Erin Tries to Cook Mexican Food: Corn Tortillas! (I didn’t expect this…)

Erin Tries to Cook Mexican Food: Corn Tortillas! (I didn’t expect this…)

hey guys okay so in today’s video I am
going to try to make tortillas corn tortillas specifically because if you
have ever had a corn tortilla in the United States of America yeah I’m sorry about that so uh if
you’re new around here my name is Erin my family I spent a year living in
Mexico and we have since moved our home base back to the US to be closer to our
families as you may or may not know we have a young daughter so we needed some
more grandparent time um but yeah I love Mexican food and I want to see if I can
recreate some of the things that we really enjoyed in Mexico here in the
United States and of course where better to start that tortillas. before we get
into that I also wanted to let you know that I have recently launched a patreon
page. this is something that I’ve thought about doing for a really long time and
has been in the works for a long time I think I first started working on this in
February but with the move and everything coming up I wanted to
postpone that until we were settled and now I’m ready to launch it. basically I
wanted to create a patreon page because I thought it would allow me to make a
space where I could engage a little bit more meaningfully with a smaller group
of people. head on over to the patreon page if you’re interested in checking
that out and let’s get started. before making the tortillas I decided to buy
some tortillas at Walmart so because I I figure you never know in the year that
we’ve been gone perhaps there has been a corn tortilla revolution in the United
States and maybe they’re better than they were when we were here last so I
got three kinds I got um La Banderita yellow corn tortillas
I got great value white corn tortillas and I got ah the mystery pack I don’t
know this one is is La Banderita but it’s in an opaque package and it’s got
more Spanish on it it’s autentico sabor Mexicano, la casera tortilla
de maiz. it doesn’t have preservatives so sin conservadores, I think that’s
what that means this is it’s a new formula so let’s give
these a try start with the great value walmart! this is not sponsored of course oh this is a lot softer than that I remember most of the corn tortillas that
that I remember having they were so dry and so like brittle but this actually
has a pretty decent texture it tastes a lot more corny than I thought
very strong corn flavor okay so here’s the La Banderita yellow corn
tortillas I’m actually a little less impressed with these than the Walmart
ones you know what they taste kind of artificial like there’s sugar in them whole grain corn water preservatives
xanthan gum and traces of food grade lime there’s no sugar but there’s some
kind of like flavor. all right and now the granddaddy of them all okay not sure what happened to this one
you know these smell I can already smell they smell more authentic they’re moist
should they be moist? no here’s the problem with corn
tortillas in the store is just that the texture is so dry and like crumbly
almost actually the the great value corn tortillas had the best texture of them
all let’s see what they have in them white whole grain corn water propionic
acid sodium hydroxide benzoic acid gum base calcium hydroxide I mean they got
more crap in them they taste better so what can you do
all right now I have nine million tortillas that I don’t really want to
eat I think I’ll fry them that’s always a good idea. so let’s see if we can do any better than this I will warn you that I have
tried to make tortillas before it did not go well
I have never successfully made a good corn tortilla uh and I am NOT going to
edit this if it goes terribly badly I’m just gonna leave it there so we’re gonna
find out together all right this is what I got at the store and I’m just gonna
start with the directions on the package I’m sure there are other recipes on the
internet and if this doesn’t go well then I will look at them but I’m just
gonna start with this let’s go okay instructions for the masa combine 2 cups
of maseca corn flour with one and a half cups of water mix thoroughly for
two minutes until you form a soft dough that doesn’t sound that bad.
let’s try this. so before I move to Mexico I actually thought that I hated
corn tortillas because all I’d ever had are like those kind and then living in
Mexico taught me that I don’t hate corn corn tortillas I just hate bad corn
tortillas of which there are so many all right so two cups of flour I mean maseca
this by the way is corn treated with hydrated lime and folic acid all right
let me get some water so here’s my water and the recipe didn’t call for salt but
I’m gonna add salt because that’s what I’m gonna do
Oh so let me make this clear that this is not a how-to video I don’t know how to
make tortillas this is you watching me trying to figure it out so if I do
things wrong you can tell me maybe kindly all right so I’m gonna mix this
up boy that feels so good it’s like so goopy I should change the
camera angle so you can see it but how hey Jesse could you move this camera for
me okay so I’m gonna look at the clock I’m trying to knead this for two minutes
and we can chat oh here’s a fun fact so I was talking about how I didn’t like I
didn’t like corn tortillas before moving to Mexico so I would always go for the
flour tortillas because they didn’t have the same texture issues that corn
tortillas do and the funny thing is when I first was in
Mexico we were in San Miguel and all the you know tortilla shops would always
have corn tortillas so that’s what what we had but then when
we move to Guanajuato I noticed that there were a lot more flour
tortillas available even like fresh flour tortillas not just stuff at the at
the store in the bags so even in the market there is a little shop that sells
freshly made flour tortillas oh my gosh that is truly like the best tortilla
I’ve ever had and I was like it was funny because you know if you say
something or you post a picture of like you eating a flour tortilla or you say
something about tortillas on the internet people are like oh my gosh like
Mexicans don’t eat flour tortillas they only eat corn tortillas are you not authentic enough and the funny thing is I was like what’s going on like with the flour
tortillas in Guanajuato and I actually found out my very favorite cafe
oh see I’m like stopping on my job my very favorite cafe in Guanajuato is cafe Carcamanes
– it’s right in front of the Mezcaleria La Infiel and is owned by a family that
has been like in Guanajuato and in the state and in the city for like seven
generations like that forever they like they’ve always basically been in Guanajuato – and the owner of the cafe Armand his dad was a mining engineer and he had
to travel a lot for his job and so he spent some time in the northern part of
Mexico got I guess hooked on flour tortillas there and brought them back
to Guanajuato and so he was actually like and I think he was opened a flour
tortilla shop it was actually the first the first like the guy who brought flour
tortillas to Guanajuato so if you are in Guanajuato you should definitely go to my favorite cafe um cafe Carcamanes and you
should also have some flour tortillas because they are amazing
um also if you’re looking for any kind of like activities or tours or something
their family also runs an eco-tourism company called Caco– I’m not nope
I’m not gonna say it I’m just gonna put it on screen and um you can take some
really awesome tours through them this is not sponsored in any way I just think
they’re really fabulous people and you should definitely check them out okay so
I’m sorry I went a step ahead because I noticed that I’ve done it for two
minutes um my recipe says so divide the dough into 19 equal balls of
approximately one ounce each okay nineteen there needs to be 19 so I need
to weigh these things great so this is too big this is like an ounce and a half
that’s an ounce and a third I’m really not gonna do this 19 times over all right so that’s about what I’m
supposed to do so I’m gonna make some that are that size the problem for me
with tortillas always comes when I go to cook them so so far we’re doing pretty
good but we’re usually fine at this point is there an amount that you’re
supposed to like work these can you overwork these like pie dough I know you
can overwork pie dough what is the case with masa please tell me do I need to be
like real gentle here were what also if you are a Mexican grandmother and you
are looking for someone to adopt I would like to let you know that I am available if you will teach me all your secrets
and how to cook everything all right so how many did I end up making how far off am I
already 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 17 18 19 what 1 2 3 4 15 16 17 18 19 20. I made 20! oh my
gosh. I’m just proud ok so now we will press them and cook them and this is usually
where everything goes disastrously wrong for me so yeah ok I’ve got my tortilla
press I didn’t have plastic wrap so I cut a
ziplock bag and we’re gonna try this anyway welcome to
my kitchen I bought a house now I have this kitchen and I really like it okay
it’s supposed to be five inches in diameter see what happens
that is really small and how too hard to press okay all right that looks promising let’s try to cook it. I always have trouble with this part that’s never happened to me before I swear to you that has never
happened to me before they always rip oh my gosh I think this might actually
work but wouldn’t it be hilarious I’ve never made a good corn tortilla and
like the one time I film it it actually works like when does that ever happen
this never happens to me all right I’m gonna make some more but
before I do let’s see what happened with this one okay
so this had a bit of texture not a lot of color I am so genuinely surprised because I
told Jesse that I was making this video and I was like we all know how it’s
going to turn out it’s going to be you know a video about me failing to make
tortillas mmm it has that like slight taste of popcorn which is what I really
loved about the tortillas in Mexico like when you would fry them you’d fry them
in like some coconut oil and put salt on them and they just tasted like it’s
heavenly like popcorn deliciousness I cannot believe this worked okay let’s
see if we can replicate this (gasps) (gasps again) it worked! oh my gosh. oh my gosh I can’t believe it worked look guys there are even bubbles oh my
gosh I know you can’t see it but there was actual puffing happening there is
puffing now there’s not I squished it but there was puffing
okay I made all the tortillas I got myself a
cup of coffee and here they are they’re not all even by any means but I
cannot tell you how excited I am about these tortillas like I have been sitting
here trying to figure out how on earth this went well because I knew going into
it it wasn’t going to go well I just knew it was not going to go well because
I’ve done this before and it never goes well I’m talking a lot faster now that
I’ve had caffeine but yeah they went well in fact I’m going to eat one let’s
go one of the nice soft fluffy ones Wow oh my gosh you just you can’t buy this stuff in the
store you just can’t it’s not it’s not the same at all
so I now have 9,000 store-bought tortillas that I just have to see if
they fry up well um and these which I’m gonna sit here and eat okay guys thank you
so much for watching head over to patreon if you want to
check out my page over there I know I probably should have said more about it
but doing things like this makes me a little bit twitchy um yeah and if you
want to connect more but you don’t want to get on patreon check out my pages on
Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe hit– I hate that like just
do this stuff that you know to do the you tube things
um yeah all right I’ll see you guys later bye

100 Replies to “Erin Tries to Cook Mexican Food: Corn Tortillas! (I didn’t expect this…)

  1. You cook the tortilla each side for about a minute & 30 seconds, when you do the second side you must press on the tortilla with a kitchen towel so the tortilla forms a bubble of hot air inside and you make the perfect corn tortilla!!

    Preheat the comal for about three minutes on medium high heat (6)
    So they don’t overcook, if you notice dark brown spots on the tortilla… just turn the heat down to 4/5 – 5 gas is way better to do tortillas but you must buy a heavy nice comal to make them perfectly!!
    You can also make sopes!
    Start same size dough… just pressed them super gently to your desire dough size… if notice too thin add more little more Dough until you get the thickness you like!
    Make the little thick tortilla but don’t cook them all the way, just possible just 45 seconds each side!
    Ask for help since you MUST get them off the comal & do the edge immediately after! Get a clean kitchen towel to form the edge around the hot tortilla! 🔥

  2. Good morning , Sunshine 🌻
    I have a idea you can come over to Texas and will share recipes or even easy for you check Jauga Mexican food with Janet ..
    And don't forget to bring Harper and Jesse .. 🤗

  3. Congratulations Erin! Great video, has Jesse tried your tortillas? If you have no problem with gluten, mix Maseca with a little wheat flower, that will get you a flavor closer to the tortillas you knew in Mexico, the amount of wheat flower is going to be determined by trial and error and your personal taste. If you are going to fry tortillas, on the package they stick to each other so you first have to separate them and remake a pile, then cut them in triangles or stripes, and leave de pieces on a tray so they can loose humidity, a few hours or overnight is enough, the pieces might curl. Once they are dry heat the oil very hot on your pan or fryer, if the oil isn't hot enough the tortillas will absorb the oil when you fry them and it won't taste any good. You should remove the chips from the fryer before they are stiff, remove them form the oil with a strainer and shake over the fryer to remove excess oil, them put them on a strainer covered with a paper towel to absorb the remaining oil. If you leave the oil on the chips they will absorb that amount of oil back and will be greasy. I hope you enjoy your Chilaquiles!

  4. If you have 9,000,000 extra store-bought tortillas and need to be rid of them, I know some chickens who would gladly dispose of them for you.

  5. I’m really impressed! Looks like you’re an expert making tortillas. Please lemme know where can I buy those GRINGA TORTILLAS.

  6. Wow, looks so tasty! This reminds me of my childhood helping my mother roll the balls for pressing. I loved working the presser also! You make it look so easy that I think I'll try to make my own now, thanks Erin!

  7. Lol that always happens when I make tortillas too. They always fall apart! Guess I just need to get a camera and record myself. 😉

  8. Las tortillas de maseca son muy buenas, pero para la próxima vez sólo has las que se van ha comer en el momento, porque después ya no saben buenas se ponen muy duras.
    Erin, buen trabajo ya sabes hacer tortillas!!
    Mi esposa también le agrega un poco de sal.

  9. I'm Mexican american i need to give this a try. My mother from Mexico used to make this for the whole family and the tortillas had lots of flavor. Thank you Erin for sharing this

  10. Congratulations Erin!! Now you have succeeded at an endeavor that most of us Mexicans have never even attempted. Just like the first Mexican astronaut in space, you learnt that one only needs to be out of Mexico to go and see how to make / take tortillas wherever you go jaja. (Yep, Tortillas are now top in the food list to take to space thanks to that one guy… Here is the link:

  11. Erins you look perfect in the kitchen, your tortillas was very well and you can make more videos cooking with this same tortillas, like chilaquiles or enchiladas of tomatillo jajajaj The first tortillas (with bag) you can make triangles and fried like totopos with frijolitos mmm We loved see you cooking because is the best way to enchanted to mexicans, because we are very proud of our food. We love you so much and you know that. Thanks for think in Mexico. We see you son. Love

  12. Cuando probaste la tortilla que tú hicieste te faltó un poco de sal para saborear un delicioso taco de sal, eso era lo que hacíamos cuando éramos niños y nos mandaban a comprar las tortillas, en la tortillería tenían un salero y quizá una salsera con salsa verde para hacerse un delicioso taco. Saludos Erin, te quedaron de lujo tus tortillas.

  13. I recommend youbto watch Jau Ja cocina mexicana on yountube. It's in Spanish, but I'm sure you can get it. Her recipes are amazing. There you can watch hoe to make perfect tortillas

  14. Great 👍!! Now go mercado en get yourself a “Comal “ so you can do more then one at the same time. Practice a lot, and when you master it, you set to make flour tortillas. Is almost the same prosees, then after that go for sweet flour tortillas, those are the best. Good luck and keep on cooking!!

  15. Exactly, and store bought tortillas are only good for making chips and they make ok enchiladas or casseroles and maybe quesadillas if you lightly fry them since the home made ones are too moist to fry at the beginning of the process. You might want to add a little all purpose flour to the corn flour mix to add a little more tenderness but try it with and without and see how you like them. Once the masa is made you'll be able to make so many things like sopes, garnachas, huaraches, etc. but if you want to make tamales you'd need to add lard and a little baking powder and flavorings. If you'd like to get more recipes you can look at one of my blogs for all types of recipes from Mexico. For the tortillas on the cast iron: remember to lower the heat after a while since cast iron retains the heat and can get too hot. Once you put the tortilla on the pan, wait to see the edges change a little color before you flip it, then flip and wait to see little golden circles kind of before turning for the last time, this is when they will puff up telling you they are cooked, ok? Looks like your pan too hot by the look of the edges but that was a great result and the more you make tortillas the easier it is and the better your results will be. Keep up the Mexican Food project.

  16. Congratulations on your new home! Your corn tortillas look really yummy. I'm lazy and just buy them at Trader Joes. The other day I saw someone eating an enchilada burrito with rice made with left overs. Wonder if you ever heard of that?

  17. My mother was from the state of Chihuahua. We would spend summers there and one of our aunts, tia Fela, made the most gorgeously delicious flour tortillas. We would all congregate in her kitchen waiting for the first ones to come off the stove! So flour tortillas are most definitely Mexican. I think flour tortillas must be a little trickier to master because my mother and my other aunts were not as successful at it.

  18. It was almost hurting me when you were tasting the to grocery store tortillas. Anything homemade is usually better. In the US we like quick and store bought because its easy. Every once and a while I take the time and effort to make flour tortillas. You can always freeze them too. It helps me not eat too many at a time. Ingredients wise store bought corn aren't too bad but I notice the flours ones have tons of ingredients I'm sure my body doesn't need. Luckily I had a Mexican granny to teach me a few things. Im not sure where you live but im sure you can find some south of the border friends to adopt you. Sharing culture and friendship is very rewarding.Food is very regional everywhere including the US. l had the oppurtunity to travel and lived in Spain for a few years. I always fall in love with a countries food. I loved going to the Panaderia and getting fresh bread, Fruteria, carnaceria. There is definately an old world traditions that are still alive and well around the world and surprising dont have to be expensive either. Oh you have to try Tamales next they are pretty easy too and people love them. I used a good recipe from 'The Raw Boy' on youtube you can substitute meat for his vegan choice. Can't wait to watch you other videos. Buena Suerte

  19. Erin Congratulations!!! we thought your videos will become more USA daily life, thanks for keep Mexico in your Heart, Greetings from Idaho USA. !!!

  20. Add a little Kerrygold butter with those fresh warm tortillas for the absolute best taste. You bought a house, so I guess you are not coming back to Mexico. Oh, well . . .

  21. Man, you're so cute and funny. Love your videos. You're just like me when it comes to corn or flour tortillas. I hate the store tortillas, they have that sour aquard taste. I hate when i go to a so called mexican restraunt here in the U.S. and they serve me store bought tortillas. Lol There's nothing like hand made tortillas like the batch you made. Congrats on a good job. I will need 10 batches by this evening delivered to Houston, Erin. 😁

  22. Just like pancakes it all depends on the moisture content, thickness and how hot the gridle or comal and whether the comal is thick or thin, thicker comal retains more heat any way practice makes perfect.enjoy

  23. Well done Erin, but there are two things, the broken edges in the tortilla indicates that the dough was kind of dry, and the tortillas seems to me a little small, do you want to see somethig funny about how not to make a tortilla?, Watch the vídeo 'receta de tacos mexicanos en Argentina causa polémica' ,then watch 'hitler se entera Maru Botana tacos mexicanos' very funny, by the way, a cacomixtle is a mexican weasel species,

  24. Just found in our local H-E-B here in Texas the most amazing tortillas called Mitad/Mitad. They make them in the store daily. They are half yellow corn and half flour. Omg amazing!

  25. u know.. when I ask for a bean and cheese burrito in Los Angeles food trucks I get a surprised look.. "r u sure u don't want meat?".. "no".. then, as I look at the burito I get (which is 3 times bigger than I craved) I start to feel lost.. I start to eat (it), and realize that I had forgotten that I'm in that different (alternate) universe.. I briefly rewind to the vendors' expression upon my request.. I resign to the reality of helplessness in regards to being able to find good (Mexican) food. BTW, the more a place reads "authentic" the more I avoid it.
    back to the burrito.. .. the beans don't taste like beans, not the way I remember beans tasting like.. the cheese doesn't taste like cheese, and the tortillas don't taste like tortillas

  26. ¡Tortillas hechas con maíz Amarillo no son buenas, desde el punto vista nutritivo, las tortillas hechas fuera de México, desafortunadamente tienen muchos preservativos, que son malos para la salud! ¡Procura no mencionar marcas, porque te cobrarán por el comercial que haces, solo hazlo cuando te paguen por el comercial!

  27. ¡Yo no soy abuela, pero soy bisabuelo, claro que te adoptare, casi conozco todo México y aprendi hacer tortillas de diferentes maneras, afortunadamente los ingredientes son los mismos!

  28. I am very surprised about what you are doing. No one in Mexico would eat tortillas out of the package without warming them up first. Only chicken and pigeons eat cold tortillas. Of course, they are crumbly.

  29. I´ve concluded that anything made with masa causes migraines for me {{{sad face}}} Nothing like a hand formed fresh corn tortilla. The corn is gluten free, so you don´t need to worry about toughness. That happens with flours containing gluten.

  30. Felicitaciones!!!! Bubbles are good by the way!!
    Now you can make a real Mexican corn quesadilla. Same idea except you want to add cheese and then you place them on the pan!! Oaxaca cheese is the best.

  31. You can cook chilaquiles with the store tortillas or aztec soup , and with the just made tortillas make chicken tacos with green sauce

  32. Erin, I loved this video. I bought the same brand corn flour as you a few days ago and was just about to look for a recipe. But you showed me how and i you made it look so easy. Thank you !!!

  33. I love mixing maseca!!! As soon as you put your hands in I was waiting to see if you’d love it as much as me 😆 my first experience with Maseca was making homemade tamales myself 😱 I survived but did call my mom in for reinforcements 😂 it still took 12 hrs to complete. Turns out I didn’t need to make the same amount as you would a party for only 2 people, I had over 100 🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. Erin- I actually think this is my favorite video so far! I’ve been avoiding making corn tortillas myself, but I think you may have just given me a little courage! I’ve been a fan of your channel since the beginning of the year. Loved following your travels through Mexico, was disappointed when you had to leave, but super proud of your transition back to the States! Major kudos to you and your creativity in keeping your channel alive! Keep it up! 🙌🏼

  35. Looks great. Don't be afraid to add a few more dribbles of water if the dough seems dry. I like to press mine out thin and having the dough very soft helps. I actually save the wax bags from Chex cereal, wash it out and cut it into squares. It is much better quality than the wax paper in a roll. Plastic wrap is a pain to me. Maybe you had success because you used the bag. I am not Mexican but lived in a Mexican neighborhood in a city 40 years ago and always made my own after that.

  36. Borrowing the expression of when we reach the moon. This can be a small step to learn how to make tortillas. But it is your big step to make many tacos and Mexican food. LOL

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