Food Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Free Speaking Wow English TV

Food Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Free Speaking Wow English TV

Hey! This looks like a good place to stop
and have a picnic! And I’ve got some snacks in my bag for me
and Maggie. But where is Maggie? Maggie? Maggie! Where is that bird?! Oh well… Let’s
get the snacks out. Right. What’s in my bag? Oh-oh! A
nice delicious toy car?! Bleh… I can’t eat a toy car! That must be Maggie… Naughty
naughty bird. Oh, hey! What’s this? Oh-oh! It’s a nice juicy
apple! And what colour is the apple? What colour is it?
Yeah! It’s red! So, say with me. Up here: What is it? It’s a red apple. Ha-ha. Come
on, say it with me. What is it? It’s a red apple. What is it?
It’s a red apple. Well done. I’ll put the apple down here. Okay,
what else is in my bag? Hi-hi. Let’s have some fun! Oh-oh. Is it an apple? Ha-ha. No,
it isn’t. Hi-hi-hi. It’s an onion! Hi-hi, yeah! An onion for
Steve! Oh-oh, fantastic! Hey, look! What have I got? A bag of
crisps! Oh-oh! Delicious. Let me try one. Mmm… Mmm! Very crunchy! So, say with me.
Down here: What are they? They are crunchy crisps! Come
on, say with me. What are they? They are crunchy crisps! And again. What are they? They are
crunchy crisps! Well done. Mmm… I like crisps, that’s
delicious. Okay. Let’s have another look in my bag! Hi-hi! They’re not crisps. Ha-ha!
No no no! It’s dry pasta! Ha-ha! Dry pasta for Steve! Where is
it? Where is it? Oh! He-hey! Here it is! Look! My fussy
drink! Oh, delicious! Hey, come on. Say it with me up here and down here. It’s a fussy
drink. Say it with me. Come on. Are you ready? It’s a
fussy drink. It’s a fussy drink. It’s a fussy drink. Well done.
Great! Okay. A picnic is ready. But where is Maggie? Maggie! Maggie! Let’s change
the fussy drink for water. Maggie, where are you? Hi-hi. Hi Steve!
Oh! Hi Maggie! Come on, let’s have a picnic! Ehm… a
picnic of raw onion, dry pasta and water? Ha-ha. No, thank you! No, thank you Steve.
I’m not hungry. Really? Well I’m hungry and I’m going
to start the picnic with that delicious juicy red apple. Oh-oh-oh.
O-oh! I like apples. Do you? Yeah? They’re delicious! Aren’t they? Mmm… (biting)
Mmm… Bleh! That’s not an apple! It’s a raw onion!
Bleh! Oh… I need some crisps to take away that taste. Where
are my crisps? Oh, good. I’ve got my delicious crunchy crisps. Mmm… (eating) Oh! Oh-oh-oh!
They’re not crisps! Ah! That’s dry pasta! Oh! I
need a drink now! Where’s my drink? Oh, great! I’ve got my
fussy drink. Oh… (drinking) Hey! That’s not my fussy drink! That’s water! But I
need a drink of anything! Mmm… Ah! That’s better. But
hey! Where’s my fussy drink?! Hey! It’s here! My fussy drink,
my apple and my crisps! Oh, it must be Maggie! That naughty naughty bird! Maggie! Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Hey! That was fun! Yeah! That was fun! Hi-hi-hi. Maggie, what do you mean it was fun? It’s
still is fun. You can enjoy your picnic of raw onion, dry
pasta and water and I’ll enjoy my picnic of a delicious
apple. Mmm… Crunchy crisps and my fussy drink. Ha-ha-ha. Come on Maggie. Eat your
onion. Bye- bye boys and girls. See you next time. He-hey!
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ring the bell. But for another Steve and Maggie story clic here! It’s Steve and Maggie. Oh, wow! Oh, hi!
Hello! I’m hungry, so I’m looking for something to eat or drink. Let’s have a
look in my fridge! This is my fridge. Hmm… but. Mmm… I don’t want anything from here
because I looked in Maggie’s fridge and she’s got some yogurt. Some strawberry yogurt.
Look! Oh-oh-oh! Yogurt! I like yogurt. Should I eat some of Maggie’s yogurt? Yes? No.
Yes? No. Yes? Oh-oh, okay. But just a little. Oh-oh-oh! Yogurt! Yummy! Hum! Mmm! It’s
delicious! Mm. Do you like yogurt? I like yogurt. Yummy. Mmm. So, hey! Ha-ha. What is
it? It’s yogurt. I like yogurt. Mm-hmm. Yam. Oh, hey! Look! What’s this? What is
it? What is it? Yeah! It’s chocolate! Oh-oh! I like chocolate! No. It’s Maggie’s chocolate.
Maggie’s chocolate. Oh, but I really like chocolate. No Steve! No, it’s not my chocolate.
No. No. Say with me and jump along. What is it? It’s chocolate. Phew… Ha-ha. Oh. Oh.
Okay. Maybe just a little. Mmm… Steve! Steve! Oh no! Maggie’s coming! Steve! Steve! Oh.
Where’s Steve? Oh, whoa! Ha-ha! Cheese! Hi-hi. I like cheese! Uuu… Oh, ha-ha. Hello!
Look, it’s Steve’s cheese. Mmm… Delicious. Ha-ha. I like cheese. I’m going to eat just
a little. Yummy! Ha-ha. Mmm… Cheese. Hey! Wh-what’s Maggie eating? What is it? It’s
cheese. It’s my cheese! Oh! Hey! What’s that? It is Steve? Ha. No. Oh-oh! Look, milk!
Ha-ha! I like milk! Yeah! Ha-ha! Hey! What’s Maggie drinking now? What is it? Oh, it’s
milk! It’s my milk! Oh, hey! Steve, what are you doing? What are you doing? Oh. Oh,
sorry Steve. I’m drinking your milk and eating your cheese. That’s okay Maggie because
I’m eating your chocolate and your yogurt. Oh-oh-oh. We’re silly. Yes, and a little
naughty. Maggie, you naughty naughty bird. Naughty naughty Steve. Hi-hi, yeah. Ha-ha-ha. It’s Steve and Maggie. Hello boys and girls.
I’ve made two smoothies. One for me and one for you, Bobby! Here you are! Thank you!
Yay! But Steve, how do I eat it? Ha, you don’t eat it, Bob. You drink it… Hi Steve!…
like me. Whoa! Wow! That’s amazing! So, that’s how you eat on this planet. I have
to show the little Blobs. Oh-oh-oh. Oh, Maggie you naughty naughty bird. Oh, no! Bob! Stop!
Stop! Come back! Oh-oh-oh. Little Blobs. Let me show you, how Steve eats. It’s amazing!
Oh! Hi Steve! Show us! Show us! Oh, now you’re here, you can show the little Blobs how you
eat! What?! Look! Oh, no! Oh! Oh, oh… It’s amazing! Hey! Oh, Bob! Little Blobs, this
is not how we eat on my planet. Oh, look at me. I need clean clothes! Ha-ha. Okay. No
problem. Oh! Oh, that’s better. Thanks Bob! Look, let me show you. This is a glass. And
we drink from a glass. Hey, help me teach the little Blobs and say with me. We drink
from a glass. Drink from a glass. Drink from a glass! Yeah! Show us! Show us how you eat!
Oh, Bobby. We don’t eat from a glass. No. We eat from a plate. Oh, no problem. Here
you are! Oh-oh. Yeah! Hey, look little Blobs. It’s a plate. Okay, help me teach them by
saying with me. We eat from a plate. Eat from a plate. Eat from a plate! Yeah! Show us!
Show us how you eat! Yeah! I can’t show you! I haven’t got a knife and fork! Oh!
No problem, Steve! Oh! Oh-oh, great! I’ve got a knife and fork now! So, come on. Help
me show the little Blobs how we eat with a knife and fork! Say with me, come on. We use
a knife and fork. Use a knife and fork. Use a knife and fork to eat. Yeah! Now show us!
Show us! I can’t show you. I haven’t got anything to eat! Oh, no problem. Here it comes!
Oh! Mm, delicious! Eh. Eww… Oh. Huh. Yeah. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, little Blobs,
but I’m sorry. I-I can’t eat this with a knife and fork. No. No. I’m sorry. I need
a spoon! Oh. Okay! Here you are! Oh! Heh. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, little Blobs.
Yummy, yummy! I can use a spoon. Say with me. Use a spoon. Use a spoon. Use a spoon.
To eat this delicious blue… Oh. Okay. Here we go. Mm. Mmm! Bleh! Oh, thank you Bobby.
That’s disgusting! Are you put it in your mouth? Bleh! Oh. Oh, yes. I-I eat with my
mouth. How-how do you eat? Well, I can show you! Mmm, delicious! Oh! (sipping) Oh. Oh,
you don’t want to watch this. Bye-bye boys and girls. See you next time. Yay!
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  1. Great video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to come across these sort of contents. We create Travel & Food movies too, throughout the world, and we are continually seeking for inspirations and also approaches. Thank You.

  2. Hi steve…i am 17 yrs old and my brother is 9 years….he is seeing your video from a very very young age….and in the initial stages it nurtured speaking skills…now he speaks just like you;exactly like you ,he even acts like you…and calls himself steve and calls me maggie…
    He sees wow english and wattsenglish every time when his friends play games in mobile.
    Thank you so much steve for your teaching and inspiring my brother

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