Fried Rice Recipe (TTOD #1 2.23.13) Chinese – The Take-Out Diet

Fried Rice Recipe (TTOD #1 2.23.13) Chinese – The Take-Out Diet

100 Replies to “Fried Rice Recipe (TTOD #1 2.23.13) Chinese – The Take-Out Diet

  1. I love your happy nature, when you're happy it makes the viewer happy! Thank you so much for your videos, always a pleasure to watch. You make a vegan diet look far more easy and attracting, well done!

  2. This looks delicious! I love fried rice! Have you thought about doing a vegan "chicken" nugget recipe? I miss those sooooo much since going veg.

  3. Subscribed!! Loved this! Want it right now but am heading out the door. Loved the statement about the rice vinegar- my cat looked at funny when Iiterally laughed out loud. =)

  4. HEY!! Just remembered a great tip– you can put the bottom, white part of your scallions/green onion in a little glass of water & it'll grow back!! Saw that on Pinterest!!

  5. "Cause, I live in the hood and I couldn't find it in my local grocery store so I'm going to assume you can't either"! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love you! 🙂 Looks delicious!

  6. Before I knew what it was, I'd make Chinese wonder why it didn't quite taste like the restaurant. To me, a dash of sesame oil at the end (don't cook a long time with it) is the 'Chinese restaurant' taste I was missing.

  7. Nice Recipe Sweet Lady. could you please share with me how you get your hair like that. Shine and Cute. I know this is off the subject.

  8. I'm sure someone else answered this, but the rice has to be cold so it can stand the heat from the frying. Freshly cooked rice falls apart and the texture is poor.

    I love your videos.

  9. I dont have a relaxer but I straighten with heat 1 to 4 times a month. When I co wash, I leave the conditioner in. Thats it.

  10. I love your videos because I'm a poor college student too! Your recipes are perfect for me and you have such a lovely personality!

  11. This is awesome! Grad school still has my budget as pretty non-existent so this is going to save me some serious cash. Thank you!

  12. I use freshly cooked rice, and fry it until some is a little crispy, then add the veg, because I don't like overcooked veg. My dad started with burger and ended with egg. I don't do either these days, but I do add a touch of toasted sesame oil before serving. I love your perky videos!

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  14. The rice should also be left out to be cold and uncovered to allow to dry a bit, not only to hold together better but also lets the rice takes in your seasonings & sauces better. Also you can use dark soy for coloring, less sodium, and a slightly sweeter and more flavorful fried rice.

  15. Wow you are funny, charming witty and should have a tv segment. You are a natural. The length of your video is great too. I am gonna check out a few more simply because you were so funny. Wishing you a great career from VA.

  16. Oh one last thing…Kroger stop selling the bean sprouts OCTOBER 12 2012 for good- due to salmonella concerns. I was actually on the phone with my husband and he was telling me he couldnt find it when I heard you say you couldnt find it either. LOL.

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  18. Your video demonstrations are very entertaining.. This is a great idea. I also like your video with the wendy's chili. I think I will be making them this week.

  19. i would actually fry my rice because ilike the semi hard textture of boiled/fried rice .. i also luuuuuv chinese rice. i usedd to eat the whole otder of it, which was pretty big. i guess thats what happens when you order msg. u cant stop eating it ! homemade much better and heartier 🙂

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  21. OH this is so nice and different. I live in Mexico and we usually fry the rice first, then add water to cook and when it's almost done we add the vegetables. Don't know if you've tried it that way I'm gonna try this! love it!

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  23. bean sprouts can be found at Walmart, Krogers (I don't know what it would be called where you guys live), or a Meijers type place.

  24. Love your channel! Not really a cook but had seen a fried green tomatoes recipe and wondered if there was a baked vegan version (no stove, allergic to eggs) and voilà! There you were! So I subscribed, which I hardly ever do.

    If you ever get to wishing for sprouts, check out The Sprout People website. Loads of info and they sell seeds including blends that can be harvested at the same time (other places do, too). But the Easy Sprout Sprouter they show in a video is the only one that works for me (I tend to accidentally kill plants and fish usually, opposite of green thumb). And the sprouts are easily stored mold-free in the container as well since they are held a little above the bottom.

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