Food Wars! – L’omelette soufflée de Soma – Shokugeki no Soma recipe | WCI

Food Wars! – L’omelette soufflée de Soma – Shokugeki no Soma recipe | WCI

Welcome back to WholeCakeIsland everyone ! This week we’re making Soma’s fluffy omelette in Shokugeki no Soma 🙂 We hope you guys will enjoy it. If you do please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, we make a lot of recipes inspired by our favorite characters. And also click the bell icon to be notified everytime we post a new video! Also tell us in the comments if you’d like more food wars inspired recipes, we’ll be more than happy to make them for you guys ! Ok, let’s get started with this recipe, first the ingredient list. You will need : We’ll make the sauce first. Make a criss cross design on the back of each tomato with a knife and place them in a pot of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. When the skin starts to slide off, remove the tomatoes from the water then peel the skin off and remove the peduncle being careful not to burn yourself. Then dice the tomatoes. And transfer in a pot to cook. Add the oil, tomato paste, water and spices. Then add the butter and sugar to balance out the acidity in the sauce. Mix well and let the sauce cook over medium heat. When the sauce has reduced, remove from the heat. For the soufflé omelette, start by separating the whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites until they get really fluffy. Then add the cream, pepper, and salt to the egg yolks. Incorporate the egg yolks to the egg whites right before cooking time. Lightly grease with oil a frying pan over really low heat, using a piece of paper towel to remove the excess oil. Then pour the egg mixture in. Then cover the omelette with a lid and let it cook slowly over really low heat for 5-6 minutes. The lid will allow the top part to cook because we won’t flip it over. Check if it’s cooked using a spatula, when the bottom part is golden it’s ready. Slide the omelette on a plate and fold it in half. Hold it in place for 10 secondes until it holds itself and doesn’t fall back down, but don’t press too hard or you might deflate it. Then pour the warm sauce on top. And last but not least sprinkle a little bit of parsley on top just like Soma does. We did a lot of recipe testing before coming up with the perfect fluffy omelette technic. The secret is to cook the eggs over really low heat otherwise by the time the bottom part is cooked the top is not fully done and will still be kind of raw and cold. Also keep the lid on and remove it as less as possible, remove it only to check if the omelette is done, because the water evaporating is trapped by the lid and is what cooks the top part thus making it a little less wet. Voilà ! we hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did don’t forget to tell us in the comments, give it a thumbs up and subscribe! If you recreate one of our recipes please tag us in your photos we’d love to see them 🙂 And we’ll see you guys next week for a new recipe ! Byyye!

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  1. En vrai c'est grave dommage que vous n'ayez pas plus de succès , j'ai vu des chaines qui en ont plus que vous mais qui le mérite grave moins ! Nan mais vrm continuer comme ça ! J'espère que vous allez devenir un peut plus connue 😉

  2. Ou alors essayer de faire la dopio mezzaluna pizza de takumi aldine de food wars c'serait cool! 😉

  3. Super <3 moi j'aimerai bien faire les karaage de mozuya ou ceux de soma et ikumi , je m'abonne 🤗+ Akira , ishiki et shinomiya c les meilleurs :0

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