Everything Karolina Kurkova Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Everything Karolina Kurkova Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Good morning! I hope you’re hungry, because
you’re spending the whole day with me, in the kitchen, in my house. We have to start
with my coffee. But the only way I drink coffee is when I have my own nut milk. See how beautiful
those nuts look. So it’s a half cup of almonds, half a cup of cashews, four cups of water,
little bit of maple syrup. I feel like I’m in like a cooking show. A little bit of maple
syrup. Little bit of vanilla extract. Oh that was a lot. Cinnamon. Coconut Oil. Let’s say
a teaspoon. Coconut milk. Strain it with a nut milk bag. This is like the fun part. This
is what my kids love to do. I mean they make a mess when they do this, but it’s fun. It’s
also a fun time together for all of us to spend time in the kitchen. I mean everybody
always hangs out in the kitchen, don’t they? Look at this. Look how beautiful, creamy,
the color. My Nespresso coffee. Mmm delicious. Creamy. And what also I like about this nut
milk. Once you have it ready, you put it in the blender. I’m gonna show you. You can make
a smoothie. Avocado. My nut milk. Blueberries. Strawberries. Banana. I’m going to put a little
bit of chia. Mmm. That’s really good. Again, great dessert, great snack, great for breakfast.
You know, I have two kids so I’m really constantly on the run and I don’t always have time to
sit down and eat my breakfast or my lunch, and smoothie, I can just put everything in there.
Also for decoration, you can put some goji berries, cacao nips, little shredded coconut,
and there you have a beautiful dessert, snack, or breakfast or a smoothie. I love sitting
outside and feeling the sunshine on my face, on my cheek. It just makes me happy. When
I’m stressed, when my kids are going coo coo bananas, you know, I think sometimes we forget
to breathe. We’re so busy, we’re running from one place to the other. Am I allowed to have
a few minutes by myself? Sometimes, please? My Mom made all this garden for me before
she left to Czech Republic. So what my job is to make sure I don’t kill them. I live in Miami. It’s hot here. It’s sunny. And all I always crave is something fresh, light,
refreshing and it’s a great alternative to grain. If you don’t want to do rice, if you
don’t want to do quinoa, this is just something fun and different. You put your cauliflower
heads into a food processor and you get this beautiful consistency. White onion. Now I’m
going to add the cauliflower. We’re going to put a little bit of olive oil. What should
I call this? Wild rice. Wild dream cauliflower rice. Skinny bitch rice. Little bit of salt.
Pepper. Lemon juice. Lemon zest. Shaved almonds for the crunch and a little bit of protein.
Dried cranberries. Pepitas or pumpkin seeds. And then you finish it off with a little fresh
cilantro. What I love about this dish, is how easy and quick it is. So dinner is going to be a little bit more than a vegetable. We’re going to go classic. Pasta. Yes, spaghetti.
But we’re going to do gluten free. That’s the little difference. You know, in our family,
we really try to be gluten free, wheat free, dairy free. So we’re going to sauté our onions.
So I’m going to chop it up. While I’m sautéing my onions, I’m going to chop my carrot. Chopped
celery. Salt. Onion powder. We’re going to add our tomato sauce. My honey. Uno, due,
tre, spaghetti. So this recipe, I got from my Mom. She always makes spaghetti and she
puts vegetables in the sauce. Parmesan. This is where more, is more. Perfecto. Pronto. I had so much fun having you over. I’m going to cheers to myself, because this was a lot
of work. And unfortunately now I’m going to have dinner with my family and I don’t have
enough pasta. But I’ll see you next time. Grazie, thank you.

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  1. 'wild rice, skinny bitch rice' LOL. she is so fun to watch and she DOESNT age!!! I'm sure her diet and skincare has go do with it. I mean.. her first Versace show was in 2000 for the 2001 season.

  2. whenever i know somebody is czech and speaking english, i look for the czech accent in their english and am usually very good at detecting it but she’s obviously very skilled in the language – however, a czech person can never hide the czech in them😄 she’s really good tho!

  3. Gluten free dairy free wheat free ????? WTH kind of life it is 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. These rich coddled people pontificating about organic food planted in the fairy soil on the untouched regions of fucking narnia is so unrelatable lol…entertaining tho.

  5. As someone, at 53, whose career was in high fashion, I give models, both women and men MUCH credit. Their jobs are literally 25/7 if they want longevity…..Can be very BRUTAL, truly. PEACE

  6. It,s ALL amazing food and recipes, however, the prices on these super healthy foods are truly for those with upper incomes. PEACE

  7. I was watching these and feeling like a fat piece of shit, THANK GOD one of these women has pasta and a glass of wine now and then!

  8. Wowee she is stunning! Loved some of her recipe ideas. Im definitely going to try out the cauliflower rice salad she made looked delicious! x

  9. I'm 100% vegan save for my morning coffee. I couldn't kick the half and half habit because I'm addicted to coffee and I need the creamy element in order to drink it. The nut/soy milk you buy in the store is just nasty chalk water. This, however, is literally the best nut milk recipe I've seen in terms of thickness/creaminess. I wrote it down. Thanks Karolina!

  10. OOOOO 🤣🤣😂🤣🤪👏🏻🌸🎀✨🎀🌟💞👛💫💗💝🛍🍭🦋🦋💅🏻💓💐💕🌈

  11. making juices and milks are waste of fiber.
    those herbivore diets are doable in warm climates, half a year winter areas you freeze stiff with that kind of vegetable nutrition

  12. She's refreshingly normal and I love that she made pasta for dinner. I've just watched Hadid mom, that skinny bitch had salad for lunch and soup for dinner.

  13. why would I go lactose free if I can digest it fine. why would I go gluten free if I can digest it fine too. Some people don't think about those things. What I do is non alcoholic drinks bc I cannot digest the alcohol fast enough. I get drunk too easily and get the instant asian flush.

  14. Somehow you believe her when she says her kids sometimes go cuckoo-bananas, she makes it sound like they really go properly cuckoo-bananas as normal kids ^^ which is a good thing!

  15. She eats almost just like me. Smoothie in the morning and cauliflower rice in the evening. Love her routine and like that she's trying to be vegan.

  16. I'm getting the feels I'm getting super hungry from this video….I love her vibe….she likely has a personal chef come on,let's get real here.This is all for the camera.
    But I'll say it does look good for sure!
    I assume they are close to vegetarian? Ex for the cheese)

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