Exploring Authentic Thai Food At AmariI Dhaka |Peya Jannatul | S1E4 | Chef Tai | Gulp

Exploring Authentic Thai Food At AmariI Dhaka |Peya Jannatul | S1E4 | Chef Tai | Gulp

Hello I am Piya Jannatul. Right now, I’m at Amaya, the flagship restaurant of Amari They got a new chef called Tai from Thailand So if you really want to try some authentic Thai food with me you have to come with me – Hello Tai, how are you doing?
– I’m good, how about you? – I’m good – Today I really want some authentic Thai food
– For sure I have three dishes for you today to serve you Curry roll with green curry sauce.
Second one is Sour Soup with Salmon.
The next one is the last one – I’ll show you how to curve it.
– What’s the secret of the taste of the food, what’s the secret tell me – Do you wanna know the secret one?
– Yes
– Okay, follow me, I’ll show you. Okay – Ingredients for green curry paste
– Okay – You asked me about the secret thing?
– Yes This one – It looks like lemon.
– Yeah, look like lemon this some kind of lemon, we call Bergamot I’m testing all the ingredients together. This is the green curry paste, so what’s the next process? I will show you how we do wok fire See viewers, this is how you stir fry mixed vegetable, I just love it And this is the curving station, right? Roll chicken with green curry sauce Looks so good This one is Nam Prik Aong Okay, this is something very new for me. Really new but so good, we have one more dish, right? Yes, we have one more dish This one, that’s our curry with salmon So, viewers, I’m having one of my very favorite dish because I got rice, I got Salmon and I got curry So good, so good. I had the best authentic Thai food in Bangladesh, in Amaya, Amari. Thank you so much. I enjoyed the food very very much, it was so delicious, so tasty And from me today,
Goodbye! Do you wanna say goodbye to my audience? Goodbye and I’ll be waiting for you at Amari. Bye everyone!

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  1. Jara boltesen je, valo moto English bolte na parle banglay kotha bolte tader jonno,
    Excuse me??!!!! Ai Thai chef er shate bangla kotha bolbe??? 🙄 🙄 🙄 😲 😲 😲

    Oita korar jonno age ai Thai chef ke kom pokkhe 3 months bangla kotha bujhar training dite hobe LOL 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  2. Just a suggestion. Train the host not to take pictures by her phone when the camera is rolling. it's a bit unprofessional while hosting and also distracting

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