Google Health – Helping you get the most out of healthcare

Google Health – Helping you get the most out of healthcare

Our mission at Google Health is to help everybody live their healthiest life. I’m David Feinberg and I lead Google Health. Google has been in health for a long time. When you think about it, many of our searches are around healthcare. When you get a diagnosis, a medication, a new symptom, people go to Google. So what we thought we could accomplish is take the functionality that we know from organizing information, and put it on top of your record. So when your doctor is looking for something, You know, did you have that Pneumovax? Did you have an MRI? How did you have a response to that medicine before? We will pull up all that information from your record, so that your doctor can spend more time with you, looking at you instead of looking in the computer. Now everybody who’s spent time looking at healthcare data knows that it’s incredibly complex. Why? Because healthcare is incredibly complex. Patient information is scattered across multiple different silos. So how do you bring those… connect these dots from the patient standpoint? Doctors face this every day. Many physicians practice in more than just a single system, and so they have to log into different electronic health record systems. When you need to find something about a patient and you have the record in the fax and it’s sitting in the image in the computer, you want to be able to just search ABX or CXR, which is how doctors talk about chest x-rays, and it should pull up that chest x-ray. We’re fortunate to work with many health systems who are trusting us and putting the data on Google Cloud. At Google, we generally design and build products for billions of people. And in this case, we build products for millions of doctors and nurses to help billions of patients. The technology is mind blowing, but if we don’t have the trust of the doctor, the nurse, the mom, the dad, the elderly person, the patient, it doesn’t matter how good the technology is. We’re not going to mess with this. We’re going to do it the absolute best way possible, we’re going to treat it with the respect that it deserves. We’re all in this together and we all have that same mission. We’re trying to empower doctors to be the best versions of themselves. To me it’s making communities and families healthy so they don’t have to think about healthcare.

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  1. Out of all the companies out there, I think Google is the one making it the farthest from when it started. From being a simple search engine to turning into something we cannot live without!

    Keep it up Google.! 🍺

  2. If I ever find any of my medical records on ANY googles platform. I will start a lawsuit starting at $100-Billion dollars.
    I would sue Google including each and every individual employee involved, Ascension and/or any company involved including USA Health Department,
    Each individual Hospital that has my records and any other agency involved.
    Each of them would be sued for $100-Billion dollars individually. – My health records are MY HEALTH Records, NOT the public.
    I DO NOT give ANY permission to anyone to obtain ANY access of ANY of my health records for ANY reason.

  3. 1:43 "We are going to do it in the best way possible" … "That's why we were hiding it from you. Until you guys caught us and now here is a marketing campaign to make it cool" sigh … I think it's a fantastic project Google, but being upfront had to come first

  4. Our mission at Google Health is to help everybody bring more revenue to our company and surrender your personal data (wherever you're aware of it or not).

  5. Everything Google does is said to be groundbreaking. How is Google planning to bridge the gap of interoperability in the electronic health record system?

  6. In the future, instead of merely suspending people's account's (e.g. Tulsi Gabbard), they'll be able to suspend health information. That way they'll be able to (potentially) kill their political opponents and shut them up for good – for better or worse. Google is a living organism and will do whatever it takes to survive and grow.

  7. Estimados señores de Google me gustaría pediros a ustedes está solicitud: como bien saben tenéis una aplicación llamada Google Earth, pues lo que yo os propongo es que generase una aplicación dentro de Google Earth llamada Google Earth historic and prehistoric, la cual lo que haría sería regenerar escenarios del pasado utilizando la aplicación de Google Earth. Por ejemplo si quisiéramos viajar en esa aplicación a hace 65 millones de años, en el momento de la caída del meteorito, dentro de esa aplicación podría haber un buscador llamado momento, en el cual se coloca el año o hace cuántos años y saldrán una fila de resultados, siguiendo con el ejemplo sería algo así; en vez de ir a el año iría a hace cuántos años dónde aqui pondría hace 65 millones de años (el hace se mantendría estático como título y lo que se escribiría , sería en el apartado de cuántos años), una vez ocurrido eso saldría la fila resultados sobre respecto a el momento que quieres ver en concreto: en este caso la caída del meteorito de la extinción kt.

    Una vez elegido el momento habría un botón llamado aceptar, el cual una vez dado, la imagen de la esfera terrestre del Google Earth, se modificaría para adaptarse al momento concreto que has pedido: en este ejemplo se modificaría los continentes y se vería a diferentes escalas la caída del meteorito de los dinosaurios.

    Ojo en esta aplicación habría también otra otro apartado que sería el "cómo lo quieres ver": el cual te permitiría ver de dos formas el escenario terrestre: la versión sin cambios temporales : que mostraría en ese momento histórico o pre histórico los elementos de hoy en día como casas, monumentos, etcétera, para saber dónde pudieron estar ubicados, os pongo un ejemplo para entenderlo: la península de Yucatán, que en el momento de la caída del meteorito de los dinosaurios, estaba inundada por las aguas del Atlántico, colocar la silueta de la península con sus elementos actuales. Otro ejemplo sería ir a la época del Imperio romano, buscar roma, darle en como lo quieres ver ,a "sin cambios temporales" se vería la Roma actual con sus elementos actuales.

    Y la opción "con cambios temporales"; la cual haría una simulación de elementos estáticos dentro de los escenarios de cada momento histórico o prehistorico; cómo colocar los dinosaurios y demas seres vivos qué pudieron vivir por Nueva York, como también la morfología del terreno en aquel entonces. O colocar a Roma en su época imperial con los elementos que está conlleva. También sea bueno colocar en estos elementos unas etiquetas para poder identificar o saber qué son.

    Estaría muy bien que existiese un apartado llamado recomendados, el cual serviría para decir curiosidades o momentos históricos/ prehistóricos, interesantes o recomendables.

    Esta sería mi encantaría saber los resultados del si estáis de acuerdo o no con esta petición con sus porques.

    Si llegáis a aceptar mi propuesta, estaría muy bien que me informaseis de vuestras aportaciones.

    Un cordial saludo
    Pablo Ciriaco Beaumont
    Usuario de Google

  8. Seems kind of creepy and stalkery ngl. We can totally trust google with our medical information they totally have zero ulterior motives, just like Facebook!

  9. You can not honestly expect people to be okay with this. I understand that your a company, and you need to make money, but taking advantage of people’s very personal medical data, when your company has a history of data leaks, is not the way to do it.

    Please rethink this, I’m fairly sure this is violating privacy rights.

  10. Oh yeah, love that a billion dollar company is trying to get ahold of my medical records when they have a history of mishandling sensitive information.

  11. I wouldn't be so apprehensive towards this idea if there was an way to opt-out of this. But I think most folks in this comment section are smart enough to see that this is just a way for Google to get more revenue.

  12. this is a horrible idea, your not making a change or a difference, give people a choice to opt out. my medical information is not googles business.

  13. Hey your noses out of where they don’t belong. No one wants you to do this, if you really cared you would give people the option to opt in or opt out, but no you take it without telling people. I feel bad for the people who don’t see right through this considering your track record with peoples personal info.

  14. Stfu my god. Why the hell do you think you can convince people with this nonsense. It's disgusting and I sincerely hope this privacy stealing company goes out of business as soon as possible. The sad thing is that it wont any time soon. It's a cancer that managed to spread itself to our health records ffs. It's not going to stop for a long time.

  15. Great job Google, you pretended to innovate an industry just to cover up the fact that you are storing people's data to make bank.

    Just why

  16. Do I want my data stolen yes please sign me up I want google to profit off of me and steal my private information you already have just about everything else you don’t need this information

  17. I'm totally OK with it as long as you have strong safeguards in place to protect the data from both misuse and external access. The health care system is very fragmented and if you can solve a way for providers and hospitals to quickly access and analyze the info in a holistic way, kudos to you.

  18. I not on board with idea one reason is that Google is known for miss useing your information and I think that this idea is just for profit. And not for the general good for the person.
    But this is just my opinion. And I'm curious how would they get my medical info , as in would I have to applied for services? Or do they just take the info?

  19. This is absolutely disgusting. Why would I want Google to have something as sensitive and private as my medical records only to turn right around and sell it to third parties for profit. I wanna see Google be sued for breach of user privacy, because you bet I never wanted to opt-in to this evil scheme in the first place. Moreover, I was never informed about this until Optimus brought it to my and thousands of other people’s attention. You aren’t getting away with this. If I could be as popular as PewDiePie, I would use that power to inform millions of people about Google’s evil schemes and help bring Google’s evil scheme down to the ground to show what they truly are. Evil, greedy people who don’t care about your privacy whatsoever. It’s reasons like this is why I trust Apple. They take security and privacy very seriously, and instead of profiting off of user data, they instead get their profit from their products and services. You can bash Apple all you want, you aren’t gonna change my mind.

  20. It's not that ironic that a multi million dollar company is trying to steal my medical data when literally everyone knows that they have a history of mishandling personal information.

  21. "Oh, we're so sorry your father died because our system failed to mention he was allergic to the new medication. We swear it was just an unfortunate glitch in the system, you know how algorithms are, they're always a little finicky while they're still learning. The system was definitely not withholding the information that would have saved his life because we didn't like his opinions. He was saying we're corrupt and dangerous, which is simply not true. It was just a glitch, nothing we could do, totally out of our hands, trust us."

    But I'm sure that could never happen. Right, guys? Right?

    Anyone who thinks Google has any other motive here besides gaining even more revenue and control by stealing* people's medical information is living in a fantasy land.

    *taking without permission = stealing.

  22. How can Google take my personal medical information without my consent? And you expect me to trust you ? Google is one of the worst companies out there

  23. I hope you are listening.
    Had to suffer to suffer the "Hey Google" adds.
    Save the planet guy left the milk go sour in the fridge ,at least for 2 weeks to go off.
    Now Google Lets Him do it again .
    Waste more milk.
    Really ?

  24. Why would we want known money-hungry, data-grabbing pigs to have better access to our medical records. No one has trust in you guys because Google has already lost it. Knowing Google, they will just find the best opportunity to get the best profit. These guys have a literal monopoly in the tech world, and will use that to their full advantage.

  25. Oh great! A private company and spying on my personal life even more. 😃👍

    This surely isn't a way to harvest more of my data for money!

    This surely isn't a way to affect medical records of those who have different opinions than the Silicon Valley overlords!

    Google: Making Orwellian novels come to life.

  26. How can I see if Google has my info and request it to be removed?

    I do not consent to this, it's literally dystopian and straight out of 1984. If it wasn't for Apple being overpriced and Google chancing off competition like BlackBerry and Windows Phone I wouldn't have an Android

  27. I wonder why doesn't everyone sue google about this or bring attention to this to shut it down. At the same time I'm not really surprised that whatever something bad happens in any country, all we do is just complain on the internet and they keep doing bad things, there are of course cases that bad things were stopped but it's rare.

  28. not all the rules anyway. but if did govern some of googles operation, it would entail the option to include the lovely brunette ladies gathering on the advertisement after it had been activated instead of removing them and leaving only the gobbleygook.

  29. with us all the way and consent from the patient that's a blatant lie, this is all for profit lies and google should not have done this they may be big and rich but they are not as trustworthy and responsible with our personal data as they think themselves to be.

  30. I honestly cannot believe how much people hate Google and I think this is completely unfair. If there was a company that cared about your privacy, this would be Google.

  31. This is HIGHLY illegal you literally just admitted to a million counts of violating doctor patient confidentiality!!!!

  32. How about you don't steal my medical records. I hardly want my own doctor to know whats wrong with me why would I want anyone else looking at it.

  33. I really dont believe Google is trying to invade our privacy concerning our medical records. I dont believe your medical records are just gonna pop up publicly on Google search like some people seem to think.

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