Food Challenge!! Kids vs. Food Truck Fast Foods

Food Challenge!! Kids vs. Food Truck Fast Foods

OMG! it’s super cute!! it’s spraying water everywhere! lol Awww! haha it’s a cute one! can I try it!? what did you get? Oh! Yummy!! a corn dog, mmm mmm is this your first time trying a corn dog? ah ha take the first bite and see what you think! lol it’s so big compared to him let’s see what you think! it’s hot wow!! that looks great!! I guess it was too full! yeah!! it’s an honest mistake Hey guys! we’re at the Toronto Food Truck Festival this place is huge! let’s go and check it out guys! look at, how it goes! look Oh wow look at that I want this one! you wanna get the Orca?? Ok, this one? Awww pretty!! aww look at it! it’s super cute! it’s spraying water everywhere Aww haha it’s a cute one can I try it? let me see what you got! I got you already bought something, and we just got here!? what did we get? a diving fish killer whale! Oh my goodness! that’s super cool! Nowww what is a killer whale called? what’s the scientific name ? it’s an Orca right? it’s an Orca isn’t that your favourite whale? ah ha ok guys, let’s go and check out what else there is! ok wow this place is huge guys look! they have ice cream over there hey guys! ah, hey Chibi squad! this is really crazy right now, there’s so many different food trucks to choose from! they have a live stage for playing music and it’s super cool, there’s so much open space here there’s tons of people right here to hang out and have fun, and try out amazing food trucks yeah! and the food trucks are amazing they have so many awesome selections! you can see the biggest one I see here is the Hog Father which is super huge, they have a ton of awards ah, Beaver Tails is over there at the back so many awesome food trucks that I haven’t, and have heard from and we’re gonna try at least the majority of them here today what happen Andres? Ah, guys! I got aaaa…. a paper cut from the diving fish box Oh no, diving fish is evil from the plastic!? he cut himself on the plastic oh oh, that’s ok that’s nothing, you’ll be fine get a band aid it hurts alright, let’s go on already! he got a paper cut! This year, we attended the Toronto Food Truck Festival and it was an awesome experience! the festival had live music, and eating challenges! there was more than 39 food trcuks to choose from!! we’re waiting for ah Drink from a fruit! this place looks pretty neat, but there’s a huge line up! as you guys can see! so we have to wait! pretty long line up what did you get? oh yummy!! a corn dog mm mm is this your first time trying a corn dog!? ah ha oh wow it looks giant! my dad is gonna have the half, because it’s too big he’s gonna have to help you! take the first bite and see what you think ha! it’s so big compared to him let’s see what you think it’s hot that looks pretty yummy what do you think? was it good?? yeah! it tastes like a hot dog! ok you almost ate the whole thing now! wow!! we’re at Drink From A Fruit! and when you order they give you these little discs with your fruit and when they fill you your smoothie based on what these have I like the straws can I see the straws the straws are super colorfull wow!! those are awesome! I wonder if they change! or if they just look like that neat! wow!! that looks great! I guess it was too full it’s an honest mistake wow!! that looks great so we got our drinks ah, we have a coconut over here it’s just coconut water and a smoothie inside of a pineapple wow!! which is pretty funny they’re pretty heavy you know so walking around with a whole coconut and a pineapple it’s quite the stack and you’re almost done your corn dog!? wow it’s just the hot dog at this point we just discovered that our coconut is from Costa Rica!! where’s our pineapple from? normally they are from Costa rica or from Honduras that’s the best coconut water guys!! yay!! we brought along our Peek-a-Boo by Smartstoy their new design allowed us to keep all our vlogging stuff together! and it was easy to carry, and it’s light weight! oh wow, look at this guys what did you get? the chocolate is dripping show me it show me the front of it doesn’t that look awesome!? let me see it let me see it, hang on that looks awesome look at that the chocolate waffers and everything, that’s super cool do you like it? nice, that’s awesome buddy who did you find intruding our table? look at these little guy let me see if my camera can focus on him can it even focus on something that small?? I don’t think it can, it’s too close that is so funny, you can barely focus on it I’m gonna name him there we go what is it, what do you want to name him? Beetle beetle!? but, it’s clearly a beetle let’s name him… give it a better name than that Nuckles oh there we go here he is there’s nuckles the bug he’s just crawling away I’m gonna name him intrusive intrusive beetle! Ahhh! so what do you think about the food festival so far? yeah is kinda I like it you like it? what did you eat so far? I ate a corn dog and a sandwhich and…a you had like… some egg waffles didn’t you? ah ha with strawberries, and whipped cream and you had some ice cream too right!? hey guys, I met up with my friends here her name is Diana and we’re gonna be trying some new food say Hi! Diana Hi Guys! Hello youtube Hi youtube Hi guys, I wanna show you, that’s my friend Emily and this is baby Alexa Hi baby Alexa, say Hi! Hi!! Oh Oh not huggable today she’s not huggable today oh oh, what happened? too much dust? it’s dusty oh, achoo Hello girls, what are you getting today? ahh, slushies what slushie are you getting? strawberry a strawberry slushie what about you? I’m getting orange! Orange! and Diana?? she’s getting blueberries Ohhh Diana doesn’t want her burger! she says it’s a little spicy oh my! I got to try corn dogs for the first time! and I had some of my favourite treats! like ice cream, and blueberry slushies with my friends! what did you get? there was no orange flavour ah ha oh, it’s ok blue it’s still yummy there are five food truck festivals during the summer and to this date, they have raised more than $116,000 at the festivals entrances the funds raised are donated to the Sickkids Hospital yeah, so there’s tons and tons of different types of food from different cultures ah, snacks full meals I just got a regular poutine because Canadian boys and yeah thanks for joining us at this awesome event don’t forget to like and subscribe! and stay tuned for other videos at different events that we’re gonna be filming guys, thanks for joining us! we’ll see you in the next vlog Bye! I’ll definitely be back again next year! and maybe I’ll try some elaborate dishes

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  1. Great video guys. Lots of food, that corn dog looks huge. New friends here. Big like from us πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€—

  2. Now this is a challenge we can appreciate!!! Lol, we love food!! They have food truck festivals here all the time.Β  It's one of our favorites!!

  3. Wow I would love to go here. I’ve never tried a corn dog before. I’m guessing shaved ice is like slush puppies? I would love to try all of this. I love the light up balloon β™₯️😍 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Nice video! I really dig it! I travel, film and promote small street food businesses. Would u possibly support the street food culture by subscribing? Only if this interest you that is…..if not no problem. Keep doing you because your content is great.

  5. Wow!! A lot of delicious food!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Is like a dream!! We enjoyed every moment!! Thumbs up!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  6. Great assortment of food and vendors! We will have to visit someday. Unfortunately we do not have many food trucks near us. Nice work!

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