EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

100 Replies to “EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

  1. Persian food is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr.Taster https://www.instagram.com/mr.taster for bringing us to all of these INCREDIBLE locations! And huge thanks to http://www.cometopersia.com for helping arrange such an amazing trip to Iran! Please click that bell notification button down below and make sure to watch all the way until the end because this video has some INSANELY delicious food! Thanks so much for watching!

  2. Iran is very stable, safe and surprisingly clean and sophisticated even through decades of sanctions from the West. This proves Persians are smart people. Amazing culture, rich history, loving people and great food. 😍😍

  3. Just wondering how you feel about the air miles you rack up and your meat consumption in terms of the environmental impact? Is this something that you consider? I do actually love your videos, and love how you respect other cultures, but I’m just keen to know if this is something you consider when planning your trips?

  4. مستر جان بدبخت رو بستى به كباب هم موتور اونو هم موتور ما كه اينوريم اوردى پايين

  5. Seems if I stay in iran for a month I will become fat as mr.taster. Lots of butter are being used in iran. But anyways it's mouthwatering too.

  6. Why do u put such a big amount of food in your mouth at once you can taste it even if it's a normal spoon like normal people and one last thing stick some safron up your fanny

  7. Come on now I know u don't want to anger people that are being really nice to you but how can anyone get an idea how good it is if u rate everything a 10 you have been doing this a lot lately still love and watch every video but come on bro keep up with the consistency

  8. What we see not what we know mostly Iranian people not have food not one even bread per day you shaw all this food for what reason I don’t like what you are doing

  9. Me. Taster reminds me of that guy in the movie Jurassic Park where it’s raining and he’s by himself in the car and he drops the “formula” and he gets out and tries to look for it and then comes the “dinosaur” or “man eater creature” and then other ones come and devour him in his car ..
    Anybody recognize? Or Remember ?

  10. Hahaha Mr. Taster, love the guy but when he laughs it makes me instantly think about him running in underwear laughing like that in a bad nightmare. Hhhh

  11. Trump supporters should see these Iran episodes and demand him to lift the sanctions and make life easy for ordinary Iranians! Nobody in Iran hates America,if they chant down with USA that simply means the corrupt government of the US and it’s policies towards Iran. Iran has a lot to offer just read the history and see who Iranians are…

  12. Me: 'Say, honey…could you subscribe to Food Ranger, please?'
    Wife: 'Why would I do that?'
    Me: 'Well, to spice up our marriage, of course!'.

  13. Only the Iranian government is bad. the people and the culture is really nice. the food awesome and must is to be learned by the people of Iran.

  14. well to be very honest being a western person u don't deserve this much hospitality from Muslim countries and their people am so happy the people are more good looking than you and you are looking ugly and one more thing you deserve more old car than the car mr taster used for u

  15. This is fake, you don't get this much or as good quality or the service like it portrays in here in those platers!!!
    This is pre-planned just for advertisement it won't be your experience.

    The normal portion is a lot more basic .
    This meal cost more than a month wages for an average Iranian family!!

  16. love from PAK i have watched all the three videos which you have uploaded till now about Iranian cuisine. waiting for the upcoming videos.

  17. I love food ranger for going to Iran because normally Iran is demonised and made to look like a stone age country … This video scratches the surface of how vibrant Iran really is how welcoming the Iranian people are.

  18. കാത്തിരുന്നു മുഷിഞ്ഞ്.. ന്നാലും വന്നല്ലോ റേഞ്ചറേ ❤️😘😋😍

  19. Pity the Iranians. Sanctions cripple their economy. But the resilient of the people is amazing. The US and Israel government are like terrorist.

  20. Nothing has impressed me as the warmth, generosity and festive display of IRANIAN crusine. Truely world class and exotic. Great videos! From Australia.

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