Food Bank Throwaways ! 2 Car Loads

Food Bank Throwaways ! 2 Car Loads

hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday and
today I’m gonna share with you the double carload of food that I got free
you won’t believe it and you won’t believe what I’ve been doing with it so
let’s get right into the video because I know this is what you want to see well
everyone this is August 20 19 this is my throw away food haul I cannot
begin to tell you what this month has meant to me all of this food that you’re
seeing in boxes this food that is what’s going to be thrown away now this looks
like a lot but my friends this isn’t even half of it in these boxes right
here you see four cases of tomatoes I have four cases of tomatoes if I didn’t
take this food this food actually would go thrown away this food was not taken
from anybody this food is actually what was left over when people were finished
getting what they needed not only do I have four cases of tomatoes I got cases
of grapes I get cases of concord grapes as you know this year my concord grapes
did not give anything because we are redoing our vine but I have as many
grapes as I need today is gonna be hours and hours worth going through all of
this food and organizing bagels from Panera Bread all kinds of canned goods
all kinds of juices all kinds of vegetables we have all kinds of lettuce
canned food you have no idea how a blessing this is to me I’m no longer
going to the grocery store and I’m able to use my money to pay my bills in here
to live on the homestead and this food is food that was gonna be thrown away
but not only did I get canned food and vegetables I want to show you what else
I got lots and lots of fruit pectin do you
know how expensive this is this is actually used for making jams and jelly
not only did I get pectin I got all kinds of wheat flour all kinds of all
kinds of stuff a doesn’t flour I got salt
I got cornmeal all of these things were leftovers from the companies I can’t
wait to share with you in upcoming videos what I’m doing with this food as
you remember last month and how I was so thankful for the bananas and all of the
strawberries I got to be able to can this food it’s just you have no idea
just tears come tonight because this is such a blessing to me and this month
hardly anybody was there and so I was able to take basically whatever I wanted
and I’m just so immensely grateful get ready my friends there’s gonna be a lot
of videos and it’s going to be so exciting to see all of the things I do
with this food you and that is food that went in the
refrigerator huh all kinds of ricotta cheese all kinds of regular grapes all
kinds of lettuce what a blessing what a blessing all right so we are
working on two cases of tomatoes all we had to do is chop them up and we’re
going to make tomato juice with them and I will share with you in the description
box my amazing steam juicer then once
they’re juiced we’re gonna kin them for about twenty to thirty minutes so this
is two cases done and we got two more to go
now with the tomato juice we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna smash some of these
tomatoes down now to make the juice it takes a good hour and an hour and a half
it’s a slow process but it makes really good juice so we’re just gonna go ahead
and we’re going to smash them a little bit more to help break them down by the
time that’s all the juice is extracted there’s not going to be much but pop
left now these are paste tomatoes which aren’t the best for juice but because
they were free I use what what I got so because these are like salad tomatoes
the juice is a lot lighter but this is great for broth or making in soups and
in stews perfect so now we’re basket number three and
this basket is going to be full tomatoes can so we’re gonna can hold tomatoes in
this basket so all we do to make whole tomatoes is we’re gonna go ahead and we
put the tomatoes in hot scalding boiling water for just a few minutes until the
skin starts to peel away then we’re going to go ahead and take them out of
the water let me check them to make sure the skins
are nice I’m going to go ahead and put them in our big basin one thing nice
about doing large projects like this is to have large kettles so my kettles I
may not use every day of the week but once a couple times a year they come in
handy so already now we have three baskets that were working on all at one
time also have in your kitchen ready today before makes a big difference have
everything set out and have everything ready for when you have a big canning
session like this one thing I notice about is getting free food is a lot of
times my food has to be processed immediately and so that’s one thing that
you have to remember one gleaning food like this for free it’s usually food
that is at its prime but it means it can’t last very long all right so we
have one basket finished now we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to bring the
water up to a boil and we’re going to go ahead and put our second basket in to get just a little bit of kick to my
tomato juice because as you know we’re not using this drink it’s to go in for
our soups I’m adding 1 teaspoon of mrs. wages salsa mix now this 1 teaspoon will
just give it a little bit of some flavor a little bit of salt and it’s just gonna
make it much better flavor to it I am water backing these for 30 minutes and a
boiling water bath so here is 3 out of the 4 cases of tomatoes we have salsa we
have tomato juice and we have stood tomatoes and down there is the rest of
them will be that was sure a big day now we’re gonna go on to our grapes and
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna make some more grape juice

100 Replies to “Food Bank Throwaways ! 2 Car Loads

  1. how wonderful tessie!!! you always seem to be able to find lemonade from lemons! and these were fantastic leftovers! man, we are wasteful americans! good for you to see the usefulness!

  2. Excellent! It seems like such an awful thing to have good, healthy food thrown away. We have a soup kitchen in my town and while I've donated to it I've never eaten there. But a few weeks ago I heard that the soup kitchen was giving away a ton of food to anyone who wanted it because they had so much garden produce donated to them that they couldn't handle it all. I think that they are not allowed to accept home canned goods and they are not allowed to can stuff themselves (you know, the usual government regulations). I went there for the produce. I am blessed with a job and I own my own home so it felt weird to be going to the soup kitchen  but I couldn't stand the thought of all that food going to waste. So in I went (I brought a bag of canned goods to donate) they had a line of tables absolutely loaded down with fresh, local garden produce. And I met some very nice people that I knew. And I got a lot of produce to take home and eat fresh and preserve the rest. Waste not, want not.

  3. While many of these items are great many I would or could not eat as I believe in a whole food diet without preservatives, colors or dyes. Health is wealth. ie the salt is prolly not a good grade salt that is healthy for body. We chose mineral rich salts. (I could be wrong) When I donate I always donate whole foods and whole grains because if I eat these items for health I sure want someone else to benefit also. We sure are a wealth nation that even the give away food is thrown away. Sad! Didn't know this.

  4. That's was a great blessing. As always you knew just what to do with it. Can't wait to see what else your going to do. Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  5. That is a lot of great food! I am so glad that you are able to save it from the landfill and use it to feed yourself and bless your family ❤

  6. This is a great find! Have you considered selling your home made canned products to neighbors and friends. I know I would purchase if I lived nearby.

  7. Yes I do tessie. Cause it would be 1 year of meals for me. You've been motivating me to can more. And be more prepared for at lease 2 years.

  8. I wish the food banks would give the leftover foods to needy families, elderly free of charge…take it to them…some elderly don't drive anymore. I am glad that you are able to use this "throwaway food" though Tessie. At least it doesn't go to waste!

  9. Tessie I just went to the food pantry in my area and asked if they were throwing away anything!i received a whole car load with meat vegetables breads cheese and so much more!i told them I didn’t want to take from anyone that needs it and they said they have so much it would be thrown out!amazing just couldn’t believe my eyes!thanks for doing this video😉I will be going every month😉my husband and I are retired and I also passed what we couldn’t use to my daughter and friends 😘

  10. Minute and half into it and I just feel so bad for you, there is nothing wrong with you getting blessed! People can be so harsh, if any of the people who spew negativity were offered food they would probably take it.
    I'm happy for you Tessie!

  11. What a Blessing Tessie, so HaPpY for you & your family! It is a labor of love putting up all that food. Good for you Tessie!!

  12. Hi Tessie! ☺ WOW!! I know you are in your glory!! 😄😄 I'm happy for you. That's a LOT of work that you have FUN doing. Do those tomatoes NOT make good sauce?
    I hope that you give the pulp from the juiced tomatoes to your chickens, probably you do. ☺ And, I sure hope you share some of that lettuce with them!! They'll go CRAZYYY!
    Have fun with all of your FREE Goodies. ☺☺😎😎

  13. I had no idea food banks threw food away. I'd be all over that in a minute! I think I might call and ask…. but I'm a little afraid to. I want to but, I'm going to have to build up my people skills. ha.

  14. Wow!! What a fantastic blessing. I know you had your work cut out for you, doing all that canning, but free is hard to stop smiling about. 😄. God bless.

  15. 😊Tessie….hello my dear friend. I am so over excited for you receiving such greatness. God is the Best and I sure wish I was there to help you.
    Arms around you and I consider you a very very good friend of mine.
    Chevy mans gotta be so proud of you.
    ❤️ from Michigan- Shelley

  16. What an amazing blessing. I wish I knew where something like that was here. But I guess God figures I don’t need it and there’s others who need it more. I have to say though, I’m very jealous. I’m glad it’s gone into your hands and won’t be wasted.

  17. So happy for you, Tessie. It's so sad that if no one takes it that it gets wasted. However, thanks to you, people are knowing about this. So I am incredibly thankful. God please give Tessie an extra dose of energy to take care of the food you have given her.

  18. Great video. Glad you were able to get this amazing amount of food and preserve it. God is truly blessing you and your family. Take care.

  19. An idea. Maybe donate some of the canned tomatoes in the winter when the maters are not in season and it's harder for clients at the pantry to afford. Just a thought 🙂

  20. Thank you for reminding us that we need to be good stewards of all the things God has provided. So many don't even know they should do this. Thanks for inspiring us to do and be more.

  21. WONDERFUL!!!
    What a HAUL Tessie!!!😀
    Everything looks so nice!
    I am SO HAPPY for you!!!
    I can't wait to see what all you do with everything!!!

  22. Wow Tessie that a lot of food unreal how much food goes to waste thank you for sharing my friend 💕 💕💕 💕👍 👍

  23. Great food going to waste unless someone takes it and does something with it. It takes know how and ambition.Probably some people don't have the knowlege you have Tessie. Sad that more don't know these things! A lot of things our grandma's knew never got passed down! So glad you are able to use it and fill your pantry! Keep it up! Love you and have a great day!

  24. Tessie—–I am glad for you…..years ago I worked (volunteer) at a church food bank……I got fired for giving away too much….some stuff was going to be thrown away…..I never understood how they thought…..GBY my friend

  25. Very inspiring! I'm so glad we have your channel to help others learn to do this sort of thing and help themselves. You are a home economics blessing.🍅🍅🙏💖😊☕

  26. thanks for posting this! I sent an email to my local food bank to see if they have extras 🙂 I hope it works out! we are in that position where we do NOT want to take food from hungry people, but are having trouble paying bills and getting my car fixed. 🙂

  27. Good for you Tessie! It would be a sin for that food to go to waste, it was given in good faith to help someone who needed it and if no one else was inclined to take it from the food pantry and you are putting it to good use instead of sending it to a landfill then kudos to you.

  28. Good evening Ms.Tess. I have just started watching your videos. I am so amazed at all the work you do. How did you.learn all of these different things. Rescanning,Dhydrateing, everything. You are co compassionate at the work you are doing.

  29. WOW Tessie, that is an amazing haul. I get some things from the food pantry but nothing like that. I know you're tired girl. You got your pantry full for you and your family. God is good.

  30. I would be interested to see more of your garden. Particularly how you grow and shape you grapes. I put some vines in last year but dont really know what to do with them


  32. Yup I will let them stock up my suv w/bags (40#) of onions & gallons of milk after we've given out all we can at ⛪.
    I learned from YOU how to dry onions so I may take a bag but the rest I take to 10 families that use the rest.
    But you know how to save all that we would of thrown away.
    I'm learning what I can freeze & what I can't.
    What do you do with the lettuce ? the fruit I'm thinking you make jam. I just can't get over eating a grape that tastes like cotton candy!! Which i love btw but not in my fruit😋❤✌

  33. Well done Tessie – this food would literally have been thrown away, and what a waste that would have been! I watch a lot of Rob Greenfield's videos where he talks about how much food is wasted in the US, and in Europe too & he has set up community gardens for people to have a share in the fruits and vegetables.

  34. Watch out for the flour. Corn meal and rice, I recommend vacuume packing them. U cant store it to long it gets bugs in it.

  35. What a wonderful blessing! I’ve had to use food pantries a few times in the past, and they were incredibly helpful at the time. I never thought they’d have leftovers that nobody wanted. I might check out my local food pantries for leftovers. I’d rather take the stuff than have it go to waste. I definitely wouldn’t take any of the food other folks needed, but leftovers like this would be wonderful! Thank you for posting this, Tessie!

  36. Praise God for his blessings 😊🙌. Tessie thank you for your time and awesome informative videos. Have a great day! I'm excited to see all the delicious things you make with the grapes. Everything you made in this video with the tomatoes looks delicious 👌

  37. I am amazed with my mouth wide open wow wow ! Where are the people in your area question mark you must not have many people that go ?? We have food giveaways here but they don't give away as much as what you're showing. Even the biggest one if they give away that four boxes a lot of it might be crackers and cereal but there is no place that gives away that much what you're showing around in my state because there are so many people that go. Just one small Church help 600 families and another church within 20 minutes away helps 900. Oh how I wish we could come across food like that. We have what's called Manna Market a man saw the vision of how much food was being thrown away but different churches hosted and you have to live within the cities or towns that each church that hosts it supports. There isn't one for my town. I can go to One Church that I have to drive to you get a little bit and I am thankful but it's not anything that you could tan or stock up on which oh how we could use that as I am a single parent on a very low budget and unfortunately still paying a mortgage. I am thankful how the Lord has worked things out over the years because many times we walk through things or things come our way that we weren't expecting and all I can say is the Lord is good. My pantry isn't as big as yours by any means and I have four children and five grandchildren. We eat very simple. Honestly some of the meals you make my daughter will say wow Mom that's what we would call fancy. Tessie I love what you educate people and I hope people will check into their areas more more and see what is out there for them in big ways or small ways it all helps. I do have to share with you my mom was watching your video one day and I grew up with a blended family of 8 children and my mom says her pantry looks like a grocery store she said I can't imagine having that much. We never went hungry and the meals were always good but I know I'm sure a different Pantry for my mom and dad would have made things easier and more cost friendly. I keep praying a food giveaway will come to my area because I know it would be such a huge huge blessing because I know having to buy my food and do the repairs on my home and everything all on my own getting pretty hard

  38. The one church I can go to that when they have food outside in a box that they say are going for the pigs sadly there isn't anything I've tried to look through it and it is really really bad so I don't know if they waited too late or what but it sure isn't as nice a quality as what you're showing. Praise the Lord for how he's blessing you and I really do pray that other people can find blessings in their area and I hope something comes to our town because my pantries actually getting smaller and smaller and that makes me really nervous. Because I am needing dental work and I can't get dental insurance I need some surgery down the road and I don't have insurance that covers it. Isn't it sad we live in America we're so much food is wasted but praise the Lord people are Awakening to getting it to those who can use it. Tessie why isn't there people there that are taking some of the tomatoes and some of the grapes is there just not a lot of people in your area that know about it?? Because here they wouldn't give one person that much food even when they do pass out things because there are so many people here they stand in line and it takes hours and hours to pass out the food. I know I have a sibling that lives not near me and they go to food giveaway but if she gets a bunch she will share it with another family as much as they need it yes but she shares it with other people that can't get to the food giveaway that aren't working and are struggling. We have some very poor people that don't have food from week-to-week here I wish I had a vehicle that I could drive all around pick up food and deliver to home that's what I think would be amazing. I actually years ago a lady that I knew before they started some of the food giveaways she used to go get food she put it out in her front yard and she had six children but she set it up in her front yard and people would come and take food. The pantry you go to do not very many people go? I'm just amazed at the massive amount they give you here you might get a dozen tomatoes or if you were lucky and got a box it might be 24 tomatoes

  39. Maybe this month I’ll remember to go and maybe even meet you out there Tessie! My friend was blessed one month like that too. She got there at the end. Such a blessing!

    I have not made Concord grape jam in years.

  40. So glad it's not wasted. There is a food bank near here, and they let people take one of each meat, and then go to back of line and then could get more. Brown rice and apples were not wanted, so I heard from someone that went. Cookies flew off the shelves.

  41. God has definitely Blessed you for two months in a row. We only have a food bank that lets you come once every 3 months. Have a blessed day.

  42. You need a Victorio model 250 food strainer for those tomatoes. or an old fashioned food ricer. thicker juice and less $$$ for cooking costs.

  43. I find it very strange. That people go to the bank. Then they ar very picky about what they get. So glad you where gifted the items

  44. That is a great bunch of free food…thank goodness you took it & it wasn't thrown out…I remember summers, when my late hubby was still alive…we always raised a really big garden, because we loved veggies & I loved to can…I so looked forward to summer just to can. I used to put so much food up…it was only the 2 of us, but we didn't have to ever buy so many veggies all year long, from the stores. It tasted better and better for us too…we had chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, a milk cow and 2 calves. I had milk running out of my ears and gave a lot of it away…we sold the eggs to pay for some of the feed for them and we gave away a lot of veggies too. I'd be in Heaven with all that to can…my hubby used to joke & tell people, he didn't dare stay too long in the kitchen, in the summer, or he might wind up being canned too. lol He loved it too though…he reaped the rewards from our garden, & I did too I remember he especially liked the veggie soup and dill pickles I put up…I loved it that he did too…made my heart feel so good.🍅🍇😊🙏💖

  45. Tessie, this is a wonderful blessing!! I bet you would enjoy 3 series that I just watched on YT…they are in England, during the WW11, but are about gardening & cooking & they're so unique & interesting to watch…I am going to leave the links here, so if you have time & want to watch something really good, you'll have them. You've got to see how they cooked a pot of stew…it totally blew me away…I think that's on the last series. Those boxes the tomatoes were in, would be ideal to put straw in and store potatoes for the winter.💖
    Blessings & Hugs, Tessie & lots of love too😊🙏💖

  46. How exciting to get all that wonderful food ! I cannot even believe how much finished tomato products you got from three of the boxes, that is amazing !!! Look forward to seeing what else you do with everything !!!

  47. Most people don't know that this is what happens: very often, unless arrangements have been worked out with stores (old, or near to expire food) is thrown out! It sounds like you have a very good food bank in your area, & the markets are donating food, rather than trashing it. I've never worked in that industry, but if we've lived long enough, one can't help but to learn life's lessons…
    especially if they have an older sister that makes them go dumpster diving, because she knew: on the last day of the farmers market, there would be good produce in the trash, true story, lol! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  48. ALLAH bless and Protect you May make your Dreams Truth ALLAH give you what you want ALLAHUMA YA RAHMAN bless and protect this people All the time Ameen

  49. I would have taken every bit of this to a shelter, and/or given it to the homeless. I would never feel right about keeping it, unless I and my family was truly in need.

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