Fried Rice (Bokkeumbap: 볶음밥)

Fried Rice (Bokkeumbap: 볶음밥)

(piano music) Hi everybody! Today I’m going to make bokkeumbap. Bokkeumbap is stir-fried rice. Of course, you are not going to stir fry only rice I know you guys are good at cooking so, I think all kinds of food stuff is in the refrigerator. Take it out, all chop it up and make this healthy, delicious, and most nutritious bokkeumbap. Heat up the non-stick skillet. When garlic is stir fried with vegetable oil, it smells so good And also, I like to make my bokkeumbap really tasty. I just add the chopped onion to make it a little sweet. So, it doesn’t have to be big chunks , really thinly chop it. Add around one or two tablespoons. It’ll sound like a “chhhh”. This, the garlic and onion smell so good. 5-ounces beef. In small pieces Add this. Stir fry beef all together garlic and onion. Ok let’s add kimchi. Quickly cutting board wash. Nice Can you see that’s really shiny? Looks so good. Just stir this way. Really small sized red bell pepper. Whatever you have in your refrigerator, colorful vegetables you can use. And this is zucchini. Again, one more time. Mushrooms Today, I only make two or three servings, but if you prepare for many people, chop it up all vegetables first. This is green chili pepper. This is optional. Really spicy, but if you want it non-spicy, just skip it. One Two Three cups colorful vegetables, just use. So now everything, all vegetables, beef, and zucchini is cooked, and then now, we are going to add rice. About three cups cooked rice. Whenever I make Bokkeumbap, I use oyster sauce. oyster sauce, it really makes it special, delicious. Sesame oil, two teaspoons. Ground black pepper, quarter teaspoon. Green onion Add And I’m going to make it sunny side up. Reheat this, cause I’m going to put some cheese on top. Look at this. Very shiny, right? Very delicious. Oaxaca cheese You can use any type of cheese. Ok, done. So, let’s taste it. Get the egg. Mmm Delicious Today, we made Bokkeumbap. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

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  1. l am from the middle East 🌷 , l very love you're channel 😍😍👌 because l love Asian food 😍 especially Korean food😍😍👏

  2. I made this yesterday, but vegetarian. I added more mushrooms to make up for the lack of meat and instead of oyster sauce I used a little combination of soy sauce and brown sugar, because what can I say? I like my fried rice a bit sweet 😜
    I also didn't have any kimchi, but it came out amazing and I'm making it again today, but experimenting a little by trying/adding a few more things, I'll let you know how it turns out! Thank you so much for this recipe, it's truly amazing. 😊❤❤

  3. It's a lot of fun to watch you, and I learn a lot. What you call zucchini is actually tatuma squash or white squash. It's the kind that we use in México. I also love that you use Oaxaca cheese, also a Mexican product. I am slowly stocking my pantry with products to make Korean food. I usually have kimchi. I recently bought sweet potato starch noodles and hope to make your japchae soon. Thank you!

  4. I watch your video in Korea. You r really attractive. I didn't like cook before I know your channel. But now I wwanna make a dinner for my family as your recipe. Thank you so much maangchi.

  5. Hello maagchi , I want to try your recipes but I am vegetarian and also there is no korean grocery store in India😔😔😔😔

  6. my mother taught me that would be better to put chopped carrot into the pan first because It need long time to be fully cooked when I made my first 볶음밥 🙂 and I prefer to put onion in the pan right before putting rice in the pan because onions are soften quickly and make some water… If you don’t want them, It’ll be a good choice use Green onion(It doesn’t make water and aren’t soften quickly)

  7. I think it's better without cheese and with 2 eggs. I would also use the oyster sauce mixed with soy sauce.

  8. Currently my fridge is empty.
    Only buttermilk, curd.
    I am sick (jaundice) (I am strong so getting better soon.. 😀,)
    I hope to cook these for my hubby in future.
    I am learning them.

  9. I added soy sauce rather than oyster sauce and it turned out so good!! and we didn’t have kimchi but had leek so added that ^^ Thank you so much for the recipe, mom and I love it so much:)) loves from Turkey ❤️❤️

  10. we don't have kimchi in our home in India. without adding kimchi, is it will taste good or kimchi is mandetory for korean style friedrice?

  11. This recipe is so good, I cooked it without the meat and still delicious! Eating it now 🙂 thank u.. keep posting. Love from Egypt!

  12. i juste made it this night for dinner, it was fantaaaaaastic, soooo delcious, i had never thought that eggs and cheese melt with riz could form such a delicous combination

  13. I made them yesterday and TURNED OUT SOOOO GOOOOD ❤️
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, love your cute personality ❤️🐣
    Keep up the good work 🔥

  14. Maangchi, you are by far my favorite cooking channel. I fell in love with Korean dishes you make. I love Korean food, it is always so delicious and you make it so much fun to cook. Thank you for making my lunches and dinners a little more exciting

  15. Some tips here : use left over night rice or whatever rice that u store in the refrigerator for a night, you will get the texture that u want in fried rice ;))

  16. Thank you very much for your channel, it is very helpful for me … I am from Indonesia and my husband is Korean so I learned a lot from you … thank you very much

  17. I made it today for dinner, it was so, so good. Kimchi I used was in my opinion a bit too old, cause I prefer fresh and young kimchi like 2-3 months old. Still, the best fried rice I ever made.

  18. نقلي ثوم وبصل ابيض في زيت نباتي واي لحم نبيه قطع صغار نقليهم مع الثوم والبصل ونقطع كشمشي مخلل الكرنب ونضيفه معهم ونقليه كلش يتشتش وقطع جزر صغاار نحطه معهم وفلفل بارد معهم قطع صغار مربعات ونقليهم وفلفل احمر قرن مقطع صغار وفطر اذا استوت الخضروات نحط رز مطبوخ من قبل وصلصلة محار وشوي زيت سمسم وفوقه بصل للزينة وع جنب نقلي بيضه عيون ونحط فوقه جبن موزاريلا

  19. My husband loves you, because I've started cooking a bunch of your recipes and he's found that he loves Korean foods. lol I usually "vegetarian" or "vegan" the dishes for me, and then add the meat to his portion, but both a super yummy~!

  20. Holy Moly is that easy, and I have all those yummy ingredients. Thank you Maangchi!
    ……………..going to the kitchen now.

  21. I didn’t know that this how koreans made fried rice
    But my recipe is the same as this one but the vegetarian version

  22. I wish I could live with you and enjoy your all foods…in 2006 I went to Korea ..your recipes now memorising me …….

  23. In oil Garlic onion chicken kimchi carrot bell peppers zucchini mushroom green chilli peppers
    Mix all fry add rice
    Oyester sauce
    Sesame oil
    Black pepper
    Green onion
    Egg sunny side up
    Oaxca cheese or any type
    I don't have kimchi or oyester sauce..guess will have to add some other spices

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