Every Popeyes Menu Item Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Popeyes Menu Item Ranked From Worst To Best

What’s the best food to order from Popeyes? Not everything they’re serving up is as good
as that coveted chicken sandwich — in fact, there are quite a few items you should probably
just skip. This is our ranking of Popeyes food, from
worst to best. Red beans and rice is a defining dish of New
Orleans. So it makes sense for Popeyes to have it on
the menu. But just because they have it, doesn’t mean
it’s good. When even the restaurant’s description for
this side is more or less just the name of the dish, you know it’s not going to be very
exciting. Sure, Popeyes Red Beans and Rice is unique
as far as fast food sides go, but there’s nothing to write home about here. The smokey flavor comes from liquid smoke,
not actual slow cooking, and the rice is always cooked well, but it’s just rice — nothing
special. Maybe rice shouldn’t be a fast food thing. Especially when it comes off as more of a
novelty menu item than anything else. Dirty rice, which is what Popeyes’ Cajun Rice
emulates, is typically made from chicken livers and other organ meats mixed with rice and
Cajun veggies.. And then there’s Popeyes’ version. The chain relies on its Cajun spices and flavor
to carry their version of dirty rice, but it falls short of the real thing. The rice is fine, but it’s not that flavorful
on its own. It includes some ground chicken gizzards for
an authentic touch, but a lot of it is preservatives. If you want dirty rice, treat it right and
make it yourself. The only thing worth eating in this side dish
from Popeyes is the Cajun Gravy. That stuff is tasty. The mashed potatoes, however, are “meh” at
best. They’re mashed potatoes. There’s nothing about them that makes them
stand out or be memorable at all. That gravy, however, we wish Popeyes would
bottle and sell. The gravy is made with smoked pork, as well
as ground beef, bell peppers, and turkey. Meanwhile. the mashed potatoes are heavy on the butter
and milk, but they also contain shortening, which can give them an odd sort of texture. You can get better mashed potatoes elsewhere,
is what we’re saying. If you’re going to Popeyes to get your greens,
you’re doing it wrong. That said, coleslaw is delicious and can be
quite refreshing when you need to cut through all the fried goodness. Popeyes bills their coleslaw as a “cool, crisp,
and tangy treat,” and while it isn’t bad, we must admit it’s a bit lacking. The addition of pickles sets it apart and
does add a nice tang to each bite. The lemon juice enhances that, while the small
addition of paprika and turmeric gives it some color and a touch more flavor. We don’t hate the coleslaw from Popeyes, but
we do know that we can get a much better bowl of this crisp and refreshing side dish if
we head down the road to KFC. Ok, hear us out. We know what you’re thinking. Who goes to Popeyes and gets green beans? Smart people do. Because these green beans with turkey bacon
are delicious. They’re easily the best side offered at Popeyes,
except for the biscuits. While there’s nothing astounding happening
with Popeyes’ green beans, if you like the vegetable, you’re probably going to enjoy
this version. The green beans and that tasty gravy they’re
swimming in do contain pork, chicken, and turkey, so that smokey meaty flavor you get
from these beans isn’t fake. That said, this definitely isn’t a vegetarian
dish — just in case the chunks of bacon didn’t give that away. Popeyes is no stranger to desserts. They have a rotating stock based on seasons,
holidays, and what-have-you. From banana pudding parfait to Mardi Gras
cheesecake, each of these offerings has had its highs and lows. That said, the reigning king of Popeyes desserts
is easily the cinnamon apple pie. It has all the best parts of apple pie in
a perfect pocket. The crust is warm and crispy and doused in
cinnamon sugar, while the inside is a not-to-sweet apple filling with even more cinnamon. It’s a cinnamon explosion that is perfectly
satisfying, especially on a cool day. Many people will say that you cannot go to
Popeyes and not get a biscuit. It’s kind of the law. First introduced in 1983, the buttermilk biscuits
have become a staple of the Popeyes menu ever since. They’re buttery, flaky and crumbly, soft and
delicate, and can fit into your mouth in one go if you’re really dedicated to it. Some people eat them plain, others make a
chicken sandwich with them, while others wait until they’re drenched with gravy, red beans,
and whatever other sides they have on hand. Delicious! You may not immediately realize these are
available on the menu, as the default for Popeyes tenders is the fried version, but
you can ask for your three-, five-, or 10-piece tenders to come as blackened. Typically associated with Cajun cooking, “blackened”
means coated with spices and quickly sauteed so the outside chars. Popeyes’ Blackened Tenders are particularly
popular with the Keto crowd. What makes them keto-friendly (and generally
low-carb) is that the chicken is tossed in Popeyes Cajun seasoning and then fried without
any of the breading. If you’re not doing keto and just want some
nice smokey delicious chicken tenders, you’ll love these as well! You may be thinking this is heresy, eating
boneless wings, but wait until you’ve popped a few of these bad boys in your mouth until
you complain. Not quite a nugget, but not quite an actual
wing, Popeyes boneless wings are delicious, crispy morsels of breast meat perfect for
dipping. Popeyes Boneless Wings came about after the
2017 chicken wing shortage, and were originally a limited edition deal, but have been back
a few times since then and as of November 2019, they’re a permanent menu item. Lucky for us! Popeyes’ Cajun Fries are a must with any meal
from the fast food giant. Made with their special seasoning, these fries
are as flavorful as they are spicy. It just adds more pizzazz to your meal, while
also being an entirely respectable snack on its own. One drawback is that they lose their crisp
awfully fast. If you don’t mind slightly soggy fries, then
no harm, no foul, but most of us get a bit bummed when our crispy fried potatoes are
no longer crispy. Chicken tenders aren’t just for kids! These all-white breast meat strips of chickeny
goodness are crispy and delightful for all ages. The tenders get their own special seasoning,
meaning they have a slightly different flavor profile from the signature chicken’s blend. These are the mild version, however, so don’t
worry if you can’t pack on the spice. There’s another chicken tender for that. Surprisingly, the regular chicken tenders
are actually the lowest in fat of Popeyes fried chicken offerings. At only about 148 calories per strip, that’s
not too shabby. Well, for fast food anyhow. If you’re a chicken tender lover, but still
want that New Orleans-style spice, never fear, the Handcrafted Spicy Tenders are here. These also get their own special seasoning,
including some cayenne to pack in the heat. It’s that extra layer of spice that makes
the spicy tenders just a bit better than the original chicken tenders. After all, most people come to Popeyes for
the flavorful chicken. Treat yourself. Popeyes comes out with limited edition offerings
all the time, but most of them pass on without any real fan base. These Voodoo Chicken Tenders though? We would fight for these. Not only do you get three or five of Popeyes
delicious chicken tenders with each order, but they pack a major flavor punch with their
drizzling of ghost pepper, garlic, and fried green onions. Add in that Voodoo Sauce and it’s spicy, sweet,
and salty. A perfect trinity. They’re not for everyone, though! Ghost peppers are typically over 1 million
on the Scoville scale for spiciness — that’s up to 400 times hotter than a jalapeno. And while you won’t be biting right into one,
these tenders do pack a punch. You may not think of getting a seafood dish
at a place known for their fried chicken above all else. However, you’d be making a mistake. Popeyes does seafood well. Especially when it comes to their shrimp items. The popcorn shrimp are tender, juicy, and
perfectly spiced while also have that trademark crunch when you bite into them. Popeyes’ Butterfly Shrimp are incredible,
but sadly they’re a limited edition summer item that really needs to be on the regular
menu all year round. Please, Popeyes? Ah, the classic. The chicken that started it all. Popeyes Signature Chicken is great. There’s just something about the smell of
the spices and grease that gets the blood flowing and the stomach growling, isn’t there? “I can’t explain it. It’s delicious.” Whether you’re a wing person, a breast person,
or a drumstick person, you’ll love the crunch of their famous batter. Popeyes marinates their chicken for 12 hours,
which is rather noteworthy for a fast food chain. It just goes to show that they don’t skimp
on quality here. The result is that the chicken is juicy and
moist. No dry fried chicken to be found here! Could it have been anything else? There’s a reason Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich
sold out nationwide for months. There’s a reason outlets have gone nuts over
its announced return. “This chicken sandwich is so big CNN put the
chicken full screen and put the hurricane down in the corner.” Originally, Popeye’s produced and budgeted
enough chicken sandwiches to last through the end of September from its August 12 release,
but it went through them twice as fast because everyone wanted a bite. There’s plenty of opinions about where the
Popeye’s chicken sandwich ranks among its competitors, most notoriously against Chick-fil-A’s. One bite and there’s really no question. Popeye’s reigns supreme. It’s just that good, people. Perfectly fried and with crisp buttermilk
batter, it’s hugged between two buttery brioche buns and the just right amount of mayonnaise
and pickles. The spicy version has cayenne thrown into
the mix as well. While the original release of the sandwich
caused a social media meltdown over a rush to get it, some customers believe the second
release isn’t as good, nor as large in size, as the first. Having sampled many since it’s return, we
can’t say that we agree. It’s just as good as the first time around. In fact, we’ll probably eat even more. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
fast food joints are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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  2. I live in Nola and personally live a couple of blocks from Al Copeland old house the inventor of Popeyes this video is all wrong

  3. Those of you saying that the chicken sandwich is overrated, well, as u know all chicken sandwiches are not as good and earth shattering as beef sandwiches but to say that Popeyes chicken sandwich is the best out of all its competitors, it is true.

  4. I pretty much agree with this list as an employee however you are missing a few items from our menu that you didn't list here.
    1. Mac and Cheese
    2. Our chocolate cake (mudpie)
    3. Pecan pie
    4. Cajun Fish
    5. Corn (Well its just corn lol)

    And theres a secret item only employees can get but idk if I can openly talk about it

  5. I don’t think this is right AT ALL! The red beans and rice, and mashed potatoes with gravy, are worse than things like coleslaw and green beans?! And the biscuits at 10, just, no! Higher!


  7. I only go there for red bean and rice, the hell with spicy chicken sandwich.
    I didnt read the comments till now, seems plenty of folks like the red bean and rice!!

  8. I was surprised Popeyes bone in fried chicken made number 2 on this list. But then again, they revamped their chicken sandwich which probably bumped the fried chicken out of its original number one spot. As far as some of the other items are concerned, I used to love Popeyes' red beans and rice. I still do. If I wasn't so addicted to their fries, I'd get it again whenever I get chicken from there. The biscuits are so buttery and soft. You don't even need butter! LOL. The mashed potatoes and gravy are also great. However, because I grew up not eating pork, my mom thought Popeyes made their gravy with pieces of pork. So, instead of getting Popeyes mashed potatoes as they are, whenever someone got them from there it was plain without gravy. Btw, I watched this video while eating Papa Johns pizza.

  9. I went for the first time a few days ago, and was less than impressed. The chicken, especially the breast, were dry, and there was more coating that there was meat. Didn't even like the mashed potato and gravy, and the biscuits? They were shaped like a hockey puck, dry, and bland. Disappointed to say the least. Possibly just a bad day, but I could get tastier chicken at the store deli.

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