Frank Lampard And Jermaine Jenas Play Snack Wars: Russia World Cup Edition

Frank Lampard And Jermaine Jenas Play Snack Wars: Russia World Cup Edition

then taste that savory oh I don't know what it is hi sport Bible its major main genus on the clumps we've been tasked with writing the Russian scenarios of the UK's I am NOT looking forward to this right now I'm just Vince how what we're doing I'm a bit worried about no idea crackling no so I definitely know that I was had the are flavored snacks definitely you play that one goes on the star quality in at midfield area Gaza was one of one of a kind a supposed so for me cuz it I can talk to her Gaza maybe goes Bobby Charlton just to take it back experience that winning a World Cup honestly one of that great score to do it great fire yep I'm not sure we need to taste these I'm definitely saying Jamie goes out I won the champion very tail and in my life something they never won a World Cup and we got into a World Cup and on patriotic and English now I'm gonna say England for the World Cup just don't with any finish birds do it would take would take the chompy's need all day but it's nonstop getting into the story to tell the kids I suppose yeah so I'm gonna go Spurs the Champions League okay is that cheese oh my god consumer at the bottom it up come on I swear the cooler than your everything's the expected no it's not Wow what'd you expect him oh I don't know what it is dr filiz beat the game oh yeah I think form is very very important experience don't get me wrong I understand it because too many go into a competition even half injured not quite mr. Bailey I'm doing the important play so I think form players on fire yeah balance for me both from an experienced players their own phone even if it's a surprise get them in there because form means confidence and then you have to have some experience are some other bears take a new path so you're getting proper what you do random real Newcastle Frey now how are you going without besides I think I'm going a consolation Russia well done if you're traveling to Russia this summer be careful it's fair to say right that the Russian must have a very different taste which is you know five years ago then well yeah all right thanks for tribal see it a World Cup

35 Replies to “Frank Lampard And Jermaine Jenas Play Snack Wars: Russia World Cup Edition

  1. LADBible, suggestion:

    Put up a quick graphic right before they eat to identify the name of the food/country. Sometimes I can't see the label or name and have no idea which is which country.

  2. They need to put labels on the screen for the food items, cuz I didn't know what half of this stuff was, and I'm british gor Pete sake

  3. What a surprise Jenas doesn’t go for the a Newcastle Brown Ale. Pathetic how scarred he clearly is from his Newcastle experience. Right down to making up stories about going back down to ‘Newcastle level’ after England duty.

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