Field Hockey Necessities / Eva Skye /

Field Hockey Necessities / Eva Skye /

hey guys well he likes my channel for today's video I'm going to be doing a field hockey necessities video because I actually have a field hockey tournament coming up this weekend and then we have a spring 77 kind of like season league thing so I decide to show you old my necessities my like what I have in my bag all the time and I'll also link down below like where I got all my stuff from and I'll also show again my stick if you didn't see mine what I got for Christmas all I got most of this stuff then I also got something for my birthday but I didn't film a haul for that and I'm kind of going off on the tangent but I'll just be showing you what I have for tournaments and this season and yeah let's count the video so the first thing to show is my bag and like I said if he didn't see my what I got for Christmas up well this was in it because I got for Christmas and this is the Griffon a big Moe backpack in black I wanted Navy but my grandma got black but I mean it's whatever I think I'm getting a new one next next season in the next few years anyways but it looks like this I used this backpack for field hockey and I was using it for lacrosse but I decided not to because I'm managing this season instead of playing because I get one at a time but this is be back the next thing I'm going to show is also in my water got Christmas also if you didn't see that I'll have that link down below but it's my field hockey stick and this is the TK Trillium T Ford stick in height is 36 I believe it looks like this and I really really love this stick um next I will show shoes these are my turf shoes that I will be using this season these are the Asics gel hockey neo and they're like violet black that's like the color name for them I think I'll have these linked down below shin guards oh I have two pairs of shin guards actually I my ones from last season which I'll show because I did like these a lot but I got I don't know I just want to try something else lastly I have these ones from sticks or STX and I really really like these it's just out there like really a little long I'm also like they feel like you can see that it's like peeling there and I didn't like that I'll have these links down below next shin guards or these are new shin guards in there gk and then they won shin guards in there angled and they fit weird but like they're large and I normally wear like a medium but we'll just have to roll these because my mom isn't able to return them at this time Oh next I will show goggles I actually have two pairs goggles but I can't find the one but I'll still lay down below they're my bangers goggles and they're like the big cage one this season I have these sticks or STX goggles in there blue white and they're just six ones I not like it sticks plus I think there's a newer ones but I really like these because my um bangers ones were like foam and it's just like no idea so I would definitely recommend these next to rash guards and they're just black rash guards and I got these off along stress so I will have these links down below then socks or like away colors are leaving our home on white so I have these asic socks in navy and white and these are in size medium and I really really really like these next mouthguard this is a shock dr. mouth guard and I have it in this like pink color and for a case it's always made a face you know just like so you don't lose it I had this Wilson case that I got at Walmart because I have this if you watched my school supply haul this was the pencil case that I've got so now I use it to hold all of my headbands so definitely I go to for me for sports is having a Nike tie headband because my head is like I don't know what it caught last Bob saying like my head is like small on my head bands fall my head so being able to tie my head kids on my head makes it really nice and easy on the next kind of thing myself a little organize my bag is this yellow and Nike lanyard and on it I just have hair ties go through like all of these in like two weeks in one season um the last thing actually does have to do with my school so it's like definitely something that I need it's my school field hockey windbreaker looks like that it's Navy has my last name embroidered on the left the right doesn't have anything but the back that Scott has got a represent and that's pretty much all I put in my bag I mean sometimes just wearing a mouth guards everywhere not sure how all this is gonna fit in there but you know I'm gonna try to make it work thank I so much watching this video give it a big thumbs up if you liked it and comment down below what sport do you play and what your favorite like kind of like brand of equipment is and like where you get most your like equipment I personally get a lot of mind off long stress or Amazon like I got my bag stick shin guards rash guard socks I think my turf shoes I got some of my headbands and stuff I got those all off long shaft but I personally go there so don't forget um down below where you go to get your sports stuff and also what sport you play and those to come down below any video suggestions because I'm always listening and I'm always open to any ideas and suggestions and I will see you guys next time hopefully with a new video and I'm sorry it's been too long I just I've not been like I haven't been in the filming boots so like I actually decided on something because coming up so I'll see you guys I'm styling my baby video

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  1. I know I’m late but do you think 12 years old is to late to start field hockey? I’m really interested in it, and also how often do you usually practice because I go to dance 2 days a week.

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