Fast Food Frustration

Fast Food Frustration

We’ve all learned so much about public speaking
here. And I’m sure we’ve also learned a lot
about how to interact individually with people. But when we’re here as an audience
We’re kind of a passive audience. Whereas, take fast food for example
I’m here on my side of my counter. You’re over here. This way. Your side is quiet. My side has beeping, buzzing, loud noises,
whirring, and people shouting at each other. You can’t hear anything on this side. People come up. They’re looking over here because the donuts
are over here. They’re talking to the donuts. I’m over here. I can’t hear you. The donuts aren’t passing the message along. Not only that but we have people come up. They say
I want a double double, and then I want a banana muffin. And then I want a bagel. Toasted. I want an everything bagel. And I want it with cream cheese. And then I want… And they go on and on and on. But you’re back here. And you say, Excuse me. Is this for here or to go? I’m still back on the coffee. You’ve moved onto the meal. And then you get the ones who come in
And they’re really quick. And they say Here’s my money! Take my money! And I’m like
Excuse me but I need your name for the food order. And you have to get them slower. So when you go to a place like where I work
Be calm. Talk clearly. Talk to the person you’re talking to. Not the donuts. And pause. If they’re busy looking at their screen
Saying I have no idea where this sandwich is. Patience is a virtue. Thank you.

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  1. Working in fast food is a rite of passage that I missed as a teenager. No matter what age it's a worthwhile experience. At first it's fun but then the novelty wears off. How about you? Have you paid your dues in the service industry?

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