Giant 10 Pound Sopapilla Eating Challenge at Genaro’s in Gallup, New Mexico | Freak Eating

Giant 10 Pound Sopapilla Eating Challenge at Genaro’s in Gallup, New Mexico | Freak Eating

Leaving Albuquerque along the i-40
you’ll drive into western New Mexico and arrive at a small town called Gallup
home to El Rancho hotel and one of the biggest food challenges in the entire
state you better come hungry paneros giant sopapilla challenge is about 10
pounds of deliciousness and you only have 30 minutes to get the job done for
a free meal otherwise it’ll set you back 40 bucks with no fanfare no BS and no
stalling it’s time to see if I could conquer one of the biggest solo food
challenges I’ve ever come across can you take a bite welcome back to another freak eating
challenge we’re in Gallup New Mexico today and this is actually the first
sopapillas I’d ever eaten and from what I’ve read a sopapilla is basically a
fried dough a bread that originated in New Mexico about two centuries ago this
top appeal was on steroids of course as you can see it’s the size of a pizza pan
and loaded top to bottom with everything that you’d expect on a platter of nachos
beans ground beef lettuce guacamole salsa copious amounts of cheese and
great gobs of green chili I was given the choice of either red or green chili
but I had to go with the green since this is New Mexico and they don’t do
green chili where I come from the green chili was a little hot here but that’s
okay you only live once and a little spice
never hurt anyone thankfully everything on this massive
dish was insanely tasty that’s the good part the bad part is there’s literally
10 pounds of food in front of me and I only had 30 minutes to get through it
all or I’d over how about 40 bucks there’s
very little information about this challenge online and from what I’ve seen
most challengers have received a plate that looked smaller than mine when my
food came out and I lifted the pan and take some photos I realized I was
getting the big portion today no worries sometimes you need a big test to rise
high fortunately pretty much everything on this plate could be swallowed without
queueing and that’s pretty much what I had to do with such a short time span in
front of me it became disgusting after a while because at that point it’s no
longer eating you’re just transferring food down your esophagus and into your
stomach as fast as your Anatomy will allow if this food was really crunchy or
chewy or it couldn’t be swallowed rapidly I think I would have had
virtually no chance to beat this challenge 10 pounds in 30 minutes is a
pace I’d never needed to keep before about halfway through I realize this is
gonna be a very difficult finish and one way or another it was going to be close
either I’d win with a minute or two to spare
all righty get right up to the last few seconds and I have no room to put food
in and I’d vomit at the table one or the other it was really one of those types
of situations easily the toughest solo person challenge I’ve taken since the
giant 11 pound burrito and Fresno a couple years ago now there aren’t many
food challenges in the entire state of New Mexico but the ones that do exist
will push you to the edge the people that work at Hanaa rows are really
awesome people one staff member was filming the entire challenge for the
restaurant Facebook page and the owner was there encouraging the regular to
cheer me on to victory we were actually getting quite the crowd for a moment
there I know the owner takes great pride in a challenge but she also takes great
pride in the food more generally and this was one of those super delicious
challenges summerses wait what it’s like between
anywhere from seven to ninety eight Aries a little bit I got it yeah that’s
normal do our best to wavelet it’s hard yeah I know the guacamole was absurdly fresh the
beef and beans were cooked to perfection nothing was burned and the dough of the
sopapilla felt pillowy I didn’t realize at first that there was actually a
bottom part to the sub appiah and that’s when I wondered really wondered if I
could get it done this thing wasn’t just top food food it was stuffed with food
easily among the five or six biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on you know
that might make an interesting video one day looking back at the biggest food
items I’ve encountered in all my years of doing competitive eating but at the
table I just didn’t want to fail it’s awful to eat for 20 or 25 minutes
straight and realize that it still might not be enough that you might put in all
this effort and still fail and walk away with a full stomach and tons of regret
this wasn’t what I expected at all when I walked into her Narrows that day
Gallup is a small town but their food challenge is truly are gargantuan entry
that would make Adam Richmond’s old TV show proud there’s only been a couple
winners maybe three at the most and I was hoping to add my name to that
shortlist of champions of true sopapilla Slayers I apologize that the video looks
a little gross by now but I was in for a really tough fight and in those last
several minutes I was holding back a lot of urges that were contrary to
swallowing in all seriousness I was forcing that food down and telling all
of my body’s impulses to shut up and let me do this one last thing just one more
bite just one more bite just one more every bite brought us a little closer to
the end win or lose I was going to finish the challenge at the dining table over the oh my gosh that’s amazing are you doing okay yeah that was a very
big was it good it was excellent I didn’t start grossing you out yeah too
much of anything willow beads up to eat but very delicious to me let me put this
up so you don’t come maybe it might bother you and boom goes the dynamite it
wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but the 10 pounds sopapillas challenge was
conquered with mere minutes to spare it rests in the freakeating history books
for beasting this challenge the $40 meal was free and I got a hat shirt bag and
pen that’s right pen and my picture with the
owner will go on the restaurant Wall of Fame truly a big day in the world of
freak eating our travels in New Mexico were nearly over and that evening we
headed west into Arizona click the like button if you enjoyed the video and
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we’ll be back in California till we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and
eat like a freak

100 Replies to “Giant 10 Pound Sopapilla Eating Challenge at Genaro’s in Gallup, New Mexico | Freak Eating

  1. Congratulations! However I must say they really shoud stretch that time limit out since they even admit that they do not really get the weight specific each time.

  2. Wow, 10 lbs of any food in 30 min or less is impossible for 99.99 % of the human population! I would say even highly trained food challenge eating champs would have issues with this one…. Just wow

  3. I grew up very close to Gallup. The summit best food on the planet is in New Mexico. However we called them Navajo tacos. Great job dude

  4. WOW. I'd like to try it but a child's plate version lol The food looked really yummy. Hey, pls get your eyeglasses tighten! Nice job!!


  6. Good day
    I found your channel today and enjoyed this video.
    How long does it take to recover from such a challenge?
    I plan to view your archive videos.

  7. Thats disgusting. and also thats not a sopapilla thats a meat tomato lettuce garbage messs. sopapilla is honey and sweet. not meat. or salsa. or cheese. or green chile.

  8. Looks so easy 4 u Nader, ure just a freaking beast! 💪👏👏
    Luv yur video and how u are.
    Cheers from one of yur French sub 😁

  9. THAT is NOT a Sopapilla !!! a Sopapilla is a Desert like Fried Mexican Donut, a light fluffy donut that is rolled in Cinnamon-Sugar and topped with Honey ! Sopapilla is a Desert , NOT a Main Entre or main dish !!! What You ate is nothing more than a Giant Platter of Nachos !!! NOT A SOPAPILLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Cue the diabetes & toilet paper then the glonnies aggressively panhandling outside there's Gallup for you.people don't live in gallup they are stuck in gallup.

  12. The girl in the backround trying to get in the camera the entire time was annoying. Try to get a corner booth in future challenges. This restaurant is delicious but owned by some sketchy people i doubt they made it bigger than usual to try and scam you out of $40 though more likely just overly excited with your cameras around. Also i lived in gallup for 20 years i never heard of this challenge til i saw this video.

  13. Lol I live in Gallup and I live eating there I pretty much eat there every week I suggest eating there great food great people

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