Enjoy Taco Pizza Rolls | HOW TO | MEXICAN MONDAY #3

Enjoy Taco Pizza Rolls | HOW TO | MEXICAN MONDAY #3

do you know it today you it back to him
and any i think is called a Mexican pizza
inflict on me today Adam really sure ingredient list so
after summed up okay sorry called actually call a taco p to role spirited girlhood aid everything thank you combat show you P looks pretty easy it is ground beef taco seasoning Peter Criss Mexican cheese in a little
bit don’t want her I think I can handle that coming through
the grocery store head not for shock Hey ok okay so he did not call for black beans 5 I’m gonna make an executive decision
here and I’m had might be like me another decade deserting comment on alright guys so it’s hope for the taste
path where it is added a little bit haha an added sour
cream in your way bigger than the picture I
really like the hot sauce on top they can you put a little bit more me
but otherwise the idea is not bad i like it was easy
to make i’d give these guys three billion had
you like video group comes up leave me a comment you
have any Mexican beer it to be you want me to drive let me know hit the subscribe button on
again next week why

12 Replies to “Enjoy Taco Pizza Rolls | HOW TO | MEXICAN MONDAY #3

  1. Hey try to do enchiladas
    -red tortilla
    -panela cheese

    Put the tortilla in the pan with a little of oil and take them out and put them a little of greated cheese.

  2. That looked really good and easy to make. You always make me hungry when I watch these videos. Mexican food is my favorite.

  3. Hey girl- This looks really good! Great as an appetizer after school or work. My husband would love this!

  4. looks sooo good! And that would be fun and easy to make with children too!!!
    My 8 year old son would like you to make his favorite; CARNE ASADA

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