GoPro: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 3 JAPAN: Peaks, Pillows & Pow

GoPro: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 3 JAPAN: Peaks, Pillows & Pow

So I’m just gonna get up early and
go for it.>>Breaking the law.>>Maybe, we didn’t see any signs posted.>>There were no signs that said,
don’t snowboard, right?>>Dude,
if God didn’t want us to snowboard there, he wouldn’t have put them pillows there.>>True.>>Woo-hoo-hoo! The snow feels good in here. Do you see it?>>No.>>Where is it?>>Shiggy.>>Sick.>>We made it, doggy.>>Amen.>>Look at it.>>Dude,
it looks kinda fucked up from my angle. I think I just go full faith. It’s the only thing I can do.>>Travis, it’s your call.>>All right, three, two, one, drop.>>Fuck!>>Holding here, waiting for Lando.>>I got a little Buck Rogered off,
but it was pretty cool.>>Five, four, three, two, one, have fun.>>Aah!>>Aah!>>Aah!>>G, you let us know when
the Grand Cabin, she’s doing pick-up here.>>Yeah, we’re ready for
Grand Cabin pick-up.>>Yeah, Travis,
I’d say within the minute, so you guys can work your
way toward the edge now.>>Workers are watching.>>Okay, let’s go. Woo!>>Where he wants to go with his
snowboarding is just kind of bonkers. I don’t know how else to describe it but
sheer persistence.>>Dropping in five,
four, three, two, one. Travis dropping.>>The Japanese Alps, they have
everything for any snowboarder’s dream. There’s such a unique piece of topography. It’s like nowhere else on Earth.>>When it’s just calm,
That’s when I feel the most alive.>>What’s up?>>What’s going on?>>It’s nuking out. We’re going up,
we’ve been waiting for 40 minutes. Now we’re going.>>All right, hold on, guys. Nobody drop. Well, fell into a glide crack right here. So you can see she’s pretty deep. The thing with Japan,
there’s a lot of heat. Glide cracks are kinda all over the place.>>Travis, whats going on?>>I fell in a glide crack. I’m just climbing out.>>You all good, Trav,
or do you need a hand?>>I’m good.>>Aah!>>I’m camera one, camera two.>>Camera two!>>Camera one!
>>Camera one!>>Camera two!>>Camera one!>>No, bring it back to two!>>Camera one!>>Okay, one, one!>>One!>>No, two, aah!>>God, God. I thought you were going left.>>So did I.>>You’re dead.>>Aah!>>Sorry, bro.>>No, dude.>>You okay?>>I fell in the same spot.>>All right. And the best part? When people aren’t in your dojo, you can
ride all the way to the parking lot.>>It’s really special to be able to find
a place that lets me be in that most creative state. It’s been a way for me to key into
my favorite parts of snowboarding.>>Put on a suit.>>The Japanese Alps are some
of the most majestic, beautiful mountains in the world. Yet I think they can be
some of the most dangerous. Beautiful Japanese morning. Dealing with weather every day. This is our fourth time trying to climb. And finally, we’re peeking out in the sun. Hey, Lando! Dude, how’s that fucking line?>>It’s gonna be badass.>>So fucking sick.>>All right, I’ll give it to you.>>Hey, how’s it going up there?>>Good, you ready?>>I’m gonna strap in.>>Okay.>>All right, boys, ten seconds! Woo, powder!>>Woo! Yoo-hoo!>>Pretty sneaky little run. Dude, it is spring time, butterfly. Butterfly at 7,000 feet. God, creatures are so awesome. What the hell’s a butterfly doing up here? So awesome.

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  1. I actually think I prefer these little snippets to the full movie. I dunno, these just have more character and charm I feel

  2. I'm gonna be going down these hills within the next 10 years. I've been snowboarding for 8 years now and I'm pretty confident I'll be a backcountry pro soon enough:)

  3. Only a few more weeks till the season starts here, this has got me so pumped for getting those first tracks in waste deep pow

  4. Hey everyone 🙂 . I make adventure videos with my GoPro , sorry to self promote , but this is the best way to find a GoPro audience . Have a great day !

  5. So far these series episodes seem better than the movie itself kind of like The Art of Flight: The Series where each location was broke down in more detail.

  6. hate to say it, but these short features are so much better than the movie itself. This is the type of shots I was expecting from the movie.

  7. Hey! I recently released my film of our time roadtripping in New Zealand!! Would be so sick if you folks would check it out 🙂

  8. Did they obtain permission of the authorities? I'm sure we can't snowboarding like this place without permission. Keep the rule in the country. and If you want to, you have to get permission.

  9. Hey guys!
    I've just uploaded my first GoPro video skiing and I think you are gong love it! Checkout my channel : )

  10. Gopro should invent some kind of snow fan to blow away the snow from the lens. In case like this some parts of the video is just wasted.

  11. Wow that feeling at 8:23… SICK !! nice footage guys !! And the format of filming and episode's is very nice! thumps up and have fun! Cheers,, Arnold

  12. That butterfly is warming up in the sun from that snow front you all wr above. creatures are dope these vids are tight.

  13. Hi Youtube Comments! I'm new to youtube and i really need feedback for more videos. I am trying to reach my goal to 50 subs! It would really mean a lot if some people subbed! Thanks

  14. What's a glad crack? at 5:40 where he falls into the hole, is that what he's calling them? I know of tree wells but not whatever that was…

  15. Pause at 6:28 and you will see the go Pro on the gimbal it says brain farm on the back for a second there I almost thought it wasn't even a GoPro

  16. They didn't show the best part where they are shredding through the powder at night , through trees and snow fall.

  17. "If God didn't want us to snowboard there, he wouldn't have put them pillows there."
    -Travis Rice 2016

  18. Most people stop snowboarding when they see they've created an avalanche… Travis is just like "I'm just gonna ride the spine it's chill"… and then the side of the spine avalanches him into the main avalanche… and he's just like "no prob i'll just ride the avalanche it's chill"

  19. Don't snowboard on a public road especially there being a traffic. Please don't come, those who won't conform to the rules.

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