famous DAMPA Seafood Grill in UAE 🇦🇪 #foodlover #foodie #seafoodlover #seafooddiet

famous DAMPA Seafood Grill in UAE 🇦🇪 #foodlover #foodie #seafoodlover #seafooddiet

Hi! Good evening! Their fasting has now ended. All the restaurants are now open for dining in. Is it 7 pm or 7:30 pm already? 7:15 pm The favorite seafood restaurant in Dubai has just opened its branch in Do not put the camera very close to my face. because you keep on walking. just opened its branch in Abu Dhabi It is called Dampa Seafood Grill We will try it tonight. but I think I think they are already full. so we are here outside. they are full already just by seeing from the outside We are going to the basement what? where will we sit? so we are in the basement because it is full on the ground floor. make it louder because it is full on the ground floor. This is the menu We are going to order the Dump @ Seafest Included are shrimps, crab, mussels, clams, corn, 2 liters of drinks These are the fishbowl mocktails the juices we will get 2 liters of these unlimited rice check their other menu here are their other menu this cost 145 AED that is good for 2 to 3 people. these are the sauces Aneli already visited here before. Some of the dishes are unavailable not available what is this ice cream scramble? ahhhh…. ice cream scramble. maybe next time wait game! so we already finished ordering what? seafood bucket meal 15 to 25 min before they serve our food ambiance not a chill place little bit noisy a good place for friends to get together where you can laugh and speak loudly where you can laugh and speak loudly it is Thursday today. considered a weekend. I am not sure if they are always fully booked. but I think they are always busy. It took some time before someone attended us That serves as your plate. this is our plate we will eat directly on the table covered with paper. can we take it out later? yes! It is not plenty. The serving of 145 AED is medium serving. I can eat all of this. are you happy? yes this is our order, there are mussels, shrimps crabs is this also called mussels? I do not know. but I know this one is a mussel. what is our sauce? clam Mardi Gras sauce. Lemon and Herbs Let us taste it. taste like Italian herbs spicey? not much this is our 1-liter juice. 1-liter juice as big as my face what’s the flavor of that. blue lagoon? I am not sure but it has blue something. what is this one? green apple with lemon let us eat. I will taste this first taste like pineapple and soft drink let me taste yours what is this again? again? apple apple with soft drinks okay if you are ordering the drinks separately, 1-liter is 12 AED. that’s okay I already saw two clams without meat oh there is a lemon That is why I was wondering I could not taste the lemon. The lemon is on the side. I am the star tonight So the news broadcast was true. It was not enough for us. we ate everything except for the juice I am not sure of the juice can be taken out The conclusion for the 145 I think it was okay. I think it was not enough but you see, we are in a restaurant. so all in all and the menu is seafood I think 145AED for 2 to 3 persons is acceptable. but if you are with them If they are with me. It is not enough maybe if there are three of us 100% it is not enough

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