Food fights to be thankful for: WWE Playlist

Food fights to be thankful for: WWE Playlist

100 Replies to “Food fights to be thankful for: WWE Playlist

  1. Titus O Neil
    2013-Eating contest Winner
    2015-Tag Team Champions
    2018-Makes the creepiest entrance in royal rumble

  2. This is utter nonsense… spoiling food for whatever is **** nonsense when there are thousands die without a bit of food…

  3. I hate food fights. Some people worry where the next meal will come from and some people have to choose what bill won't be paid so they can eat. Wasting food is not entertaining to me.

  4. Tantos Lugares en el mundo que no tienen Para comer y como la wwe se pone con esas cosas que feo les Quedó. Que feo faelo y no importa que sea un show o entretenimiento les quedo Feisimo.

  5. Ridiculous! many people around the world are still fighting with hunger whereas wwe is wasting so much of food in the name of thanks giving. They should think about it


  7. This playlist clearly proves why NXT is doing better than RAW and Smackdown. It's sad that WWE thinks that wasting food is entertainment when millions of people are starving around the world.

  8. No one in their right mind will find this utter waste of food as funny or thankful. Well what else we can expect from privileged first world country.

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