Umm, maybe of taking your parent's money for their retirement you fucking manchild?

  9. When gordon was yelling at 7:20 he sounded like candice from phineas and ferb when she got allergic to that flower in that one episode

  10. 3:07 dude is so delusional. You call Ramsey out there to fix your failing restaurant and when he starts giving you criticism you start denying saying everything’s fine?

  11. I'm impressed on how much bullshit Gordon has to carry in order for him to save a restaurant. Maybe that's how he works out.

  12. he has to be Furious, they are serving molds and rotten things, and their walk-in fridge are absolutely disgusting🤢 he says all the things i would say tbh

  13. Saying retarded was bad then using faggot was like yooo are you serious and then he said young girls we can rape and i almost wanted to faint in shock he would say that

  14. Omg that last girl was ready to break down and lose consciousness from the fire Gordon was spitting. The very definition of SAVAGE.

  15. Gordon …AND THIS!?!
    Owner: Also made today.
    Gordon: Pulls out moldy chicken corpse You're fucking delusional.
    Owner: YOU'RE delusional, I bought that today.

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