Food On Carnival Splendor

Food On Carnival Splendor

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seven nights of main dining room and steakhouse food from our Carnival
Splendor cruise to the Mexican Riviera night one was a casual evening in the
lower area of the gold pearl dining room we started with fried calamari a chilled
Vietnamese egg roll a garden salad with French dressing strawberry bisque and a smoked chicken
quesadilla for main courses we chose a burger from the kids menu the salmon
fillet and sweet-and-sour shrimp with fried rice for dessert a creative and
tasty Nutella tiramisu and a kid’s banana split made for a great end to our
first night on our second night onboard we visited the delicious steak house a
bite-sized BLT compliments of the chef was the perfect start for appetizers we
chose the shrimp cocktail crab cake and a wedge salad for entrees filet mignon
in the children’s size a side of wasabi mashed potatoes and my favorite surf and
turf or turf and surf from the kids menu a Nutella pizza that our son loves a
tart apple concoction and the giant and delicious cheesecake for port day
breakfast in the dining room we tried pancakes house-made granola
avocado toast a freshly prepared fritada and fresh fruit night 3 in the main
dining room started with gazpacho a crispy tostada Caesar salad
and Greek salad main courses this evening included chicken breast tilapia
from the port a specialty section of the menu one of our favorites of the week
baked ziti for dessert flan and a delicious cheese plate which is always
available night for started with a creative honey roasted ham starter and
original scallops main courses included a starter sized mac and cheese lasagna chicken Milanese and the always
available salmon we closed our meal with some carnival faves buttered pota creme
and cheesecake night 5 appetizers were beet carpaccio peach soup tacos Dorado and the always available
shrimp cocktail for entrees a regional mole a that
tasted better than it looked light and tasty salmon cakes and
spaghetti from the kids menu sweet treats tonight were the s’mores parfait
and carnivals famous warm chocolate melting cake
we tried seed a brunch on one of our final sea days enjoying a Caesar salad
with bacon steak and eggs and with us rancheros night six was our second
formal night we tried the crab cake clam chowder and stuffed mushrooms to start
for our main courses teriyaki salmon fillet and a duo of filet mignon and
short rib we ended our meal with a Grand Marnier soufflé and key lime mousse on
our final day onboard it was back to sea day brunch for another Caesar salad with
bacon fruits with cottage cheese eggs benedict pancakes with chocolate sauce
and an excellent omelet we splurged on our final night and headed back to the
wonderful steak house the chef’s complement tonight was some kind of
chicken chili for starters we tried lobster bisque French onion soup mac and
cheese for our nine-year-old son and the classic Caesar salad entrees and sides
included a baked potato with all the fixings sliders from the kids menu
Surf & Turf and freshly prepared ice-cream thanks so much for watching
our food slideshow be sure to catch all of our blogs and other videos from our
Carnival Splendor cruise here on our Channel and follow cruisetipstv on
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27 Replies to “Food On Carnival Splendor

  1. What in ur opinion is the best cruise line for families to have fun? I want to know what is ur fav carnival ship or royal Caribbean ship?

  2. I can't wait for November ! The food looks amazing and I'm not usually a fan of food pics, but oh, these look delicious ☆ well done guys 🙂

  3. The food seems to be better looking than all our Princess cruises in the past few years…maybe we will give Carnival another try!

  4. I need some help! My boyfriend and I are planning our first cruise together and booked one for late August on RC majesty of the seas. The reservation was under his name and he received all the emails, so of course we missed the one requesting our final payment. By the time we realized our reservation had been canceled it was too late to do anything. We had our hearts set on this specific cruise because it falls on my birthday. We immediately rebooked for the same cruise (in a more expensive room) on the same dates. And made sure to pay in full this time. I have spoken to an RC representative and they say the money we put down on the first reservation is all lost. I do not understand why they cannot offer some kind of on board credit at least since this was obviously a mistake. I hate that our vacation is already starting off this way and losing that money means we may have to skip the excursions we had planned. I would love some advice if anything like this has happened to you before!

  5. It's amazing how you can so easily see the difference in quality from the specialty restaurant and the MDR

  6. Thank you for your informative splendor videos! My family and I just booked a December Mexican riviera cruise thanks to you!

  7. Looks lovely I loved both my carnival cruises the food was great the brunch was excellent I had quail twice it was delicious

  8. My husband and I are vegetarian and vegans do they have food for us we are going on carnival conquest next month

  9. I love these and this was very timely. We are on the Sunshine in two weeks and have never been on Carnival.

  10. Damn it, Sheri! It's almost 10:00 PM here in KC and now both Shannon and I are starving from watching this video! 🙂 Lol

  11. Never been to jail, but it looks like jail food.. looks awful we are sailing 4/06/19 i guess im gonna taste jail food.. lol

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