Gobi 65 – Cauliflower 65 Restaurant Style – By VahChef @ VahRehVah.com

Gobi 65 – Cauliflower 65 Restaurant Style – By VahChef @ VahRehVah.com

Hello, Namaste, salaam Walaikum, sat sri akal Welcome back to another session with your vahchef at vahrehvah.com today we’re going to learn how to make
gobi 65 in fact we made a chicken 65 but you all know the story about 65 and
there are many variations of 65s available especially in the cauliflower
for making you know cauliflower 65 just take cauliflower blanch them in hot
water just for you know one minute so
that if there is any insects or anything that will come off and also you will
have it nice and clean now we are going to make the batter for this add some
salt ginger garlic paste some garam masala powder very finely chopped curry
leaf and very finely chopped coriander leaf and in this we’re going to add red
chilli paste this red chilli paste gives awesome red color for our cauliflower
lot of people add color if you want to add color you can but when you can skip
it why not and in this add some pepper powder and
now we’re going to add some all-purpose flour that is maida 3 Tea spoon of
all-purpose flour and four teaspoon of cornstarch we’re going to mix all of this and we’re
going to add water and make this into a thick batter pour this batter onto
cauliflower just let this cauliflower court with this batter and we’re going
to deep fat fry now that the cauliflowers are nicely
coated you know we’re going to fry twice first we are going to fry till they are
and crispy but what happens after you keep it on the side for a you know like 5-10 minutes they’ll
become a little bit soggy and especially when we get the order we refry them that’s when they will remain crispy so
I’ve already fried this once and now i’m going to fry them again because i added
the chili paste which is the paste of nice kashmiri chilies which is giving natural color but lot of people add red color into this it’s up to you so here I have fried them once they’re
already crispy but now we’re going to fry it once again so that they come out
nice and crispy look at this the cauliflowers have become
nice and crispy actually you’ll see how crispy they have
become just add some curry leaves & green chillies into this let them also fry and you can remove
them off and put on a paper towel so that any extra oil can be drained off
their couple of methods of making this cauliflower 65 there is something a moist method little
bit which is nicely and sorted in curd and all that that also i’m going to
show you in another video but these are nice crunchy you know when you double fry see the
first time you fry you may feel that it’s becoming soggy
and the cauliflower is little bit oily second time when you fry you make sure
that you fry in a hot oil and I’m telling you once it is fried the second time
with this batter they become nice and crispy you want to know how crispy they are look at
this did you hear any crunch I’ll show you
one more did you hear the crunch that’s when, when the batter is good this is
good this is very popular especially in the bar kind of scenes and wow with
each bite have you noticed how I added chopped
curry leaves chopped coriander leaves and the pepper corn then the chili paste
a little bit of garam masala that is what you need to add when you
want to make this nice and favourable little bit less of ginger garlic paste that’s
when this will come out perfect and super super tasty dear friends i hope you enjoyed today’s
session of learning how to make this Gobi 65 cauliflower 65 the dry method but
not forget Vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please put
your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great
cooking Thank you !!

100 Replies to “Gobi 65 – Cauliflower 65 Restaurant Style – By VahChef @ VahRehVah.com

  1. sanjay anna….
    actually mutton rogan josh should be prepared with curd… bcoz meat wont be cooked that easily… saying this bcoz of mutton rogan josh curry…
    i love ur videos…
    love ur vocabulary thank u anna…
    Sare ivanni vadleyandi… nadi oka suggestion…
    meeru shortcuts in cooking pettaddu… oka vanta ela cheyyalo adi me style lo cheppandi chaalu… but dont use shortcuts plzzz.. idi rogan josh valana chepthunna… thank u anna

  2. looks yum! But I'm vegan so is there something else instead of yogurt that I can add? what if I don't add yogurt and do everything else like you said? is it a deal breaker?

  3. Hi. how much water should you add? when I first tried this, I didn't ad any corn start which I wil next time, but I also used yogurt instead. The batter tasted lovely, but it fell away from the vegetable like breadcrumbs. how do I make it stick? do I use egg instead? no yogurt?

  4. chef ur all recipe is good .but ur weakness is that u never mentioned the proper measurements of any ingredients… u should tell the quantity of any kind of ingredients…👍

  5. Hi chef…I mad Gobi 65 it was spollied …I don't nw how it was spollied…I just cooked the way u have shown in the video😭😭

  6. You are good and your English is also good. I don't know why people have problem in understanding but there is english subtitles too with your speaking flow. You are good and keep going and doing. 😃😃☺🙂😀

  7. Cannot thank you enough for your recipes and mostly, your contagious positive energy. I am an average cook myself. On the flipside, I'm into Advertising – so there are days when I end up coming home – too weary to cook – invariably ordering off what is tasty & convenient. But one look at your channel and your videos, its amazing how you instill this sort of vibe – that makes me fall in love with cooking once again. And the best part is the end when you savor your dishes. THANK YOU <3 Love, Light & More Flavours to you! <3

  8. Loo op1rq1Xdsdssfddgerfgsh f9iy but hhedgyఇ3ట్య్ట్6య్చ్హ్య్ర ట్గ్7

  9. How long will this be crispy? I am thinking of doing this for a party. I don't want it to become soggy. Any tips?

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