Going Vegan Made us BIGGER & STRONGER – It Worked Better than MEAT

Going Vegan Made us BIGGER & STRONGER - It Worked Better than MEAT

what's going on with John Venus here welcome back to the video today I'm joined with my brother Leo dr. Venus as he's called on social media nowadays because he is just finished with his medical training that's right yeah the first thing I changed on my social media exactly more credibility straight away today we're gonna be talking about how we are bigger and more muscular stronger as vegans compared to when we ate a lot of meat and we used to eat a lot of meat so first thing I want to say is that we're not here to talk bad about your habits your eating habits your eating animal products at this moment it's you know okay you're on your path we're just here to share our experiences and how things have changed where we start adopting a plant-based diet so first thing I want to say is that my transformation I've been working out for eight years and so I've had four years or actually three years on a meat-based diet while bodybuilding trying to build up a good physique and then four years on a plant-based diets because I started by eating meat a lot of people will discredit my progress and say that I'm just maintaining although in videos and pictures you can clearly see that I've developed quite a lot after switching to the vegan diet but what's cool with leo is that he has made all his gains as a vegan we have a lot of clips that we're gonna be throwing up here but you can see that he is definitely way bigger now than he was you know just a couple years ago so the first point that I wanted to make is that it's not more difficult necessarily if you know what you're doing it's not gonna be slower on a vegan diet that's for sure yeah we have a lot of experts experience and also research suggesting the same thing ya know and I really like how you said it's not going to be difficult if you know what you're doing and I think that is the only limiting factor that can exist is that it's less usual it's less normal to do this on a plant-based diet and therefore the information is less available to most people so the only difficulty couldn't be can be to actually get started and do the right things from the beginning however most bodybuilding most people who are serious about building muscle do actually have to do some research do have to learn the things that they have to do the right nutrition as well as the right training so from that point of view regardless of if you're doing it with animal products or on a plant-based diet you're definitely going to have to educate yourself so it takes a bit of effort either way however once you know what you're doing say if anything there's a probably an advantage to doing it on a plant-based diet you guys know that I promote this live son I'm all about like my mission is to get people on a vegan diet and live this lifestyle because there's so many benefits that you know you can't really know without having experience and lives through it for a certain amount of time and like Leo says knowledge and information is the most important thing and a lot of people are lacking that which is why we're here talking to you guys I kind of hid like a certain plateau in my training and when I switched a plant-based diet I all of a sudden you know notice huge amounts of energy my benchpress my strength was like out of this world like it increased like never before and I gained a lot of muscle mass in in the first six months to 12 months so you know I didn't see any decline I didn't see any stagnation I actually saw a boost in performance and muscle mass and of course like after you've been training for five six seven years your muscle gains will slow down it's not because oh yeah he's reaching his vegan limits or anything like that it's just because you know as a natural lifter there's a certain amount of progress you can make each year if you're you know not taking any drugs or anything like that which we never have touched so you know progress will automatically slow down so it doesn't mean that the diet is failing it's just you know you can't just put muscle on forever it doesn't work that way yeah and I would like to say as well in terms of the protein this is one of the most common worries that people have and it's also one of the easiest ones to actually get past because protein is in every food it's in every animal food and in every plant food and all the essential amino acids everything you need to build muscle is on a plant-based diet and we even have supplements sports supplements just like the animal-based ones on a vegan diet as well on the protein issue though I do have to say my personal experience does contrast a little bit with the earth where I actually did stagnated a little bit when I first went Deegan and the reason is again he can jump on to and say oh it's the vegan diet and during that time John was actually pressuring me yeah that you will you will lose games with Leo's been vegan for like two or three years longer than me yeah and I was like giving him the hardest time like you know I was a huge you know advocate of eating meat and you know being manly I'm not gonna stop so I was giving him a super right yeah he was telling me you're gonna lose your mother and actually hit and I was like Elsie and the reason it is very easy to jump on and just say oh it's because you went vegan however I was new to the vegan diet and again I was misinformed I didn't have the information and I was eating a very very high car very almost fruitarian type of diet yes you were and I was eating something like 20 bananas every day having three surgeries a day 30 betters a day man nuts that was a trend back then oh yeah that's true that's true actually yeah so basically I was eating a lot of carbs and not enough protein I was getting weaker and I was getting frustrated and I was starting to think maybe John is right haha maybe the vegan lifestyle does make you weaker that protein issue is it's very easy to get passed but if you underestimate it it can bite you as well I've been getting this every single day like for the past five or four years and it's just comments after comments say that you know it's impossible you're you're taking steroids you're you know just eating supplements and protein powders all day you know there is no way that this is sustainable that you know you're you're actually healthy show us your blood work now we do that like year after year we keep providing more and more evidence proof and a lot of people just you know don't want to believe anything and that is a hundred percent fine but I'm here to tell you that it's one of the best things that you can do for your own body I know it's hard I know it's super different I know it sounds weird but you know you don't have to go 100 percent straight away just try replacing one meal at a time you know do vegan one day a week or something like that and make sure that you're getting the information from credible sources everyone that I know has that has gone vegan and has you know try to you know incorporate a vegan lifestyle with sports and exercise that kind of stuff have seen amazing results and they're still vegan you know it's it's pretty crazy which is why I've been so consistent with this message pounding it to you guys so often it's because I truly believe in this stuff one thing I would say that we're really lucky is that our whole family has jumped on board that really makes it a lot easier yeah I know a lot of people on my instagrams will always say the hardest thing is having your family not support you and yet another impressive yeah exactly yeah yeah so the social aspect is the hardest part now as a medical doctor I can tell you that the science is huge behind the plant-based diet whether for health or for performance or for whatever it is this is not a fad and that we can actually get into some of the reasons why a plant-based diet might be better in terms of sports and performance and it's as we mentioned the protein and all of the essential building blocks for a successful athlete ik physique are there now the other things that can play a role is number one inflammation so study after study shows that people on plant-based I have lower levels of inflammation which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of athletes going plant-based notice a tremendous increase in their recovery speed right so you recover much faster which allows you to train more frequently with less pains and really hit it hard every time you're going yeah and obviously that over the long term is going to have a huge effect another thing is less sick days obviously if you're getting sick three four or five times a year you know that's also going to have a little bit of a setback right I'm quite a big one you know I used to be sick quite often then that would completely ruin my progress I'm not gonna stop because you can't push yourself in the gym like it's it's impossible no the thing that I noticed that most myself personally was my digestion right because throughout the years I always struggle with constipation really bad digestion I wouldn't go to the bathroom you know more than a couple times a week and it's Wars so you know immediately and this happens to a lot of people want to introduce whole plant foods and a lot of fiber you eliminate the like the slow digesting animal proteins you will end up digesting the foods so much quicker which means you'll just get more energetic because everything is going to the right place and it's not getting all clogged up in there a lot of people think that plants are less bioavailable less complete and that kind of stuff but that is not the case at all because all plants have all amino acids just not in the same amounts i've never focused on you know trying to hit certain amino acid targets or anything like that i've just been eating intuitively most of the time and obviously I track my food once in a while to show you guys all the benefits and all the nutrients that are included in a typical meal or a day of eating so it's just like once once you get it done once you've lived it for a while you realize that this is like the easiest it's like a it's like a hack the reason why I do it is because of all the benefits that not only does it give me but it gives everyone and the planet the environment the animals and that kind of stuff that is the main reason and the reason why it keeps me so fulfilled to keep eating this way and spreading the message as well changing someone's opinion is actually extremely difficult and where there you are factually correct whether all of the science is behind you you just telling people what is correct is not going to do anything you can't if the other person isn't receptive you can be the most correct person in the world but that person isn't going to get anything out of it that's why we're not trying to tell you guys what to do all we can do is provide information share experience exactly and that's it exactly and then everything else is up to you exactly but mark my words we are on the right side of history and you guys should be too don't forget to subscribe to my little spaghetti man brother Leo Venus or dr. Venus link in description box below thank you so much let me know what you thought about this video do you agree do you disagree let me know yeah that's pretty much it peace out [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause]

26 Replies to “Going Vegan Made us BIGGER & STRONGER – It Worked Better than MEAT

  1. Leo built all of his muscle as a vegan. Just like me!
    Here I've been vegan 1 year (left pic): https://www.instagram.com/p/Byw3QpfJ-FL/
    Here I've been vegan 8 years (right pic): https://www.instagram.com/p/BzX0LkhJRF_/

  2. It’s extremely hard. People always tell me ‘I’d rather be fat and have atherosclerosis’ than eat plant based. Lol

  3. Was vegan for over a year wasn't feeling the greatest so I switched 2 Keto felt better for a bit then experimented with carnivore now I've added plants mostly fruit back into my diet but still a lot of meat and eggs I would have to say I feel my best but you guys almost make me want to try veganism again..

  4. Being Vegan means YOUR nutrition is in YOUR hands. Do it right and you’ll be doing great 💪🏽 , fill your facehole with rubbish and you’ll feel like a dumpster fire 🔥 It’s up to how much effort you want to put in 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I'm a huge fan of chickpeas salad, would you mind making me a recipe bases with 600-800 calories for breakfast plz, chur bro💪💪🙏🙏

  6. As far as for myself and many other people too, I've been vegin, 1 day out week not vegan for 30 years now, I'm only getting bigger better bolder, beautiful, booming, blossom, stronger, smooth, healthy, fit n younger as I get older, I'm 57 now. Many people I've not seen me for ages said (oh my God, you don't age, get even better than before, you look younger n better and amazing than my son due about age with fathers), that's first thing come out their mouths. And they look like my dad or my mom's too. It must be my vegan diet. Don't believe? Check out my vids to know for sure.

  7. I am vegan since 6 month. The biggest change is on my f*cking clean skin dudes. My face feels like the booty of my 6 month old daughter i swear! Greetings from North-Germany and keep up the good work Jonboy 👌👌💪🏽

  8. I went vegan, and wow my bench press just went up 😂. I’m dead. Does anyone actually believe this crap. If you are doing for the morality, then good on you, but that is the only reason you should. It’s not a great health diet, nor a good diet for sports, and performance. Can you still do it? Sure. Is it optimal? Not so much.

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