Finish 3kg Mega Chicken Rice and it is FREE! | Eatbook Challenges | EP 4

Finish 3kg Mega Chicken Rice and it is FREE! | Eatbook Challenges | EP 4

The thing goes… And it’s Eatbook, yo! Hi guys! Hi!
Hi! Singapore? Chicken rice! Curry rice. Char Kway Tiao. Huh?! Are you for real? Yes. Then, we walk around blind? You all will be blindfolded until the dish is served. I wouldn’t ask for a hi-five now. Hi-five! No, the other time Harriet hi-five me in the face. Okay, let’s do a hi-five and then we go. Hi-five. My name is Jing Kun, and I am 24 years old this year. I have already been working here for almost 3 and a half years. My stall is famous for its, roasted duck, roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken. Everything is cooked by us. Today, we will be preparing a $28 Mega Chicken Rice. in it, it includes 10 bowls of rice, one whole chicken. The chicken weighs almost 800g. The rice is almost 2.3kg. If you cannot finish, you have to pay $28. If you finish it, it’s free! 3, 2, 1 open! How to finish? Yukee, what did you have for lunch today? I had chicken rice for lunch. Yukee, what did you have for lunch? I ate chicken rice! Chicken rice. I am actually stressed out. Not ready for this! Fear… I was scared. It looks daunting but you never know what the human mind can do, right? Right?! After all, it’s chicken rice. Eh, it looks delicious though. 3, 2, 1. Start! Oh my god. I was pretty optimistic, because the first few mouths are quite appetising, right? Then, you eat already you be like, “Wah! I can do this.” You know? Pace, pace is very important. So, regardless of rice or chicken, eat… Wait ah… So when you eat, you just pace yourself. Then you zone out, you just zone out, that’s my strategy. Eh, you enough or not? Hey! For me, I was thinking like the first 16 minutes, I must clear half of it. And put more sauce, eat more rice. Chicken last. Then, after that, as I just keep eating right, it doesn’t work. Every spoon gets heavier and heavier, then, at last I was holding it and was like… no, I’m not going to eat it. And, we find excuses. Wah, I don’t know what I feel, but one thing that I don’t feel is, hungry. It’s all about the mental, it’s all about the brain. Eh, can we call out fund or not? hungry people all come. It’s just so hard, it’s not that easy. 20 minute mark was the best time of my life. Yes! Because I tap out. It’s like no more… Because I tap out and Qing replace me! Can we tag team? Can! So, you all film now. Okay, come! I think the other two people will tell you what to do best! 1, 2, 3! When I sat down right, I immediately knew I wasn’t going to finish. That’s why she didn’t put in any effort. So, watch our videos and like us. Like, share and subscribe. Eh, eat la! I want chili also. Thank you. This one is 10 plates of chicken rice. Okay, I’m done. You can literally takeaway this for 5 more meals. Qing… Qing, are you okay? No… Wah, I feel like puking… Yay! We did it! Yay! Oi, Steph, oi! Wah, Qing, wah! Eh, what’s that? I think we’ve overestimated them. Overestimated their stomach. In terms of difficulty, this challenge is 4 out of 5. To be honest, this challenge is not for the faint of heart. It’s quite challenging. First thing first… No lunch. Skip the meal before you eat. But, I’m not advocating for wasting food, so if you want to try something interesting whereby, you eat large volume, and then, attempt to finish something. It’s not about speed anymore, it’s really about volume. This is the perfect challenge for you. And, I feel like the best person to eat this, are those people a bit younger, still got puberty fire, eat already, the food disappears kind. Try, try, try. So, even though we failed the challenge. We brought it all back for the office to eat. You can expect voracious hungry office people, to come and wipe it clean for us. They will do the job! We finished it!

63 Replies to “Finish 3kg Mega Chicken Rice and it is FREE! | Eatbook Challenges | EP 4

  1. Omg!!! I live there!! Now the shop yas been moved to ghim moh.. Now it is a new chicken rice shop. It isn't that good now 🙁

  2. Tips:
    1. Try to eat fast (as fast as you can) as the chemicals in your stomach needs quite a bit of time to tell your brain that you're full
    2) Drink water when it's getting dry, nothing else as drinking other things and whatnot may cause you to be fuller
    3) Try not to skip a meal not only cause it's not healthy but also because it doesn't really help that much.

  3. I hope this challenge can replace by steamed chicken as i am not a fan of roast chicken. And with a lot of black sauce and chilli, can confirm finish the whole challenge within the time limit. Normally, roast chicken tends to be very dry

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